id be down for that

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Dave, so John is absolutely positive that there isn't a single trace of homo-ness in you. Maybe you should tell him

how did this topic even come up with him
and again while i completely understand being so interested in such an extremely cool dudes sexuality its not necessarily that big of a topic
look all im saying is whether or not id be down to get hoards of phallic objects thrown at me and slapped across my face isnt a huge thing that needs to be discussed
like yeah hes my best bro an all but its just something i dont think concerns him even if it kind of concerns him with other shit regarding my own feelings on the situation but thats probably not going to get brought up into conversation

Indie Rpers are fucking unbelievable
I literally messaged one asking if they wanted to rp, I asked if they wanted me to type an open, and their response was fucking “you typed an open so you’re a god modder”

Get off your God damn high horse holy shit if someone typed me a fucking open Id be thrilled

But lmao I know it literally just boils down to “you’re not a pretty boy I can fuck so im not interested”

Georgia Cop Forgets 1st Amendment, Threatens to Arrest Man for Filming His Own Traffic Stop

The video captured a Georgia sheriff’s deputy’s unlawful disregard for the First Amendment. 

A trucker driving through Georgia was stopped by WCSO deputy J. Rozier. In an effort to hold his detaining officer accountable, Carl Eastman, decided to film his traffic stop.

As Rozier asks for Eastman’s bill of lading and ID, he then asks him if he’d mind putting down his camera.

“I have the right to record,” explains Eastman.

But this Georgia deputy was apparently unfamiliar with the first amendment and began to threaten Eastman if he did not stop recording.

“I’m gonna ask you one more time or you gonna be charged with disorderly conduct,” says Rozier as he unlawfully threatens to arrest a man for practicing what has been deemed a right by multiple courts.

It has been clearly established that all Americans have the right to record the police.

Apparently deputy Rozier doesn’t know about the power of the internet and social media in exposing cops who deprive others of their rights. Share this article with your friends and family to show these rights violating law enforcement officers the power that we the people have to expose this nonsense’                                              /source/

Well, what the fuck is this? Incompetence? Ain’t think so, I guess the cops just feel complete impunity. Of course, this asshole knows about the first amendment. He just don’t give a fuck bout it. He knows that he won’t be punished. I mean, he thinks so. Social media is a great tool in modern American life, a tool to ensure that freaks like this got what they deserve.

#PoliceAbuse #1stAmendment #FirstAmendment


In 2005, Robert Pattinson was named one of the “Stars of Tomorrow,” by Screen International magazine. The top pic shows him with his best friend, Tom Sturridge, Brit pack member Eddie Redmayne and Nina Sosany. It’s a newly released behind the scenes shot. The bottom pic is the one that ran in the magazine, and shows the entire group of future stars, which included Carey Mulligan, Natalie Tena, David Oyelowo, Natalie Dormer, and musician friend Johnny Flynn. 

For people who say Rob has changed, I will point out that he’s still good friends with the people in this photo that he was friends with back then, and I swear, he’s still wearing the same clothes, Everyone grows and evolves, but he seems to fundamentally be the same person he always was, very grounded and down to earth.

Photo id: The blonde standing on the far left is Rob’s musician/actor friend Johnny Flynn, and seated in front of him is Carey Mulligan and in the back next to Carey is Dominic Cooper. In front of Cooper is David Oyelowo.  In front of Carey on the far left is Rob’s co-star from Bel Ami, Natalie Tena. One of Rob’s favorite TV shows is Game of Thrones, and the blonde, standing in the middle is Natalie Dormer. Full photo line up:


why did no one tell me about this???


Fairly Local: woah, i wonder if all the songs will feel like this

Tear in My Heart: lol noughp

Stressed Out: what is happening to me

Lane Boy: Tyler you’re a fuck boy calm down

GON ERR IDE D O U BTJU DGE / T HE WHO LE ALBUM: Noughp noughp noughp why why why stop playing no what is happening am I more emo am I more happy am I sad what am I feeling I don’t know. The show isn’t until October I’m going to cry why’d you do this you exist because. Where’s the trumpet I want the trumpet and josh is the best drummer right now and Tyler isn’t in the hood or a gangster but he has misty eyes and he doesn’t want my hair