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30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 6 | first generation ; raisy

He never gives up on me, even when I disappear at night. Even when I wane like the setting sun. His love is unyielding and exists to cloak me through heartache, through misery, through laughter and pain. I love him in every moment.
In every smile. In every frown.
And I will love him after every long way down.
He can mourn. He can grieve. He can be upset for the rest of his life. And still. I will never give up on Ryke Meadows.
Like he never once gave up on me.


Addicted for 15 days ★: DAY SEVEN ~ A character/scene you relate to (explain why)

“I know how to defend myself,” Lily suddenly makes a giant proclamation. She’s been in Lo’s arms, but she steps out and raises her hand at him, giving him the Vulcan salute from Star Trek. When we went to a comic book convention, Rose didn’t know what it was named, and Lo chastised her when she called it the ‘Spock thing.’”

While Lily continues to part her fingers in a V shape, Lo looks at Lily like he wants to kiss her and block the rest of us out.

No one says a thing, we have our brows raised, standing still like what the hell?

“See,” Lily says. “Everyone’s too confused to attack.”

I love Lily with all my heart, and because of her i’ve come to accept myself more and become the person I am today, so in that way I can say I can relate to her a lot. I see myself a lot in Lily, so it’s refreshing to read about a character who you can relate to. I could write a long ass post where I explain this, but i’ll keep it short this time.