id have his babies

Tattoo Roulette of The late late show drives everyone crazy!

05:35 when James got the SAFE…. Did anyone notice that Lilo’s reaction? They looked like “OMG…How James got a SAFE?” 

05:45 When James said”look Niall’s face”…. Harry immediately turned around and open his arms like “Come on baby boy. Don’t be scared,I’m here, I won’t let anything hurt you.” 

05:46 Little Nialler just let himself fell into Harry’s arms. Harry probably talked some soothing sweet things to his ears to calm his baby down.

06:04 After Narry’s hug, lilo’s (especially Liam’s) faces looked more serious, like they are seriously worried about “What id their baby Niall have to get his 1st tattoo for this TV show? There’s nothing more terrible than that!” And Harry was just like “Don’t worry about that! I will save my Ni-Ni anyway.” but they had to force a smile anyway.

06:43 When Harry got the TATTOO , Liam went to hug him like Harry is the hero(and he is!), then a happy Louis went straightly to hug his baby Niall to make sure that everything is okay.

06:47 then Liam hugged Niall too.

I think that Niall wanted to shout out “I LOVE YOU HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” at that moment.

Unfortunately they are on a tv show. (sighing)

Domestic!CEO Calum Part 2

* “Darling, could you whip up something for a staff dinner party?”
* Being a housewife eventually because he hates you working
* Returning to work every now and again when you’re bored
* “Mrs. Hood, you look absolutely dashing”
* Greeting his coworkers as they bring their wives to dinner
* Hosting the Christmas party at your mansion every year
* Sneaking off at these parties to have a less-than-decent quickie in the bathroom
* Adjusting your dress and apron as he fixes his tie
* “You’re a naughty little hostess”
* “How’re you Ashton? How’s the wife”
* Wearing darling pearls and a red dress to Christmas parties at the office
* Showing off your ring to the office wives
* Chaste kisses before serving the dinner
* Him Giving a toast before every meal
* Having a long dinner table in which you sat at the opposite side of him
* Climbing onto the table and crawling over to him when he was ignoring you
* This resulting in table sex
* Lots of counter sex
* “Can we try for a baby?” ‘Darling, id love to’
* Having his first child, and him staying home from the office for a month
* Him squeezing in sex when the baby is asleep
* “I love you”
* “Thanks to my beautiful wife, I am able to come back to work”
* “Our beautiful family”

anonymous asked:

Okay so everyone talks about the Lightwood siblings and their little bro max and how they imagine Max meeting Magnus. But Max hasn't met clary, Luke or Simon either, so do you have any hc about what that would be like???

oh buddy…oh man…listen

- max absolutely adores luke. the first time he met him was when alec brought him along to jade wolf where he was meeting with luke about some downworld issues. (max has always wanted to meet a werewolf and alec can never say no to max’s puppy eyes)
- anyway so they enter the jade wolf and as soon as they sit down, luke gives that huge friendly grin and puts down a plate of food and a vanilla milkshake in front of max and that instantly makes max warm up to him.
- but honestly max keeps interrupting and asking luke questions about being a werewolf but luke is just patient and answers every one of them. “is it true you have green eyes??” and as soon as luke’s eyes change colour, max let’s out a gasp because “that’s so cool!!! I wish my eyes did that”
- luke also gives max a piggyback while giving him a tour of the jade wolf and max meets all the other werewolves and they all think max is so adorable and interesting. (don’t even get me started on how much max loves maia!! okay, just don’t)
- the first time max meets clary is at the institute. he walks in to the training room to look for izzy only to find her sparring with some girl he doesn’t know yet.
- clary instantly rushes over to him because she’s heard so much about max but never actually met him. she tells him this and max blushes but smiles and sticks out a hand to introduce himself.
- max instantly starts moaning at izzy then because “why am I only just meeting clary? you guys leave me out of everything, it’s not fair” but clary butts in with “they’re annoying like that aren’t they? they never tell me anything either” before izzy could defend herself and max knew right away that he liked clary. especially when they say down and started talking about manga and clary went to grab her sketch book so she could draw max a picture of him as his favourite manga character.
- max bumps into simon, well more like the other way around. max is at magnus’ with alec and jace when someone knocks into him at quite a bit of speed (someone hasn’t mastered their vampire powers yet) causing him to fall back on the couch. when he stands up again, all he can hear is “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry. oh my god, what did I do. alec will kill me if he finds out I knocked his baby brother over. well I mean he id have to be alive to get killed but still and I only just- wait why are you laughing?”
- and max is just doubled over chuckling because why is this dude panicking over this, it’s not like max fell on the ground. when his giggles finally die down, he looks up at the person to find a confused look on the boy’s face and knows “you must be the vampire”
- and Simon’s face just drops because of course he’s referred to as ‘the vampire’ but he’s shocked when he hears “it’s simon, right? you’re clary’s best friend. you’re really into movies? at least that’s what clary said. cool shirt by the way, I saw one just like it in the store. don’t let jace know I know but I’m pretty sure he’s got it me for my birthday and-” and simon can’t help but smile because max is the chattiest lightwood he’s met yet and instantly becomes Simon’s favourite out of the lightwood siblings. especially when max asks him if they can watch captain america together.

Tropical offspring - Joshifer Drabble

Thank you

1. Lovely MC for beta'ing for me and telling me to keep writing;

2. Jules and Raychel for the late night non sense and the “OMG YES WRITE THAT” after I threw that idea in!

Hope you 3 and everyone else like it! ♥


“What if something is wrong with him?” I whisper my concerns to Josh, as we follow the nurse to the ultrasound room.

“Or her,” he whispers back, “Nothing is wrong with that baby. Don’t worry.”

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“I’m fresher than a popsicle. Mmm.”