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Once I’ve read @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon‘s amazing Victuuri Soulmate AU compilation I just had to draw something from it! So here it is!(finally)
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anonymous asked:

Is architecture basically just finding inspiration in something and constructing a building based on that inspiration?

Nothing is further from the truth. 

Architecture is…

1. “Architecture is definitely a political act.” - Peter Eisenman in Haaretz

2. “Architecture is unnecessarily difficult. It’s very tough.” - Zaha Hadid in The Guardian

3. “Architecture is by definition a very collaborative process.” - Joshua Prince-Ramus in Fast Company

4. “Architecture is a way of seeing, thinking and questioning our world and our place in it.” - Thom Maynein his Prtizker Prize Acceptance Speech

5. “Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings actually fit with the way we want to live our lives: the process of manifesting our society into our physical world. - Bjarke Ingels in AD Interviews

6. “Architecture is merciless: it is what it is, it works or doesn’t, and you can clearly see the difference.” - Jacques Herzog in a lecture at Columbia University

7. “Architecture is always related to power and related to large interests, whether financial or political.“ - Bernard Tschumi in The New York Times

8. “Architecture is a good example of the complex dynamic of giving.” - Jeffrey Inaba in World of Giving

9. “Architecture is too complex for just one person to do it, and I love collaboration.” - Richard Rogers in The Guardian

10. “Architecture is the most powerful deed that a man can imagine.” - Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bosin Volume

11. “Architecture is an act of optimism.” - Nicolai Ouroussoff in The LA Times

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tianshan + halloween

  • he tian dressed as a devil (lmao obv)
  • makes guanshan dress as a mountain(lmao get it cause his name aHA)
  • they(read “guanshan”) prepare lots of sweets for the lil kids
  • loads of super cute decorations and everything like he tian goes ALL OUT FOR HALLOWEEN
  • he tian tries to scare them but guanshan has a go at him cause this bby protecc
  • he tian wants to eat some of guanshan’s treats but his hand gets slapped away
  • Jian Yi and Zhan Zheng Xi come over with Zhan’s sister and the usual happens
  • enjoying pumpkin spice cakes and hot chocolate on he tian’s balcony thing once everything’s calmed down
  • he tian playfully biting on guanshan’s ear
  • guanshan: (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
  • playful kisses in between insults and with “Spooky Scary Skeletons” playing in the background

this is the best thing ive ever seen this cured all my ailments thank you


if you asked me what id be doing at 19 when i was a little kid i would never have imagined it’d be making what is essentially a youtube poop of a song i hate but here we are

6: 千枚漬け(富山県) 投稿日:2010/11/27(土) 13:19:10.47 ID:2LyilsRc0

Blade father Kolivan here to drop some advice for you because this this the best thing i had ever been told as a young insecure NB person 

If you are genuinely and seriously questioning your gender identity chances are you aren’t cis.
Most cis people dont really do that. Im not saying its never happened before bc im sure there have been cis people to question but generally its not a large amount or for a very long time. 


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