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I just read your tags from a little earlier on your blog, and the fact that you described sasori as a twink ..,,,,,,,,,, , . I approve ...... but where like .... where is the idea from,,,,, ... btw love u 💖

first of all thats gay ily3… second of all just take a look at him he literally built himself into a perma-twink

i just wanna say that peter parker would be able to lift thors hammer, without his suit or anything. peter would be like super sheepish and just kinda be like “hey…can i try to lift it?” and hes not really concerned about embarrassing himself bc even captain america couldnt lift it, but then he goes and puts his tiny little teenager hands on it, takes a deep breath, and slowly uses all his strength to lift the hammer. and when he picks it up easily hes so excited and thor is like “child. child how” anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk