Another AU!!! +/-12 years AU.

Ludger’s a crybaby. Jude’s healer arte can heal cuts and scrapes and recovers like 5 hp (it’s the feelings that count though). Elle mostly leaves them home on days she does dangerous job quests. After they tried to cook dinner for her once, she lets them cook as long as there’s an adult in the house with them to supervise.

raining-on-ten-art answered: Your art is so amazing :D its so nice to see more of Ludgers character, since he doesnt talk in the game, it feels like you conveyed him magnificently :D could you please draw Ludger holding Jude like a princess >///<

Thank you! If you’re interested in a more talkative Ludger (and if you can understand Japanese), I believe he talks plenty in the drama CDs! I mostly portray him as a playful young man who cares about looking suave but is really just a huge dork.

Anyways, princess hold Lude for you!