id do it for 200

tag urself heathers fandom edition
  • lawful good: quality fic posters & artists
  • neutral good: mcnamawyer stans who probably cry at thanks for coming after me
  • chaotic good: the people who suddenly spam everyone with content
  • lawful neutral: *picture of red/yellow/green thing* "omg heathers is so good"
  • true neutral: everything neatly tagged, no Opinons in tags
  • chaotic neutral: those screencaps from the movie with a quote from a different part of the movie
  • lawful evil: jd/self insert fic writers
  • neutral evil: "chansaw is abusive1!1! jd is my misunderstood bby1!1!"
  • chaotic evil: "christian slater pulling the gun out is the moment i realised i was in love with jd"

I made a list of 200 pokemon Im going to draw and lemme tell you.. most of them were actually Unova, I really like certain Unova pokemon tbh

I will sell girl number and girl sex id 
Number give 100 rf 
Sex fb id give 200 rf
She will do video call in fb 
for more information in box me 😊❤️️😎🙈