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Hey everyone!

I’m sure by now that you’re all aware of the new Notice Me Senpai update and the ‘Refer and Reward’ feature.

IF NOT; click on the menu tab and click 'Redeem and Refer’. Your Player ID will be shown at the top (Pictured here is my own). Click on the 'Refer Friends’ tab, enter another player’s ID, and then click send email. Once this has been processed, you will receive an email with a code to input in order to receive FREE GEMS!

Now, if you’re like me, you may not have friends who also use this app, and thus can’t take full advantage of this new feature.

So, I have taken it upon myself to help everyone struggling with this too.
We are going to start an ID code chain.





As requested, I’ve waited until File 10 came out - also, sorry if I’m too late, but better late than never, I guess… Anyways, here’s the files!

File 6 - “EAGLE EYE” - There are letters/numbers that can be seen when Aaron is looking through his scope; for example, there is the letter j on someone’s shirt. This is just one of several

File 7 - “ROO CLUE” - This is found in the Kangaroo Attack skit video, which is on the rt website, but not youtube (yet). Near the end when you see Josh and the Kangaroo dead, Blaine leans in and pulls out an ID card with the code on it.

File 8 - “MERMAID MEMO” - When looking at the mermaid file, there are two QR codes; the larger QR code leads to the file code.*

File 9 - “GOOD LISTENER” - When Burnie is attempting to get into the bathroom, the tones from the lock is actually morse code for the code. Although, the audio was messed up in the first couple of hours after the video was first released, but has since been fixed.

File 10 - “ANNOTATION AFICIONADO” - As the title suggests, the code can be found in an annotation (although admittedly, I’m not sure which video, as I found it on reddit)

I currently have some work to do, so when I return, I’ll post the meanings to each. 

*Also, file 8 says “NATO”, when it should say “UN” - this just refers to the “big five” (US, France, the UK, China, and Russia, or in this case, CIA, FAP, MI:6, and KGB).

would anyone ever be interested in like… theme/promo commissions form me?


In which Murkoff has mistaken Waylon Park – the ‘sole survivor’ from Mount Massive as the Walrider’s host. Say bye to your roomie Miles.

                                                                                         ->for @walridiing

Tumblr Controls

Recently theme makers and users have had some trouble with the tumblr controls, and it looks like tumblr have changed the code - or are currently in the process of doing so.
This is why the tumblr controls work for some and not for others. 

If your tumblr controls do not work correctly

Tumblr have changed the name of the class and deleted the id on the new code.
So instead of coding with the id:


You need to change it to:


Or change it to one of the classes:


.tmblr-iframe--desktop-logged-in-controls (css visible if logged in)

If your tumblr controls still does not show, it might be because it’s hiding behind another div. Add this to the tumblr controls css:

Don’t understand how to edit the tumblr controls? Check out this mini tutorial

Alrighty the “what are they going to do? Fire me?” attitude has officially set in


Here they are, my 10 Super Mario Maker levels!

Platform Panic: BDBC-0000-001A-3A59
My first level, it’s pretty basic. Many moving platforms and Paratroopa mounted plants!

Dodge ‘n Bop: A3BC-0000-001C-6B2D
Another athletic level, treacherous jumps, and a lakitu cloud maze!

Bouncy Castle: D151-0000-002F-AF25
This castle has trampolines and not blocks everywhere!

Tricky Mansion: 610A-0000-0034-048E
Get through the ghost maze, find Luigi and have a showdown with Magikoopa!

Your Friend the POW Block: E533-0000-003E-52BA
An auto-scoller. Get the POW blocks and use them before your Bob-omb laden path blows itself it!

Looking for a Fun Level?: FC25-0000-004B-7E26
My obligatory clickbait level. No challenge.

Bounce Master: Cannons: 1BB2-0000-003E-6050
Incredibly tough level. Chain-bounce from cannonball to cannonball and then try to get through the gauntlet to the flagpole!

Bounce Master: Wigglers: E6A1-0000-0053-57FA
Also incredibly hard.  Chain-bounce Wigglers while avoiding Munchers, Thwomps and Boos!

1-1 Ungrounded: 4040-0000-004C-5BCC
It’s weird how hard World 1-1 gets without the ground there.

World 1-1: Nightmare Edition: B80E-0000-0054-7009
Quite possibly my hardest level so far.  The 1-1 you know so well is no longer safe! Can you beat it without using the short cut? (I can’t.)


RULES: im supposed to be playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass
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