id kissed someone sober for the first time in a long time

Carousel: Part 4 (COLE X READER)

Carousel – 4

SUMMARY: It’s the last day of shooting. You’re very excited to see Cole, especially after what happened the other night. However, he starts acting differently towards you. When you find out the reason why, your heart breaks.

A/N: Thank you so much for all the love! I hope you enjoy reading this ‘cuz I really enjoyed writing this one! Here’s a cup of tea and my favourite butter cookies ^_^


Today is the last day of shooting. You had mixed emotions when you woke up this morning-  clearly very excited to see Cole after what happened the other night, but also doleful at the thought of not seeing him everyday.

Even with so much on your plate, you still can’t believe Cole kissed you. Cole Sprouse kissed you. It’s so surreal- you’ve had the world’s biggest crush on this guy for the longest time and last night, he kissed you!

It’s too good to be true, to be honest. You’re the happiest you’ve ever been and all the credit goes to Cole. 

The cheeky dork from Suite life of Zach and Cody to the cheeky handsome lad from Riverdale.

You’ve only worked with him for over a month but it’s crazy to think how, in such a small amount of time, he managed to make you like him more and more everyday with his sense of humour and clever pick-up lines. From the way he irritated you to the way he was most courteous around you- aw, you loved him all the same!

Wait. Did you just say love?

You enter the set right on time. Mark was pleased to see you, as always.

“(Y/N)!”, you heard someone call. “(y/n), over here!”.

You turned to find Camila, Lili and Casey huddled up in the Hair and make up room.

“What’s up?”, you walk towards them.

“So,” Casey begins,” Since today is our last day of shooting, we all thought it would be a great idea to hang out at Camila’s house afterwards.”

“You know, some cheesy Riverdale get-together” Camila explains.

That would mean extra time with Cole!

“Sure, that sounds lovely!” you reply happily.

“YAY!”, they all cheer and hug you.

“Aw, I’m gonna miss you guys so much!” you exclaim.

“Save the tears for later, babe.” Camila retorts.


You’ve already been in set for two hours but there’s  still no sight of Cole.

You wanted to call him and ask him where he was but the Beyonce inside of you told  you not to.

 “So, you in tonight?,” KJ walks over to you.

“Yeap,” you nod,”Are you done for the day?”

“Nah. I’ve got two scenes left.” He answers.

“Oh, right. We’ve got a scene later.”

“What’s up? Why do you look so blue?,” KJ questions, clearly reading the disappointment in your face.

“I’m not bl-“

“COLE!” KJ calls out, looking at the other side.

Alas! There he was. Your handsome Cole.

Something was odd about him today though. Usually he would give the warmest smile and run up to you and KJ, but today he just waved and left- ignoring your gaze.

“That’s odd,” KJ commented, “Maybe he’s just tired.”


“Great job, (y/n). That was a great scene,” Mark applauded, “You too, KJ”.

“Thanks, Mark.” You and KJ reply in unison.

“(Y/N), I have to talk to you,” said Mark.

“I’ll see you later, (y/n)”, KJ made his way to the changing room.

“(y/n),” Mark began,” You’ve done really well this season. You’ve won all of our hearts with your talent and I’m pretty sure the fans are gonna love you as well”.

Your heart felt warm on hearing his kind words, “Aw, Thank you so much. It’s been great working with you too, Sir. An absolute pleasure!”

“If we were to call you back for season 3, you would be available right?” he questioned, making your eyes widen.

“Absolutely! I would love to.” You happily reply.

“Perfect, I’ll see you before we all pack up” Mark leaves.

Season 3? Wow. Mark wants you back for season 3. Another roller coaster with Cole. The only thing that mattered to you was Cole. You wanted to see him, talk to him, play with him, have him irritate you- do all the things you id when you first met.

You still haven’t seen him since the awkward wave earlier today. It felt odd but KJ assured he may have been just tired.

Suddenly, you spot him heading towards the Men’s room.

“Cole!” you call him. He turns around to meet your eyes.

His eyes didn’t glisten like it did the other night. Instead, he just ignored your voice and looked away. He headed straight to the Men’s room, leaving you hanging.

What was that?

Your heart tried to convince you that maybe he just didn’t hear you but your mind knows that he did see you- he just ignored you and left.

Why was he acting like that? It can’t be total coincidence that he acted strangely earlier today too. Something was up.


“Hey, Cole and Lili are doing an interview in the other room. Wanna watch them?” KJ asks.

“Sure,” you think it may be a good idea to observe Cole for a while,”I guess”.

You and KJ head towards the interview room. It’s partitioned by a glazed wall so KJ and you just watch them from outside.

Cole looked heavenly as always. You wanted to be mad at him for ignoring you but c’mon, I mean, look at that face! Who can stay mad at that?

“So, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart,” the interviewer began,”Any gist you can give us for the second season of Riverdale?”

“Well, there are a lot of new characters and interesting plot!” Lili answered.

“We’re not giving anything away. You have to watch find out”, Cole wittily replied.

Damn him. And his cheeky smile.

“I know we haven’t got a lot of time since you kids have to get back to work, so let me just ask you the question the whole Riverdale fandom is dying to find out. Are you guys seeing anyone?”

You could feel your heart squeeze. What was he going to reply? Is he gonna say he’s single? Or is he going to tell them about you?

“Well…,” Lili laughed nervously.

“We are, actually.” Cole replied boldly. “I’m seeing someone”

“And who might that lucky person be?” the interviewer asked.

You could feel an entire zoo in your stomach waiting for Cole’s response.

“Lili” he answered.

Your heart sank.

“Lili and I are dating.”

“Wonderful! I can’t believe….” The interviewer’s voice faded as you walked yourself out of the room.

What did you just hear? Cole is dating Lili? Since when?

You could feel your heart pumping, or was it breaking? You grabbed a bottle of water and sat yourself down.

No, this cant be., your heart argued. He kissed me last night.

He said he will miss seeing me.

How can he do this to me?

Or is he just saying it for the ratings?

What if he’s just saying it to increase the bughead shippers?

Yeah, that must be it. Cole would never hurt you like that . The cheeky hearthrob who took you to the most beautiful bridge one cold night, would never hurt you like that.

You convinced yourself that Cole simply said it for the sake of saying it. The theory calmed your heart for a little while-

You heard the door open and Lili, Cole and KJ walked out. You immediately got up from your seat.

“(y/n)!!”, KJ walked towards you, “Where were you?”

You gave him a small smile, before looking at Cole and saying,”Can I talk to you for a while?”

“I have scene with Lil-“ he was cut off by Lili,”Oh that can wait. See you guys later!” Lili and KJ exited the room.

“Yeah, what did you want to talk about?” he harshly asked. He sounded cold. His face bore an expression you couldn’t read.

“Are you really dating Lili?” you asked in a sloppy tone,clenching your fist, hoping he’d say no.

“Yeah.” He bluntly replies.

You eyes widen. Your heart sinks

“Since when?”

“Does it matter?” he rolls his eyes and scoffs.

You could feel warm tears collect in your eyes as you gather the strength to reply to him. “Well, yeah.” Your voice cracked,”You kissed me last night.”

When he saw you cry, his face dropped but not long before it went back to its cold self. “So? People kiss all the time, (y/n). It’s not a big deal.”

You cannot believe what you just heard. How could he do this to you? How could he kiss you knowing how much you liked him, knowing it would break you once you learnt that he was actually dating Lili?

How could he be so cruel?

You covered your face and ran away from the scene. Without a thought in the world, you immediately got into your car and sped home.


Everyone had finished packing up and were gathered in the centre stage.

“Where’s (y/n)?” Mark questioned,”Cole?”

“How would I know where (y/n) is?” Cole replied harshly, although, his face read concern and he had been looking around the room searching for a certain face since the last 5 minutes.

“I called her a dozen times, she isn’t answering.” KJ said.

“Maybe she left.”

“Alright, nevermind then” Mark concluded, “Anyways…”



You’re standing outside Camila’s house. You spent the last hour at Barney’s Bar insead of heading home. You don’t know what brought you here. You’re not sober enough to think twice about your decision. YOLO- you knock on her door.

“(Y/N)!” Camila exclaims in surprise. She takes you in by the hand and announces, “EVERYONE! (Y/N) is here !”

“Whoa, (y/n),” KJ retorts, “Did you already get wasted on your own before coming here?” he comes closer to sniff you.

From the corner of your eye, you could already make out that Cole was standing there with a bottle of beer in his hand. You can’t even bring yourself to look at him. 

I hate him.

“Maybe.” You whisper close into KJ’s ears.

“We were just playing truth and dare,” Cam intervenes, “Let’s continue”

So now, you’re all gathered in a circle, with Cole sitting right across you. He and Lili sitting aside each other. Ugh.

Camila spins the bottle. “Aw,” Camila cheekily grins. The bottle pointed at you.

“So, (y/n). Truth or dare?”

“Dare” you boldly reply, earning yourself a lot of “oooh” from the squad.

“I dare you to kiss KJ”, Camila excitedly blurts. As she said it, you accidently meet Cole’s gaze. His eyes widen at Camila’s bold dare.

You turn away from him. “Sure,” you smirk at Cam and pull KJ towards you.

You were just about to crush your lips onto his, when-

You felt an arm grab you from behind pull you out of the enclosure.

Before you could make sense of what was happening, Cole had already brought you out on the front porch.

“What the hell, Cole?”, you angrily push him away.

“’What the hell, Cole?’ What the hell do you think you were doing in there? What the hell do you think you’re doing here, showing up this late? You could’ve gotten yourself into an accident, you know? You could’ve-“

“SO WHAT, COLE?”,you question him angrily,” Why do you care?”

“Because I, I-“ he looks away, refusing to meet your gaze.

“Nevermind.”, you could already feel tears form in your eyes. You wipe it away quickly. You couldn’t even look at him anymore- Looking at him hurt.

“Nevermind. It’s all just a game to you, anyway. Just because you knew I had the world’s biggest crush on you, you thought it would be okay to play with my heart. Well guess what, Cole? I’m over it. “ you see how his face changed. He looked…hurt?

“I’m over it. I’m over you. Good on you, though. Even though we weren’t really together, you managed to break my heart anyway. You really hurt me. I bet you must be ecstatic right now.”, you try to sound stern but the tears rolling down your cheek get the best of you.

“Everything okay in here?” KJ makes his entrance to the porch.

You rub your eyes, “Yeah. Eveything is fine.”, you give him an assuring smile,”I wanna go home.”

“I’ll drop you.” Cole says in a low tone.

“I can do it too” KJ offers, “if you want..”

“Thanks, KJ.” You walk towards his car.

You pause.

You turn around and walk towards Cole for one last time, “(y/n), I-“

You cut him off, “I forgive you. I know you’re not sorry but I forgive you.” You sniff and smile through your tears. “Also,” you move closer to him, “People kiss all the time. It’s not a big deal.”

“(y/n), I-“

You leave before he says anything. You leave him hanging. Tears continue to fall from your eyes as you get into KJ’s car and out of Cole’s sight, knowing that your heart will not follow.

They say love is a carousel, you go round and around and around until you finally come to a stop. It’s the endless push and pull of emotions. You think you know what’s right. You even think you know what’s best.

But do we ever really know?

I don’t think so.


It has been two weeks since the incident. You’re completely heartbroken over what Cole did to you but “never again will I allow someone to make me feel this way” you promised yourself.

Pictures of Cole and Lili continue to circulate all over the internet, which was part of the reason why you deactivated all your social media accounts.

Since that night at Camila’s house, and three days after- Cole called you over 30 times and left you a dozen messages. You didn’t answer any.

He knows how much I like him. He knows. He’s just trying to lure me into his webbed lies again, you convinced yourself.

What could he possibly have to say after what he said in set on the last day of shooting?

You’ve changed your number since.

You’re also,now, staying with your parents since lonely nights in LA haunt you with the memories of a certain black haired raven eyed boy with the most beautiful smile.

“Honey, there’s a mail for you,” your mom hands you a letter.

it read -



You are cordially invited to attend the grand trailer premiere of Riverdale Season Two at Hollywood Open House on the 12th of July 2017 at 11am.”


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‘ren reads too many fics’ rec list:

for @hesmybucky

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you might’ve read a lot of these because most have a ton of kudos but if not, enjoy! and if so, re-read them ;)

A virgin..until I Met you pt.4  (KIM TAEHYUNG)

BTS member : taehyung x reader

genre: angst/smut/fluff  Mature contents

Originally posted by gwiyongie


part1  part2  part3

slight smut 

“omg jaya why the hell aren’t you waiting inside “ Sarang said coming towards her friend 

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Merry Christmas, writerdragonfly!

To writerdragonfly (AKA Kyla)… Merry Christmas!!!! I hope this year has been wonderful and you have a fun day today.I take your extremely open request of “anything!” and raise you a slightly angtsy (oops), AU fic featuring cursed!Stiles.

Stay The Night

At first it was quite amusing, watching people leave his house, making half-baked excuses and not really knowing why.

“Sorry, I have an exam tomorrow morning. Very early. Need to go home and sleep.”

“I’ve left my cat alone. She needs dinner. Sorry.”

“I need to go. Got a thing on. Sorry.”

Sorry sorry sorry.

Well the person who was most sorry was Stiles. Sorry for his mother than her last dying wish got twisted to come out as a curse.

You see, she was dying for quite some time. The slow death. Cancer. But Claudia was always looking on the bright side – something Stiles tries to convince himself he inherited from her – and in her opinion that just gave her more time to plan her passing and savour what life she did have left.

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Trigger Warnings: Bullying, depressed thoughts, loneliness, allusions to drugs and one night stands

Listen to this while you read:

He stirred in his sleep, perturbed by the absence of your warmth pressed against his side. His hands fumbled deftly across the mattress, fingers slipping under silky sheets, until they found your soft skin, his arms immediately encircling your waist to pull you back into his side. You let out a soft groan in protest, not stirring from your deep slumber. He smiled into your hair, snuggling closer to you and holding you tight. His fingers slipped under the edge of your oversized T-shirt (stolen from his wardrobe of course), skimming gently over the small bump just beginning to protrude from your lower abdomen. He felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace. Everything was perfect.

You let out a small sigh, rolling over to face him. Your beautiful eyes opened slowly, clouded with dreams as a sleepy smile spread across your face. He continued to gently trace your baby bump, returning your smile with one of his own. “I love you,” he whispered.

And then you were kissing him, and all he knew was bliss. Your lips slid against his like satin, warm and inviting and oh-so-soft. His hands moved to your back, pushing you closer to him as you moved your own to his hair, tangling your fingers in the sleep-mussed locks. This was true happiness, and if Heaven existed he hoped that it would consist of nothing but your kisses.

You pulled away, smiling up at him with sparkling eyes, your voice a breathless gasp. “I love you, too.”

He awoke, cold and alone in the floor of an empty apartment. He sat up and looked around in confusion, finding himself in the corner, wrapped in a couple of thin blankets, as he had all but forced you to take his sleeping bag. You were curled up in the warm bedroll now, sleeping peacefully despite your tear-stained cheeks. He felt a stab of guilt, knowing he was the cause of your tears, but was quickly distracted as he remembered his dream.

He ran a shaky hand through his hair. This was the first time in years that his sleep had been occupied by anything but nightmares. And yet, he almost preferred the violent visions of darkness and blood. He awoke from those dreams feeling relieved, not strangely empty as he now was, longing for your touch. The dream had been so vivid, so real, that for the first few seconds after he woke he had expected to find you next to him, loving and warm. After such an unrealistically welcoming dream, filled with love and happiness and light, reality seemed cruel and almost painful.

His deep thought process was interrupted when a small sound passed your lips, something like the noise of a distressed kitten. He looked up, concern clouding his eyes as he slowly moved towards you, taking care not to make any noise. You were tossing and turning in his sleeping bag, letting out small whines and soft groans, eyes screwed shut. He gently reached forward to press the back of his fingers to your forehead, gasping as the heat of your skin burned his. To say you had a fever was an understatement. You were burning up.

He didn’t know what to do. He ran his hands through his hair, staring down at your troubled face. You must have gotten sick from being in the rain and never getting to dry off properly. It was all his fault, all his fault for not getting you a towel, his fault for not finding a better place to stay, for not at least providing you with some better blankets. He was consumed with worry. If anything happened to you…

He took a shaky breath. Nothing was going to happen to you. He wouldn’t allow it. He would die first.

He ruffled through his backpack, searching for the meager fund of cash he had stowed away there. When his fingertips finally brushed the crumpled bills, he breathed a soft sigh of relief as he pulled them out, reading the tiny 20 printed on one bill and the 10 on the other. It would have to be enough.

He gazed longingly at you. His stomach lurched at the thought of leaving you alone. His lips ached to kiss you goodbye, but he knew it would only distress you, and he had done enough of that already. So he simply left, pulling up his hood and squaring his shoulders against the torrential rain and howling winds.

He had walked nearly two miles by the time he arrived at the dingy 24-hour pharmacy, and he was completely soaked. In a way he was thankful for it, appreciative of the frozen chill reminding him that he was alive to feel such things. He entered the pharmacy, quickly scouring the dirty shelves for cold and flu medicines. Anything to bring your fever down.

The cashier was a large woman with a messy, frizzy head of grey-brown hair and a pair of cheap glasses adorning her wrinkled, scowling face. She looked like someone who didn’t know the first thing about medicine. She didn’t ask him for his ID, which he knew was standard procedure for some of the items he was purchasing. She barely spared him a glance as she tossed the medications into a plastic bag, accepting the wrinkled paper currency that he offered as payment. She tucked his receipt into the bag, and he took his purchases and left the store. The whole exchange passed by without either of them uttering a single word, which suited him just fine.

As he trudged back through the terrific storm, he couldn’t help his mind from drifting to the first time he noticed you, the angel among all his demons. He was sure you had forgotten the event, lost among all the chaos of your first few weeks of high school, but to him it was everything.

It was only three weeks into the school year, and he already loathed the cinderblock building and it’s poorly illuminated hallways, along with all the people crawling around the fortress like ants. Today had been an especially miserable experience – before first period he had already been slapped and cursed at by the promiscuous redhead he had occupied himself with the previous weekend (something about him not calling her afterwards like he promised). Then, in second period, the teacher sprung a pop-quiz over the chapter he was supposed to have read the night before. He skipped third, opting instead to pay a visit to the dim alley behind the school, where some of his more apathetic acquaintances tended to hang around, always willing to lend out a cigarette or something stronger. This, of course, lead to him being given detention for his intoxicated attitude in his fourth period class. Lunch period would have been a welcome distraction, except that he spent the first ten minutes of his free time being repeatedly slammed into a locker by a group of cocky male seniors who smelled like weed. He felt like he was trapped in a downward spiral, like rainwater swirling into a storm drain.

Lunch was nearly over, and he hadn’t even bothered to step into the cafeteria. He wandered aimlessly through the halls, finally beginning to sober up, leaving a dull ache in his skull. He was considering the pros and cons of dropping out of school, or at least playing hooky for the rest of the week. And that was when it happened.

He was just passing the library. A group of the new freshmen had just left the book-filled sanctuary, giggling in half-hushed voices and generally not paying attention to their surroundings. They only looked up when the group of rowdy seniors from before returned, slamming him against the wall with a force that he knew would leave some nasty bruises. Most of the younger students quickly fled from the scene, fearful of being drawn into the conflict. But one remained.

He was able to catch occasional glimpses of her as he lay in the floor, curled up to protect his vital organs from the kicks that just kept coming at him. She looked like an angel, from her casual, barely-styled hair to her youthful, innocent face with the eyes widened in concern, to the way her small hands gripped the books in her arms tightly as she chewed on her lip, obviously bothered by the blatant act of bullying taking place before her.

Once the attackers had dispersed, the girl slowly approached the broken boy left behind on the floor. She knelt down next to him, laying a cautious hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

He looked up at her and his heart skipped a beat. Did she know how long he had ached to be asked that simple question? Did she know that no one had spoken so kindly to him since his early childhood? Her easy smile and sympathetic eyes told him that she was simply kindhearted by nature, but in that moment she was his savior.

“I’m fine.” He muttered, allowing her to help him to his feet. An unfamiliar warmth spread through his fingers when she grasped his hand in hers for support. He wasn’t one for physical affection, but he was overcome by the odd urge to wrap you in a hug.

“You should tell someone about them.” Her words interrupted his brooding, causing him to turn to her with a wary gaze.

“No one would do anything about it. Nobody cares.” He shrugged one shoulder in a show of indifference that he wished he actually felt.

“I care.” She spoke softly, like one would talk to a wounded animal. He wondered just how much of his fractured existence she could see. More than most people would have bothered to observe.

“You’re just saying that. Tomorrow you won’t even remember my face.” He smirked in an effort to soften the bitterness of his tone. “Thanks for the help though. You should get going, lunch ends in a couple of minutes.”

“You’re welcome, any time.” She smiled, gathering her books and turning to walk to her next class. She turned, throwing one last friendly grin over her shoulder. “I’m (Y/N), by the way.”

That moment was all that he could focus on as he approached the unused apartment building that the two of you currently resided in. He owed you for that moment, for your sympathy. He owed you everything.

He clambered through the window, finding you asleep as he left you. He gently lowered himself to the ground next to your sleeping bag, popping open a packet of cold meds and tipping a single does into his palm. He lifted your head with one hand, gently slipping the pills into your mouth. He grabbed a nearby water bottle, trickling some of the liquid into your mouth until you swallowed the medicine. He pressed his lips briefly to your cheek, laying you head back down. “That’s my girl.”

Seize the Moment

Anonymous said: Please write a scene where in Marianne’s pov, she goes totally jelly when Bog kisses her and loses balance.

I don’t know if this is the same anon who said they had an Art School AU prompt, but I set this in Art School AU regardless. Enjoy fluffy fluff set after they have begun dating!

“Five minutes, give me five minutes!”

Marianne called this plea over her shoulder, scrambling through the cushions of the studio couch for her wallet. She was almost sure the couch was the last place she had had it in her possession, even though her search had been fruitless save for the discovery of fifty-two cents in change and a wooden pottery knife. So far all she had achieved was powdering her dress with dust and the gray lint that gathers in the crevasses of upholstery.

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