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YELLE - Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)

Video directed by Paul B. Cummings & Jean-François Perrier
Featuring Nathan Barnatt

She walks in comfort with moonlight’s drips
A blackness falling, return to space

The moon breathes cool, a solemn song
The icy eyes of lovers gone

Her fingers stretch, bone-whet grasping
A looming gray-soul exchanged with time

The moon of lost in silver valor
A life’s due course, caresses her heart


Game of Thrones Reaction Thread

Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way creating this post to hate on G.R.R. Martin… after all, who am I to judge his work? But, after adamantly refusing to read this monstrosity for years, I have been bribed and beaten into submission by @stormsqueen, and if I am to suffer through something I do not want to read, I might as well make the best out of it and share what little enjoyment I do get from it with you. 

Meaning: I have been flooding @stormsqueen with inappropriate comments as I crawl through the chapters of this book and have been advised to stop harassing her with my commentary and spam you instead.


anonymous asked:

"Shawty is the sh-sh-sh-sh sugar honey iced tea Prettiest one I see little mama icy" The song is Shawty is the Sh*!


You and Tanaka were taking your time walking to the gym after school - both of you loudly laughing, making goofy jokes, and happily skipping along the concrete pathway. A car passes by, windows rolled down, music blaring from the small radio speakers. The song ‘Shawty is the Shit’ vibrated through the air, quickly bringing attention to your’s and Tanaka’s ears. Slowly, you two turn to each other with the look and big, sloppy grins. Within three seconds, you two are stupidly dancing on the concrete, waving your arms everywhere, screaming your hearts out the lyrics “SHAWTY IS THE SH SH SH SH SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA PRETTIEST ONE I SEE LITTLE MAMA ICY!”

HUNNY’s new tune may be named Colder Parts, but there’s nothing frigid or icy about the song. Colder Parts is a vibrant gyrating cyclone of infectious indie rock and lustrous synthpop. HUNNY sings about dancing alone on the song, something you’ll likely end up doing while consumed by this magnificent tune. The melodic anthem and its 80′s incandescence evoke both The Wombats and The 1975. Colder Parts is another fine addition to this band’s growing collection of unforgettable tunes.

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[ ❄ ] Basics;

Name: emma grace grost
Alias ( nicknames ): emms, the white queen 
Gender: afab demigirl
Age: 26 
Date of birth: april 5th 
Spoken languages: english, french. fortunately, all humans think in the same ‘language’ 
Occupation: teacher, ceo (verse dependent) 
Criminal record: none
Disorders: depression, alcoholism (verse dependent) 
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown (bleached blonde) 
Height: 5′9″
Scars: none
Burns: none

 ] Favorites;

Color: white, silver, icy blue 
Song: numb - marina and the diamonds 
Food: pasta
Drink: plum tea
Candy: sour patch kids 

[ ❄ ] Experiences;

Had sex: yes
Had sex in public: no
Gotten pregnant: no
Kissed a boy: yes
Kissed a girl: yes
Gotten tattoos: no
Gotten piercings: no
Smoked / drank / done drugs: once / often / a few times 
Had a broken heart: yes
Been in love: yes
Needed surgery: no
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: no

❄ ] Misc;

A virgin: no
A cuddler: possibly
A kisser: yes
Scared easily: not remotely
Jealous easily: yes
Trustworthy: ….maybe
Single: yes
In a relationship: no
Considered mean: absolutely
Harmed themselves: no
Thought of suicide: yes
Attempted suicide: no
Wanted to kill someone: yes
Have / had a job: yes


Ferdinand C. Lane (1947)


Raising the pin wood mast, they set it in the hollow socket, binding it firm with forestays, and tightening the white sail with twisted ox-hid thongs. The wind swelled out the belly of the sail and round the stern loudly the rippling waves roared. – Homer

 Water is a natural barrier. And yet the first apelike man who floated upon a log embarked on that adventurous quest which has transformed the once impassable seas into the highways of the world.

           Advanced cavemen lashed several logs together. Peruvian Indians make rafts of balsa reeds, while natives of Madras and Manchuria venture into rough waters on makeshifts quite as crude. Abraham Lincoln took his one long voyage down the Mississippi on a raft.

           Ships are only a larger edition of these crude rafts. The first recorded specimen appears upon the wall of an Egyptian tomb more than six thousand years old. With its half-moon hull, its single mast and rowers seated in the waist, it differs little from craft that sail the Nile today.

           The Phoenicians were the first nation, except perhaps the Cretans, to gain supremacy by seamanship. Their long galleys were dependent partly upon sail, but more upon oars, for with the muscles in his shoulders has man conquered the sea. Perhaps these hardy Argonauts never rounded the Cape of Good Hope as Herodotus Hints, but they did explore the sinister African coast beyond the Equator, and braved the boisterous North Atlantic perhaps to the shores of the Baltic. Unfortunately their priceless heritage of sea lore has been lost. The most graphic account of a Phoenician voyage survives in the Book of Jonah, which bequeathed to all seafaring men that personification of bad luck, a sky pilot!

            The Vikings called their longer craft serpent ships, those less pretentious sea dragons. They bore the distinguishing Figurehead, for builders of all ages have adorned their cutwaters with shapes pleasing or frightful, from siren to Medusa. Chinese even now provide their junks with grotesque eyes to “see their way about”.

           Viking ships were of oak and could be dragged ashore. Through undecked and carrying neither chart nor compass, they were better provisioned than Greek galleys, and often transported living cattle for food. Although provided with a mast and sail, the savage sea kings hung their shields along the bulwarks, bent their shoulders to the oar, and ventured out into the Atlantic even in winter. They rounded North Cape, Colonized Iceland and Greenland, and explored Labrador and Nova Scotia five centuries before John Cabot viewed those forbidding coasts. With little shelter from the elements, drench with icy spray, singing songs of blood and pillage, steering by sun or stars or by blind instinct, they issued their ringing challenge to the sea.

          The glorious Age of Sail dawned with the packet of clipper ships of the early 1800s. The East India Company first designed them for passengers. The cabin class, who paid from ninety-five to two hundred and fifty pounds sterling for a long passage from England to India, provided their own furniture and bedding.

           The full-rigged ship was the queen of the seas, a sight beloved by every old salt, as she scudded like a cloud before the wind. Modifications of masts and rigging introduced the whole race of barks and barkentines, brigs and brigantines, and even sloops. Unfortunately square-riggers have gone out of fashion. Only a few still linger as grain carriers from Australia around the Horn. Square yards provided a certain balance, and ships could remain more closely bunched in convoys. But economy and ease of management evolved that more familiar type, the schooner. Her sails could be hoisted from deck and reefed with comparative ease. There was no going aloft to hang like flies on a swaying yardarm in howling gales; hence a smaller crew was required.

           The first schooner seems to have been built by Andrew Robinson, of Gloucester, in 1745. She had two masts, the familiar yachting rig, and was destined to become the model fishing vessel of the future. Schooners with three masts were built to carry freight, and then gradually enlarged until the peak was reached in the seven-masted Thomas W. Lawson that registered 10,000 tons. She too came to rest in Day Jones’s Locker, off the Scilly Islands, in a gale in 1907.

           Disreputable pursuits played no little part in ship design. The first “clipper” seems to have been built for the opium trade of China, where speed above all else was a requisite. Malay craft with rakish three-cornered sails, light of draught and swift, could sail far closer to the wind than the average square-rigger. From converts in Borneo they darted forth like killer whales to prey upon some merchantman becalmed in Makassar Strait. Nor were the white man’s hands less dyed with blood. No ships were of more evil repute than the slavers, which eluded waiting gunboats by superior speed and seamanship, leaving their trail of manacled corpses cast to the sharks.

           The genius of China created the junk, high fore and aft, her sails of bamboo strips. Yet in such ships the great Admiral Cheng Ho, long before Columbus, made voyages that totaled seventy-five thousand miles, to spread throughout the Orient the superior culture of the Ming Emperors.

           Arab art centered in the dhow, with forward-slanting masts and three-cornered sails. One may still observe them, clumsy but seaworthy, in Mombasa, or Ceylon, whence they have voyaged across the Indian Ocean. Moored in harbor, and surrounded by lesser craft, they awaken memories of Sinbad the Sailor and The Arabian Nights.

(The texts are from the aforementioned book and the photos are from the internet… )

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Editor’s note: We may have had one winner for our first Tiny Desk Concert Contest: Oakland blues-rock musician Fantastic Negrito, but in truth we had many. This week we’re sharing 10 highlights from the nearly 7,000 entries we received.

The Most Valiant Effort To Perform In Subzero Temperatures: Spirits of the Red City

The members of this folk-rock collective tell us that the outside temperature at Amelia Lake in Minnesota on the day they filmed their entry was 33 degrees below zero. Nevertheless, they bundled up, dragged their desk onto the frozen surface of the lake and heroically attempted to battle the icy wind with song. It looks far cozier in the cabin to which they ultimately retreat, and their intimate, wistful performance of “Halfway Poem” warms like a cup of hot chocolate and a flannel blanket.

- Rachel

Musicians: Will Garrison, Jason Overby, Rachel Overby, Alyssa Overby, Danah Olivetree, Blake Stepan and Stelth Ulvang

Songwriter: Will Garrison

Videographer: Lauren Garrison

The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This is a week for taking control, for running your own life, for shaping the world around you, for making your own spaces where you can live. Be as wild as the cold winds in your city, be as solid as the oaks, be as brave as you can even imagine. Your freedom will be precious this week, like gold, like the sun, like clean water, just don’t spend so much time alone that it makes you cold. Don’t spend so much time alone that it makes you unkind. Share as much of your strength as you can.

Taurus: This is a week holding on and for persisting through strange days, through boredom, through long nights. It’s a week for digging in and holding on, a week for climbing like vines on concrete, for holding onto your life like moss on a stone. You can be softer than the world around you. You can be softer and greener than the place where you live, but just as tenacious and more alive. Feel the green life inside you this week and nurture it. Water the plants on your windowsill. Go to bed early.

Gemini: This is a week for looking to the future, for looking so far beyond the life you’re living right now that it will make you weak in the knees, that time will start to feel wobbly and weird. You’ll be able to see so far and so clearly, this week, whole landscapes of brightness, whole landscapes of stories, whole landscapes of hopeful futures. Watch these vast landscapes and keep your feet on the ground. Write letters, take pictures, focus on small acts of love for the person you’re going to become.

Cancer: This is a week for pulling yourself out from underneath strange dark clouds, out from under smoggy skies, even out from under the sweet loving shade trees that block all the moonlight and block out the stars. Open the windows to let some fresh air into your room; open your curtains to let some light touch your face. It’s going to be easier to breathe this week, easier to move, easier to find your way. Your world will be gentle to you this week. Wear your favorite shirts. Be kind to your friends.

Leo: When the world feels too cold this week, or too crowded, or unkind, you’re going to discover wild new kinds of magic you can use to stay safe, wild new kinds of magic you can use to let yourself feel brave. Laugh so loud, or be bright and dazzling as the sun, or move so fast that nothing bad can even see you. Do whatever you want this week–act weird, act quiet, act however you need to feel okay. The magic inside you this week will be strong enough to make the whole world turn.

Virgo: This is a week for running after buses and running after trains, it’s a week for chasing down your weird ambitions, for asking the world to give you everything. This week, let yourself get so red-faced and embarrassed and dreamy, in the pursuit of the life you want the most. Keep moving through dark days, over icy roads. Listen to songs that make you shout. This week you’ll find so many small tough kernels of bravery in your heart and they can carry you, they can help you to keep going.

Libra: This week is for looking outside yourself, for looking outside of your own skin and your own thoughts, for looking outside of the streets and fields that you move through. This is a week for being responsible for the space you occupy in the world. It’s a week for being as good as you can to other people, even some you don’t love, even some you don’t know. Listen to the curves and shadows of your voice, listen to the ways your body speaks, try to use your powers well. Call your family.

Scorpio: This week, try to let go of the things that get in the way and the things that make it hard to live. Clean out your attic, organize your spice drawer, clear out some of the weeds inside your head. You’ll rediscover so many forgotten treasures, forgotten wishes, forgotten joys. It’s a week for taking inventory, a week for remembering who you are, a week for drawing up a new set of plans, for watching a new world come into being. You can learn, this week, and you can grow wiser, and you can uncover shining new mysteries.

Sagittarius: Kind and quiet ghosts are going to visit you, this week, they’ll show up on your street, or in your dreams, or on the radio. People or things or thoughts or songs that used to mean so much to you are going to return, gently, ready to live in your thoughts again, ready to animate your daydreams. Listen to your sister’s records; cook your grandma’s recipes. Dig through your memories for the things that have made you most happy and most whole, and seek them out again, make space for them to return to you.

Capricorn: This week, small surprises are going to shape your days and light up your nights, they’re going to show you things you’ve only seen in dreams, they’re going to show you how good you can be. It’s a week for shedding layers, for losing old sorrows. You can move into new golden phases, you can take on new forms, you can emerge from your old self glowing and bright and as strong as the sun. Stretch when you wake up in the morning, eat as well as you can, treat your body like it’s a miracle.

Aquarius: This week, everywhere you turn, sweet sunlight and kind words and small joys are going to pierce your heart, over and over again. This week the world will leave you feeling so sappy, so silly, heart so full of love. Your eyes might feel watery, your arms might feel weak, and you can let the good world move you; you can let it make you brave. Let your friends love you, and let yourself love the people you want to love, and let these wild feelings of gentleness put steel in your bones. Let them keep you safe.

Pisces: This week is a good time for acting a little wild, for acting a little weird, for being unexpected, unpredictable, surprising. Follow your own weird logic, even when nobody else can recognize it. Follow whatever weird patterns of the moons or the tides or the rain can make you feel alive. Be decisive, dye your hair, travel across the country. This week, be brave, or be stubborn on your own path, or just throw your hands in the air and trust that the rhythms of the earth will recognize you, will carry you.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.