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You need to get over Haleigh. She's clearly not interested in you

I’m literally laughing while debating the most proper way to respond to this… okay. Okay. Deep breath in:

1. To “get over,” someone, id have to first be “into them,” and @gaylyonthedaily is the homie that fucking stresses me out cause I constantly worry If she’s alive. As her friend I literally blow this bitch up because I’m worried about her lol and then she gets mad haha.

2. I have a crush on her mother.

3. She once lost so badly at mancala it blacklisted her in my mind.

4. Only person I need to get over, is myself.

5. Bruhhhhhhh I don’t do that lesbian shit of being someone’s friend but like secretly am pawning after them while they’re with someone else. Like, hello? Her ass better not interested in me because her ass needs to be focused on @h0m0s-with-hickies. Which it is. So girl bye.

6. I’m just trying to see this girls mom and dog lol. And Dan. I fucking miss Dan.

          headcanon   —  appearance  .   when  it  comes  to  rosalie  ,  it’s  no  secret  that  appearance  is  an  important  thing  ,  if  not  everything  to  her  .  you  will  never  catch  her  in  sweats  or  with  a  single  hair  out  of  place  .  never  dirty  nor  ragged  ,  she  will  always  be  presented  as  a  single  body  of  pure  perfection  and  she  refuses  to  let  it  be  any  other  way  .  but  this  is  not  simply  just  a  vanity  thing  however  ,  and  instead  ,  has  to  do  with  her  being  what  she  is  and  the  way  she  perceives  herself  in  terms  with  it  .  to  put  it  simple  ,  rosalie  hale  hates  what  she  has  become  and  everyone  knows  it  .  being  a  vampire  is  a  disgrace  in  her  eyes  and  she  is  quick  to  see  herself  ,  and  others  of  her  kind  ,  as  nothing  more  than  mere  monsters  .  how  does  she  cope  with  this  you  ask  ?  by  living  a  single  role  of  being  the  best  and  one  way  she  does  this  is  by  having  the  perfect  appearance  .  rosalie  manages  to  somehow  bury  and  hide  the  knowledge  and  simple  fact  of  what  is  is  within  the  back  of  her  mind  .  she  ignores  it  and  often  lets  herself  pretend  to  be  human  a  little  too  much  while  opting  the  facade  of  a  perfect  little  girl  .  clean  ,  collected  ,  pure  .  it  all  hides  and  takes  away  from  the  reality  that  rosalie  often  chooses  not  to  accept  and  that’s  just  the  way  she  likes  it  .  but  when  she’s  hunting  for  example  ,  and  finds  the  smallest  traces  of  blood  cloaked  against  ivory  skin  ,  the  facade  quickly  falls  .  this  forces  her  to  face  the  harsh  reality  she  is  living  and  ultimately  results  in  her  doing  all  she  can  to  clean  herself  up  .  for  she  thinks  ,  as  long  as  she  is  clean  on  the  outside  ,  none  of  what  she  refuses  to  believe  ,  is  actually  true  .  for  nothing  that  she  hides  within  the  deepest  parts  of  her  mind  ,  can  actually  hurt  her  . 

No offense but I’m fucking pissed about the Nightwish tour lmfao like it’s 9 months from now and VIP tickets (aka the only way I’d be able to be with my friends) are $200 like bitch I have shit to figure out I don’t think I can be dropping that much on a single ticket.  Not to mention Kamelot/Delain are gonna be in NY the month after and Sonata still hasn’t announced any US dates and I’d rather see Sonata 3 times than see Nightwish at all for the same price and I just. The tickets are gonna sell out in a week prob, if not sooner, and I know these aren’t real problems but it’s still annoying.  Ugh.

personal sign readings

Aries: i cant tell if youre evil or nice or sweet or rude idk you confuse me but ur gr8 and smart and i appreciate your existence in my life. thank you for taking care of my friend and make sure you stay patient with her, she isnt ready but you are. stay grounded. you are just such a nice person and i cant help but admire your intelligence and go get em attitude. dw aries, id fight u any day <3

Taurus: you literally remind me off chocolate and the colour brown, youre so stubborn but thats what makes you so special to me, youre not afraid to be real to me when im upset and i appreciate your honest. thanks for all the hot coco when im sad

Gemini: you are my source of wisdom in life, you are so smart and it makes me wonder why you even hang out with me. youre a true intellectual human and i like the way you dress lmao u remind me off computers and coffee tbh

Cancer: holy shit you are so emotional i cant handle it. youre so hyper and passionate but you know what, there are people out there who really love you, i wish i couldve kept you as a friend but life goes forth, have fun crying on people’s shoulders but be sure to make yourself comfortable, dont change who you are bc someone doesnt like it, you just be you. ily

Leo: ah leo, where do i start lol. you are such a drama queen, queen of drama, queen of the world. haha, you are the center of attention we get it leo so chill b. dont think others will out shine you bc trust me, they wouldnt fuckin dare. you are such a deep person and i appreciate your concern but i can do things on my own so take a step back, for your own good.

Virgo: i havent talked to you in forever, last time i checked you were still bitchy and a perfectionist but i miss you. i miss our talks and how much fun we had as kids. i loved going on adventures with you it was the most imaginative experience ever and i really miss that. its a shame i had to move but i hope youre doing ok out there in that big world we were so scared of. i hope we meet again soon. i wont ever forget you bc u remind me of the moon / stars and really anime lookin scenery ur that perf

Libra: where do i even start with libra… you are such a balanced spirit and i love the way you speak. i honestly love you. you are such an awkward and introverted person and its hard to tell youre even a libra. ur more like a pisces. i find the way you write and think so cute, youre so airy and weird lol. you remind me of soft pillows and sweets wrapped in gold paper. as for the other libra in my life, you sir are loud af, flamboyant and just all around a people person. its funny bc you look so happy all the time but no one really knows how you feel. no one quite understands your private or secret life like i do. you trust me and i trust you. you get on my nerves but i love your spirit and ability to change to subject when it you know it will hit close to home for me. thanks for caring

Scorpio: you are the prettiest person i have ever met. i constantly tell everyone you are the prettiest human in the school like holy shit youre hot. you make me laugh all the time and youre suprisingly not as vain as i wouldve expected from a scorpio but im totally ok with that bc you are hot af inside and out. im glad i met you but sometimes you say things without realizing youre hurting someone. dont go prodding your nose into peoples business and make assumptions based on reaction. dont give false hope to those who want real answers and just keep to yourself until you know the truth. you remind me off the colour black and red, you also remind me of sex and spicy food / underground nightclubs

Sagittarius: is it weird that a sagittarius doesnt have any sagittarius friends? i think it is… based on my brief encounter with a sagittarius male i was like hot diggity mother fuckin damn can i like touch u bc ur radiant and sexy af. in all honesty i wouldve wanted to talk to him more but we met once. it was like a distant dream. dw random sagittarius stranger, i thought you were funny when no one else did :^) i cant express my love for sagittarius’ bc they are just so unique and opinionated but at the same time they can be really cold and down right fukin psycho if you piss them off enough. some sags lack the empathy to care but dont take it personally, they are usually trying to hold back their past or how much they are hurting and are too afraid to seek help from anyone. they take on tasks by themselves which can leave them apathetic and self centered without even realizing it. most of the times sags are really outgoing and generally happy, they can make you laugh like a mofo and arent afraid to give it to you straight when you have a problem. they are the best advice givers

Capricorn: you sir, are c00l. like, way cooler than me im srs. you are goals. can i be you wtf????? you are so smart and quiet all the time but when you speak, pure genius or pure hilarity comes out. your one liners make me laugh or make me think. i love the way you function, youre such a mastermind. sometimes i wish i could find something bad about you but all i know is that you are most likely to take over the world and idk how to feel about that tbh. you remind me of books and really wealthy families with huge libraries and fuckin savage kitchens

Aquarius: aquarius you are such an important figure in my life, you have been through so much shit but you have learned from it all. the reason i am who i am today is from your real nitty gritty upbringing. you never held anything back from me and thats how i want to raise my kids, with pure honesty and love. i adore your concern but even as a mother, you need to back down. you may not know everything about how today’s society functions but thats ok, just chill. i got this. i will come to you when i need help. dont drop a pebble into the still pond bc things are balanced for once. dont fuck this up for me please. let me take care of this. i wont end up like her, i am who i am and i know what to avoid. i have learnt so much so please, let me put my knowledge into actions. your entity reminds me of magic and flowers, youre subtle but you are passionate and i love you

Pisces: ugh omg you are such a butt. you instantly remind me of scarves and well planned picnics. you were the one who would take us out and show us the world. it is so hard to tell you are even a pisces. you are more like a sagittarius and thats why i think we get along so well. like father like daughter, we are an amazing pair. i miss you, this family isnt nearly as entertaining without you here but youre off in another country, working your kind hearted butt off for us and i have accepted that. aquarius is having trouble with your absence but im calming her down, she will get used to it. dont forget about us over here ok? we all miss you. i definitely dont miss the constant clashes between us, you are just such a perfectionist it pisses me off. regardless of the bickering and stupid arguments, i love you and i want you back here with us asap