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Tips for the DLSU Frosh

I’ve just finished my first year in DLSU-M, and it was one hell of a year. Here are some things you should(n’t) experience and/or do within that time frame. Hey, I’m here to help!

 -This is one thing you should NEVER forget. Keep it in your wallet, in your phone case, on an ID lace, whatever floats your boat. Just bring it at ALL TIMES.

    - For the first few months of your college life, it is fo’ shoo that rainstorms are abundant. Thus, you would not want to be drenched and cold while struggling in class. Baho kaya ng damit pag nabasa sa ulan ‘tas di nilabhan. I suggest that you get an automatic handy umbrella (one that opens with a click of a button). It’s pricey, but it’s worth it! If you’re lazy, make sure that a block mate has one. SHARING IS GOOD! With that, wearing white in that certain season is not recommended. Cheers!

    - You’ll meet your blockies there. Get a couple of tips from the LAMBS (LaSallian Ambassadors) that might help you survive studying in DLSU. Pay attention to them. They know the in’s and out’s of the campus! Plus, it’d be quite hard to introduce yourself when everyone else in your block grouped up already.

   - I don’t care if you say that you’d just want to “observe” things first. These orgs might as well just save your life. Don’t feel like being active? Who the hell cares! Just join. They have entrance fees (yup! weird right?), but it’s worth it. It’ll look good on your transcripts AND it’s an opportunity for you to recreate yourself. Of course, to be active is ideal. Take some time to participate in their activities. Kahit isa lang. You never know, you might just learn to love it!

   - So I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that DLSU students like to party. This might be both true and false. Who doesn’t like getting their crunk on(this is both sarcastic and serious in the same time. Figure it out)? Yet sometimes your profs would give you extra points if you attend some Org party/talk/activity/chuvacheness . TAKE IT. Don’t be mayabang and think that you won’t need it anyway. With one wave of this invisible wand and you might be flunking na. It just may as well be the difference of a 3.0 and a 4.0 (yes, that is possible). Although beadles don’t seem to need these incentives (well, because they’re sipsip and all), we all can’t be that blessed. So go go, Power Rangers.

    - Froshies are known to hate looking like, well, froshies. You may feel ashamed and loser-like if you stop to look at the campus map, right? Better walk around during your breaks. Get to know the offices/study halls/canteens/classrooms/buildings/ecklavoo and such. It beats bumming around or worst… forced to study.

-Freshmen Fifteen DOES exist. Why? Because of the lovely restaurants surrounding the gates of DLSU. Maximize your being a frosh, and have food trip adventures! Trust me, no matter how much your budget is, there IS a place that can cater to your wants and needs.
    -Find the right spot and you’d want to come back for more every time. If you’re feeling cheap, Agno is your best bet! You’d be full with 50Php (yes, that includes a drink). If you feel sorta sleepy and just wanna chill with some friends, Noriter is for you! Watch out,though…that’s known as the make-out place. Ignore them and you’d be find! Basta, there’s a place na magiging suki ka talaga!

 -Sit right in front of the Yuchengco building at around 6-7pm and experience the magic! It’s one of the best spots in DLSU, in my opinion. The lights and scenery is absolutely AMAZEBALLS. Zen. 'Nuff said.

 - This might just amuse you. If you have long arse breaks, Makati is just there! This could be your means of making takas. Or if no one can bring you home, at least you don’t have to wait around for someone to save you.

-There are a LOT of pick pockets guarding the doors of the campus. Backpacks are THE EASIEST to steal from. How? I don’t know. I’m not a pick pocket. But these poor bags are the most popular casualties in certain situations.

 -Whether you like it or not, froshies DO have special treatment. Either from your profs, or from your senior IDXXXs. Take a grab of that hot piece of pie and slobber it all over your face, 'cause once you lick all of that goodness off, you’d miss it too much. Hope you got that metaphor! If you don’t, then message me. I’ll explain.

Make friends. Try to be friendly and learn to socialize. It doesn’t matter if you think that you’re weird or what not. There ARE people like you in college. Believe you me, I would know.
   -When you graduate, you might just need some of your school buddies to help you.

And Lastly,

 -The first year would be that transition you need from high school life to college life. DLSU breaks it to you gently. They won’t just drop you in the boiling water of stress right of the bat. Smile. Cheer up. 

Hope this helps 'ya! Don’t hesitate to comment and what not. I won’t bite! WELCOME TO LA SALLE!

Marineflieger Tornado IDS over Scotland, 1996

The German Navy’s Marineflieger received 112 IDS variant in the anti-shipping and marine reconnaissance roles replacing the Starfighter.
Mr Twin Sister Lyrics


You’ve given me affection,
It’s never enough,
Reflections to hold,
Abilities to hold in the mind,
A memory,
A memory to keep,
To know by heart,
What’s precious to me,
I can’t remember you but you know it,
I’ve forgotten everything.

Finding out the actual year made me realize how much happier I was not knowing,
I’m heavily distracted is this just an illusion is this romantic dreaming?
I’ve forgotten everything.

Blow my sorrows away,
Warm my cold heart,
I want to recognize you but I don’t know who you are,
Is this romantic dreaming?
Is this just an illusion?
Is this romantic dreaming?
A memory?
I’ve forgotten everything.

Rude Boy

I don’t really want to get to know you,
I don’t really want to catch your first name,
I’ve got all the drinks that I can handle,
Stop telling me so much about yourself.

What makes you so certain that I wanna be forced to notice you?
You’re not even aware of what a bore you are,
Too vain to even read what I’m thinking.

Oye Rude Boy, is that all?
How’d you get this way?
All you are is face,
You need to be everything if you want anything.

I can’t seem to understand who’d like this,
I can’t have you hang around much longer,
You can’t seem to get enough attention,
You could give someone else your number.

Oye Rude Boy, must you go on,
My mind’s been made,
All you are is fake,
You need to be everything if you want anything.

Oye rude boy, I’ve had enough,
I don’t fall for that,
Do you have a heart?
You need to feel something inside if you want anything.

In the House of Yes

I slipped up, felt the echo of a memory rise up and disappear from me,
Fill my cup, now that I’ve had two or three, I can get a little free,
It feels good, to celebrate the loss of my independence,
I’m in the mood, to let the rhythm push me out of my head.

I’m lit up, dancing in my room alone I lock my door and turn off my phone,
Fill my cup, now that I’ve had three or four, I could use a couple more,
It feels good, to tune out from the wrongs of the world around me,
I’m in the mood, to let the warm embrace of my cup surround me.

I forget my problems, you can wake me when you solve ‘em

I’m fucked up, but I think I could have some more if I could get myself off the floor,
Spilled my cup, the room is tipping to and fro, my mind is moving kinda slow
I know I should, break out of these walls I have built around me,
If only I could, face up to the world let the truth surround me.


Could you be near me, there’s something I need to say,
It’s kind of a strange thing, just tell me that it’s ok,
Have you ever felt like you’d always be alone?
Like no matter what you do you’d always feel this hole.

If you could just read me,
I would make everything right,
Inside there’s a real me,
Who’s been shying away from the light,
Don’t you belive me,
Are you alright?
Is there even a real me?
Or am I just a series of nights?


Now you have my secrets but you haven’t said a thing,
Show me your darkness, let my shadow take it in,
Have you ever felt like you’d always be alone?
Like no matter what you do you’d always feel this hole.

Out of the Dark

A place that someone knew,
A little city, red lights,
Be my boy, wish upon a star,
Out of the dark, it’s someone new.

A thrill, mesmerized
A smile behind her hands,
Seeing all the girls, the lipstick,
The tiny skirts, blow them a kiss.

I am a woman, but inside I’m a man,
And I want to be as gay as I can.

A thrill, mesmerized,
A smile behind her hands,
Seeing all the girls, the lipstick,
the tiny skirts, blow them a kiss.

A place that someone knew,
A little city, street demon,
Be my boy, wish upon a star,
Out of the dark, it’s someone new.

Whatever happened to poor dear me,
Never see that face again,
I dont wanna leave, no one wants to leave,
funny how things have to end.

I’m pushing for more time to be,
How much longer do I get to be this version of me?

Twelve Angels

Walking into the billiards, alone in drag,
Hours on 112, no ID in my bag,
And the only light is the red open sign,
Twelve angels, per three tables, lined in four lines,
I’m here in midnight bioluminous.

Twelve angels, one for each table,
And the red open sign,
Here in midnight bioluminous.

I’ve fallen for an illusion,
An instinctual cry for change,
And I promised myself no more confusion,
No more thoughts to derange,
And as i sink into my vinyl chair,
Someone tries to look it through me,
I choose light to turn its way,
And let the dark matter into me.

I’ve fallen for an illusion.

I see peers of mine staring my way,
Drippy canine eyes,
Trying to look it through me,
And what do I do I turn,
Tightly its way,
And let the dark matter into me.

What more can I say?
I’ve fallen for an illusion,
Told myself no more confusion.
Somewhere there’s a chord sitting in the air for me,
But tonight I don’t wanna care for me.

Crime Scene

Bloodhounds tied in seaweed,
Bloodhounds in green chains,
Picnic on the river, witness claimed,
Hair was found at the foot of the woods,
One watcher knew it well,
Pushing through the line of the cops,
To get closer.

All I wanna do is be tied to you,
Terror through each quiet night,
Up and then I’m down thinking I’m dying,
Then back up where I forget.

Sicker than I’ve ever been, these nightmares I’m having.

The Green Escapade

Yesterday, I enrolled myself in the greenest university in the Philippines, De La Salle University. And at that moment I became a full fledged Archer.

Every college in the university has different schedule for its enrollment, mine was obviously yesterday. I was with my friends, who attended their last day of LPEP (Lasallian Personal Effectiveness Program) under the College of Liberal Arts (CLA). Supposedly, I am under CLA. But since my change of degree program from AB Psychology to BS in Accountancy has been approved I’m now under the College of Business (COB). But my confirmation card still says that I’m under the CLA-PSM. Then at that moment, my friend had the most far fetched and wildest idea. She said why don’t I try to attend my LPEP with my supposed blockmates. When such an idea was proposed, my quick mechanism would be to refuse it. And I see as a bit High School. But somehow, there’s a voice in my heart that told me, “Why don’t you try it? Just to see whether it was the right thing to change your program.” From that point I just went with the flow!

Immediately after my enrollment, we went to Yuch (Yuchengco) to find my supposed block. My friend had to leave for she’s been late for already an hour. I was accompanied by a LAMB or a Lasallian Ambassador. He told me that although I wasn’t able to attend the first day of LPEP, I can attend this time but I have to go to the LPEP on Monday. Somehow I was able to pull through. At the same time I feel so nervous because I might get caught. It’s so funny because we have to sign this attendance sheet, but my name wasn’t there, so I just pretended that I signed already  then our LAMB is so confused because the people who signed and the head count did not match. I swear, I was so sahdgsadjkh.

I realized that it’s a blessing that my request was approved. Somehow, my supposed blockmates seems to be a bit disorganized and a bit off putting. 

The LPEP experience was so FUN. And its more fun because it not my LPEP. Like they always say, the parties to attend to are the ones you’re not invited. But it is so draining. Energy will be really drained.

The experience was very high school in its nature. But the good thing is, I did it before I enter college, so I could honestly say that I completed my HS life. :)

So now, I’m more ready for my REAL LPEP with my REAL college and blockmates. I’m excited!