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Simblr appreciation post!

My first simblr crushes - still going strong(people never forget their first loves, do they?) : @budgie2budgie, @simdoughnut,@leanderbelgraves, @rumoruka-raizon  @napoleonfrost @jools-simming @brittpinkiesims @lumialoversims @ohmysims @wildlyminiaturesandwich   @flowerchamber, @leo-sims @inabadromance @daer0n @sssvitlans @biguglyhag @jorgha-haq @dominationkid @jomsimscreations

Favorite creators/builders/pose makers/wizards: @fuckyeahunbichobolita @mclaynesims, @marvinsims @sims4-marigold @manueapinny @madlensims @josiesimblr, @mranalot @annabellee25@aveirasims @butterscotchsims @nygirlsims @simlaughlove  @fuyaya@plumbobteasociety  and all of their members♥!  @peacemaker-ic,  @a-luckyday@aharris00britney @faerieflower@thingsbydean @industrisims @ivo-sims @pictureamoebae  @icy-spicy-scalpel@john-sims @bustedpixels @aroundthesims @akuiyumi@blogsimplesimmer @crazycupcakefr @chocolatemuffintop @holosprite @kotcatmeow@peachandherpan @waekey @heartfall  @fakehousesrealawesome @rinvalee  @conceptdesign97sims @savage-sims @theslyd @trillyke @valhallansim @xldsims @simsdelsworld @standardheld@weepingsimmer  @onyxsims@redhotchilisimblr@magicalgirlsimmer@thepathofnevermore @kedluu @tatschu @pyxiidis @theplumbobarchitect @thisissimtastic @slythersim @sims-and-rebellion @bakiegaming@birksche @coloresurbanos@shespeakssimlish @leeleesims1 @kiruluvnst @down-in-simsland @coliswonderland @simsontherope @helgatisha @meghewlett @theafricansim

Some really cool beans: @thesadnesshotline @blueossa @igglemouse @celebi88 @icarusim  @novemsims @simplifiedsimi @faerieflower @bridgeportgirl @happylifesims @nuclearxwaffles @tabbyrh  and maaaany, many more! I am sorry to anyone I did not mention, this was  a loooong post T.T Thank you all for the wonderful content you give to this community(make no mistake, I like to lurk around and creepily stalk your content with gusto) and for your sparkly presence! At one time or another I was a member of all kinds of communities, but even with the occasional toxicity that manages to show up, this is still the most creative, inspiring and kind corner of the web I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. So everyone, stay strong and sparkle on! 

anonymous asked:

hey there! i'm new to simblr and i was wondering if you could give me a few blogs to follow to get started out! I love your blog btw!!

Hi Anon! Thank you and welcome to Simblr! :) Here are a few of my favorite blogs to get you started (though it’s just a drop in the bucket - there are a ton of fantastic Simblrs out there! I follow something like 950 so it’s way too many to list. I also have a much longer list here of blogs that have builds and other awesomeness).​


some bonus rambling!

Thank you to everyone who has tagged me in memes…I am all up to date now I hope. I am not ever going to do any hand-writing ones, sorry about that, but my chicken scratches are a source of great embarrassment to me. (It’s comforting for me to know though that if I ever leave one of my notebooks anywhere no one will EVER be able to decipher their contents! ) And apologies but I really don’t want to do the tag yourself meme, but I hope I will continue to get tagged for things in the future, Sims-related things in particular because they are a lot of fun and get the creative juices flowing as well.

(Also wanted to quickly mention I really hope to be able to hop over to Isla Paradiso this week after paying Jonita a quick visit…I can sense poor Mia’s neediness from here…)

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                                        TREATS SHOWCASE

My first trick or treat & simblreen experience was amazing, I had loads of fun. Since I got so many treats I had to showcase them & show my appreciation to the wonderful people, thank you to all the amazing & talented creators for putting in your time & working so hard to make these treats,
[creators are tagged in alphabetical order]


@aharris00britney, @applezingsims, @apricoto@ayoshi, @cas-fulleditmode, @catplnt,   @celebi88, @citrontart, @coloresurbanos, @crypticsim, @femmeonamissionsims, @historicalsimslife@isjao, @icy-spicy-scalpel, @irrelephantsims@its-lunnarise,  @john-sims, @keysims, @kotcatmeow, @leahlillith,  @litttlecakes, @magnolianfarewell, @neon-llama@nolan-sims, @renorasims, @simlaughlove, @shespeakssimlish, @simzino@teanmoon, @theoriesxofxhappiness @thriftytrait, @trillyke, @waekey, @weepingsimmer, @wild-pixel@wildlyminiaturesandwich.

also huge thanks to @valhallansim I have used a lot of her CC as well… 

if I have missed out anyone please let me know

icy-spicy-scalpel replied to your photoset “I was tagged to do a moodboard by @drudragonrose. Thank you so much,…”  

What does the well signify for Anita ?

Thank you for asking @icy-spicy-scalpel! It’s a reference to Anita’s inner Well of Sadness, which has been a recurring theme whenever she has been overwhelmed by feelings of melancholy or self-pity. One of the first mentions is here. I think the last time she referenced it was here.

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What is your favorite piece of CC to use in your game?


I was tagged by @ninjaofthepurplethings for this challenge :D Thank you <3

Rules: Re imagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! Maybe even on prom night? 

Sophie is older than Zaid and was a teenager in the 90s. She was a suicide blonde (dyed by her own hands harharhar) for a few years and only truly gave up the last of her blonde when she fell pregnant with Lucie.

Her look was a direct attack on her ever chic, strict mother and it was only in her mid twenties that she started to find her own, individual style and began to abandon the grungy style she had adopted in her teens.

I tag @titosims, @aroundthesims, @buckleysims, @goatkibble, @treborness, @peacemaker-ic, @icy-spicy-scalpel, @zx-ta and whoever wants to do this :)


Rules: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to, then tag 10 mutuals. 

 I was tagged by @simmerjazen! Thank you Lovely! Like you, my musical listening is directly influenced by what I’m writing, and at the moment I’m immersed in Mia’s world. So yeah, no judgement!!:P  Here we go:  

Scared to Be Lonely -Dua Lipa, Martin Garrix (if there was ever a song that should be Mia’s theme song, this is it)

We’ll be Coming Back:- Calvin Harris

Healing- Rudimental

We Can Get Together- Icehouse

Disparate Youth- Santigold

Faded ODESZA remix- Zhu

Falling- Haim (Duke Dumont remix)

Need You Tonight- INXS

Rumour Mill- Rudimental

Where Are Ü Now - Skrillex and Diplo

I would like to tag @icy-spicy-scalpel @fiery-rabbit @blurrypxls @simtress @blackcatsims @kupari @gimmieyourriskywoohoo @greenplumbboblover @holleyberry and @tyrellsimsoficeandfire. Cheers, dears!


(whew that was hard…:P)

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could you maybe rec some fellow simblrs you enjoy?

If I listed them all, I’d be here all day, so here is just a sampling of the many awesome Simblrs out there (these are primarily TS4 Simmers since that’s what I’m playing at the moment, although some of them play other iterations of the game as well). It’s a mix of a bunch of different types of Simblrs - legacy players, storytellers, CC creators, builders, decorators, and beautiful picture-takers. Hopefully you’ll find some you like!