id kill to be like him...what

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22, 24, 57, 144, 145, 148? :)

Ask Meme

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22. Where would you like to travel? 

no where tbh… im too scared to go anywhere, but… well, on second thought i suppose id like to visit @technicalcakemix and his wife. theyre my best friends.

24. Favorite part of your daily routine?

mmm… roleplaying, but i really would kill for a maribelle or gaius rp partner…

57. Favourite food?

chicken wings! pizza… greek food… too many

144. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

milk chocolate, i dont like the other two

145. Tea or Coffee?

i love both! tea helps me calm down from anxiety attacks, though. coffee just tastes good.

148. What’s your favourite quote?

i hate him so much hghgghghghgkjkjllydrs

  • fAN: JeonGgUk oPP-
  • jungkook: sorry, what?
  • namjoon: Don't. Please, ARMY, run. Jungkook, she was just jokin-
  • fan: Runs
  • jin: My little son...
  • Jungkook: Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the world's mAKNAE IN THAT SHIT WTF
  • jin, with jungkook sobbing in his arms, like litteraly jin is with him like a baby, carrying him.: I know, my son, i know. The babiest baby.
  • Jungkook, whispering in a psycho way: the babiest baby... forever. And ever, and ever. fOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like there’s something very significant about this scene, Qrow and Jaune literally at eachothers throats in ep 10 “a long needed talk” 
I think its Qrow telling him “dont die” as well as “im sorry” cause qrow is a tsundere and I think Jaune’s anger towards Qrow has subsided a bit so its like a promise that he will do everything in his power to lead well, protect Qrows niece and not getting himself killed

But of course this is my own interpretation, you might have your own! id love to know what others think

Hey guys!

I dont know how this is still a thing?

But Lucas baker might be a horrible person in the game (he is hes a villain)

BUT he has never rapped anyone.

The note about “let Lucas doing what he wants w them” is about letting him have them for his traps,

They say the SAME thing to clancy. “Ill give you to Lucas” In the dlcs BUT  no one complains about it BC HES NOT A GIRL.

its bullshit. Say hes a horrible person thats fine hes a villain hes SUPPOSED to be horrible

But man is not a rapist. PLS STOP

also telling people they should kill themselves bc they like his is childish and stupid.

Ur ganna get yourself yourself blocked and reported,

Id advise people who like lucas to block fatactivist since they kinda told me to kill myself for liking lucas.

maybe report them to.

have fun <3

for most of this show i was team rafael but just right now i bawled like a baby for at least ten minutes. michael was continuously growing on me and id just started to like him (what with his chemistry with jane and mr bee) and they kill him off just like that. i mean? i just really dont see the point of that? this is probably the realest, healthiest relationship ive ever seen on tv (besides monica/chandler maybe) and they kill him? seriously there was enough drama as is

singlespeedz replied to your post “What if Chicks accidentally kills someone while racing and all he can…”

I cant blame him either for wanting to win, he just takes it a little bit too far, whether he realizes it or not. Id be pissed if someone was stealing my thunder, lol.

I agree totally, while it was wrong, I see it as understandable as to how he would react that way. It’s apparent Chick Hicks has a short temper and is pretty irrational. Like I say a million times, it doesn’t excuse the action but it explains it. And the King lived so at least there is that. 

To me Chick isn’t a villain. He’s an antagonist, sure, but he’s no evil overlord. But maybe that’s just me, he’s one of my favorite characters of all time so I wish him to be more than an irredeemable bad guy. If McQueen could learn from the error of his ways than why can’t Chick? I know hes obviously not the face of the franchise like Lightnin’ but man, I just wish he was incorporated more into the story. Like even in Cars 1, he’s really in only a quarter of the movie? It at least feels that way. (I could just be so Chick thirsty 20 some minutes of screen time isn’t enough for me) 

I probably sound like I’m just droning on about nonsense and not making too many good points, I’m just desperate for some form of canon redemption for Chick, in my opinion he deserves it. He was such a good(bad??) character that stood out and made me laugh as a kid, I was so upset he wasn’t even mentioned in Cars 2.

i was tagged by

a - age: 20
b. - biggest fear: like id give away My Weakness like that
c. - current time: 4:03 pm
d. - drink you last had: water
e. - everyday starts with: me spending too much time on tumblr and running late
f. - favourite song: what’s the use of feeling blue
g. - ghosts, are they real: yes probably
h. - hometown: dont have one
i. - in love with: my friends who love + support me  
j. - jealous of: ppl who have boobs
k. - killed someone: @unstablebystander​ ive killed him so many times 
l. - last time you cried: today at work, smth triggered my ptsd 
m. - middle name: lacey!!
n. - number of siblings: @audae​ i love like a sister
o. - one wish: mb magic?? like casting fire and moving water, that would b fun
p. - person i last called/texted: planned parenthood!! got an appointment™
q. - question you’re always asked: “aren’t u cold??” or “wheres ur coat????”
r. - reason to smile: there are frogs and cats in the world, and im gay + love me pals
s. - song last sang: what’s the use of feeling blue
t. - time you woke up: 8:10am ish, a little beforehand
u. - underwear colour:  just black, i usu have some cuter ones
v. - vacation destination: maine
w. - worst habit: ????? 
x. - x-rays you’ve had: none 
y. - your favourite food: not a huge fan of the stuff
z. - zodiac: aquarius

idk why but it’s just pissing me off now thinking about how the jedi sent kids out into the warzone. how many padawans have we seen die in swtcw. too many. or ones that probably have ptsd and other issues due to time out in field.

like u literally cannot justify sending these kids out like that. it was one of the many things the jedi did that were really shitty

I hate when people say “Well, at least Killua is free now.” Like???


People act as if Gon was holding Killua hostage and abusing him this whole time. He had more freedom during his time with Gon than he had HIS ENTIRE LIFE, when he wasnt allowed to have friends and forced to kill people. Gon never forced him to do anything, Killua stayed with Gon because he enjoyed it.

If anything, id say Killua is more restrained now than before, since he has to look after and protect his little sister, while keeping away from Illumi and keeping nanika hidden (tho it is a good thing for him to form a strong bond with a family member) 

if someone doesn’t figure something out about the game how is that their fault, undertale obviously makes it clear you don’t have to kill anything to progress but it never makes it directly clear to what end that applies

people are acting like it’s obvious you just have to spare Toriel, cause clearly fighting her would kill her. which fine, whatever, I killed her cause I had the mindset that nothing was working so the story would progress and stop me before I killed her, i was wrong there obviously and id accept that

but then in the asgore fight, YOU ACTUALLY DO HAVE TO DO what people thought you had to do in the Toriel fight, so it clearly wasn’t so stupid? you have to actualt fight him until the game stops you, oh what a concept

I love the game but the system where you have to actively spare bosses and wait them out is not made that clear but congratulations if you figured it out first run, I’m so proud of you I’ll put it on the fridge