id be down for that

momentousgoomba39 asked:

If you were to make the art of a video game, would you?

yes!! i’ve been asked this alot and if someone commissioned me to draw art for a game i would be all about it!! (but not right now cause im busy with my own projects). also it depends on what the game is about. if it was something like a dating sims or skullgirls ID BE 100% DOWN!

yukiness asked:

Is there any place where I can listen to the smash bros recording of the lyrical version of Lost In Thoughts All Alone in Japanese?

Unfortunately, you have to download it and speed it up yourself. They slowed it down to prevent the Content ID system from taking it down.

It says on the annotation to speed it up to 1.25x.

anonymous asked:

If you had the chance, would you fuck someone who knows you through snapchat ?

i would.
i have a handful of followers here on tumblr and snap that id definitely be down to hang out with 😇

Big Brother!Seventeen reaction to you kissing another member

“Gif reaction to seventeen being your brother and seeing you kissing another member” 

Seungcheol: *tries to poke out eyes* “MY EYES” 

Jeonghan: *side eyes you* “okay as much as i love you id like to not watch you tongue down my sister k thanks” 

Joshua: *queue dangerous church oppa* “having fun there?” 

Jun: *looks around* “he’s not serious is he…..” 

Hoshi: “You have a 1 in 10,000 chance of living” 

Wonwoo: “this boy tryna get killed, Mingyu hold my cheeseburger” 

Woozi: “Good God y/b is a horrible kisser” *y/b = your bias*

Seokmin: *completely unphased* “ahh aren’t they cute”  

Mingyu: “keep kissing her i da- wait my hair.. I dare you!”  

Minghao: “i rather choke on my food then watch you swallow her” 

Seungkwan: “NO!”

Vernon: *remembers he lives with the member* “nah its good keep kissing her hahah she won’t like you with no hair” 

Dino:  *whipsers* “just wait till your sister comes….hyung” 


So pissed off that they cut my scene out of the 100. 

Yo remember when I told you guys I ship it :3c well I still do. theres like 1 fic about them and its a very good fic but not enough to quench my thirst and it is a suffering…


why did no one tell me about this???