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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Our solar system is a jewel box filled with a glittering variety of beautiful worlds–and not all of them are planets. This week, we present our solar system’s most marvelous moons.

1. Weird Weather: Titan

Saturn’s hazy moon Titan is larger than Mercury, but its size is not the only way it’s like a planet. Titan has a thick atmosphere, complete with its own “water cycle” – except that it’s way too cold on Titan for liquid water. Instead, rains of liquid hydrocarbons like ethane and methane fall onto icy mountains, run into rivers, and gather into great seas. Our Cassini spacecraft mapped the methane seas with radar, and its cameras even caught a glimpse of sunlight reflecting off the seas’ surface. Learn more about Titan: saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/science/titan/

2. Icy Giant: Ganymede

Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is the largest in the solar system. It’s bigger than Mercury and Pluto, and three-quarters the size of Mars. It’s also the only moon known to have its own magnetic field. Details: solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/ganymede/indepth

3. Retrograde Rebel: Triton

Triton is Neptune’s largest moon, and the only one in the solar system to orbit in the opposite direction of its planet’s rotation, a retrograde orbit. It may have been captured from the Kuiper Belt, where Pluto orbits. Despite the frigid temperatures there, Triton has cryovolcanic activity – frozen nitrogen sometimes sublimates directly to gas and erupts from geysers on the surface. More on Triton: solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/triton/indepth

4. Cold Faithful: Enceladus

The most famous geysers in our solar system (outside of those on Earth) belong to Saturn’s moon Enceladus. It’s a small, icy body, but Cassini revealed this world to be one of the solar system’s most scientifically interesting destinations. Geyser-like jets spew water vapor and ice particles from an underground ocean beneath the icy crust of Enceladus. With its global ocean, unique chemistry and internal heat, Enceladus has become a promising lead in our search for worlds where life could exist. Get the details: saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/science/enceladus/

5. Volcano World: Io

Jupiter’s moon Io is subjected to tremendous gravitational forces that cause its surface to bulge up and down by as much as 330 feet (100 m). The result? Io is the most volcanically active body in the Solar System, with hundreds of volcanoes, some erupting lava fountains dozens of miles high. More on Io’s volcanoes: solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/io/indepth

6. Yin and Yang Moon: Iapetus

When Giovanni Cassini discovered Iapetus in 1671, he observed that one side of this moon of Saturn was bright and the other dark. He noted that he could only see Iapetus on the west side of Saturn, and correctly concluded that Iapetus had one side much darker than the other side. Why? Three centuries later, the Cassini spacecraft solved the puzzle. Dark, reddish dust in Iapetus’s orbital path is swept up and lands on the leading face of the moon. The dark areas absorb energy and become warmer, while uncontaminated areas remain cooler. Learn more: saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/news/2892/cassini-10-years-at-saturn-top-10-discoveries/#nine

7. A Double World: Charon and Pluto

At half the size of Pluto, Charon is the largest of Pluto’s moons and the largest known satellite relative to its parent body. The moon is so big compared to Pluto that Pluto and Charon are sometimes referred to as a double planet system. Charon’s orbit around Pluto takes 6.4 Earth days, and one Pluto rotation (a Pluto day) takes 6.4 Earth days. So from Pluto’s point of view Charon neither rises nor sets, but hovers over the same spot on Pluto’s surface, and the same side of Charon always faces Pluto. Get the details: www.nasa.gov/feature/pluto-and-charon-new-horizons-dynamic-duo

8. “Death Star” Moon: Mimas

Saturn’s moon Mimas has one feature that draws more attention than any other: the crater Herschel, which formed in an impact that nearly shattered the little world. Herschel gives Mimas a distinctive look that prompts an oft-repeated joke. But, yes, it’s a moon. More: olarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/mimas

9. Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Just Phobos

In mythology, Mars is a the god of war, so it’s fitting that its two small moons are called Phobos, “fear,” and Deimos, “terror.” Our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter caught this look at Phobos, which is roughly 17 miles (27 km) wide. In recent years, NASA scientists have come to think that Phobos will be torn apart by its host planet’s gravity. Details: www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/phobos-is-falling-apart

Learn more about Phobos: solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/phobos/indepth

10. The Moon We Know Best

Although decades have passed since astronauts last set foot on its surface, Earth’s moon is far from abandoned. Several robotic missions have continued the exploration. For example, this stunning view of the moon’s famous Tycho crater was captured by our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which continues to map the surface in fine detail today. More: www.lroc.asu.edu/posts/902

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❤️ = my favourites

bold = au universe

⭐️ = posted within the last month

🔥 = sexual scenes warning


A Blushing Graduate (Baekhyun)

Baby Girl (Chanyeol)

Birthday Breakfast (Suho)

Bloody Teasers (Kai)

Coming Home (Sehun) ❤️

Cuddles With A Panda (Tao)

Drunk Kisses (D.O)

Fireworks (Baekhyun)

His Distraction (Sehun)

His Muse (Chanyeol)

His Shield (D.O)

Hunted (Sehun) ❤️

Inky Words (Kai)

In The Airport (Kai)

Kicking & Screaming (Sehun)

Lost Pup! (Chanyeol)

Lovehearts (Chen) ❤️

Mornings In Paradise (Lay) ❤️

Morning Kisses (Baekhyun)

Mr Taxi (Lay)

Painted In Exhaustion (Kai)

Passing Planes (Chanyeol)

Picnic Promises (Baekhyun)

Room Service (Chen)

Searching For The Golden Egg (Chen) ❤️

Splash (Sehun)

The Perfect Coffee (Xiumin)

The Rebound (Lay)

The Test (Chen)

Trailer Surprises (D.O)

Under The Bridge (Sehun)


A Family Of Bears (Chanyeol)

A Kiss Says It All (Luhan)

An EXO Girl (Chanyeol) ❤️

Bad Habit (Kai) 

Before And After (Chanyeol)

Between The Flowers + Above The Flowers + The Fairest Flower (D.O) ❤️

Chocolate Fondue (Baekyeol)

Chubby Secrets (Xiumin)

Comfort (Baekhyun)

Damn Tequila + If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them (Baekhyun)

Date Night (Sehun) ❤️

Dates At The Agency (Chanyeol)

Deep Water (Baekhyun)

Empty Heart (Sehun) ❤️

Favourites (Tao)

First Question + Only Question (Kai)

First Snow Day (Chanyeol)

Fly With Me (Suho)

Full Of Doubt (Luhan)

Home Run (Baekhyun)

Icy Tumbles (Chanyeol)

Just Go + Don’t Go (Kai)

Late (Chanyeol)

Lonely Island (Chanyeol) ❤️

Lost In Translation + The Korean Charm (Chen)

Making Time (Kai) ❤️ 

Message In A Bottle (Sehun)

Milkshake (Chanyeol)

Misunderstood Encounters (Xiumin)

Nervous In Heels (Chen)

Normal Life? (Chen)

One And Only (Sehun)

Only A Nightmare (Baekhyun)

Perfect Fit (Suho)

Seoul In A Day + Husband And Wife (Chen)

Six Numbers (Baekhyun) ❤️ 

Snow Falls (Chanyeol) 

The Bump (Chanyeol)

The Meaning Of Rest (Lay)

Two For One (Chanyeol)

Unforgettable Birthday (Baekhyun)

Warm Milk & Cookies (Suho) ❤️

Where You Belong (Chanyeol) 


Autumn (Xiumin)

Cuddles (Baekhyun)

First Class (Baekhyun)

Gone (Kai)

Graduation Tears (Chanyeol)

Lollipop Trouble (Chen) ❤️

Lovesick (Sehun) ❤️

Outside The Club (Suho)

Shots! (Chanyeol)

Stargazing (Chanyeol) ❤️

Weddings (D.O)



“A night in an attic with a prince thrusts you into the unknown world of royalty. Suddenly you’re married, a princess, and you’re pregnant. The only problem is your husband hates you and you hate him too … at least you think you do.”

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight;part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

ALONE (Chanyeol AU) ❤️

“You’ve spent your entire life believing that the only person you can put your trust into is yourself, and then a drunk but handsome man falls into your life and his touch changes everything. He says he’s your soulmate and the pair of you are destined to be together but can you really learn to trust someone you only just met?”

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one

THE SECRET (Baekhyun CANON) ❤️

“Your daughter Zoe is your greatest achievement and everything you do in life is for her wellbeing and her happiness. So when a new job has you moving to the big city of Seoul, you take the opportunity to make a fresh start. However, when an old flame walks back into your life, you find yourself struggling to keep your two worlds a secret from each other, utterly petrified that they will collide and crumble at your feet.”

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.


“A chance meeting between two lonely hearts sends sparks flying. But can love be enough when greater forces loom over you and threaten the new happiness in your life?”

part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten⭐️

WINGS (Kai AU) ❤️

“With your brother gone, your life has lost all meaning and doesn’t seem worth living anymore. One jump off your building would end it all but someone pulls you back from the brink. A man … with wings! Your guardian angel.”

prologue; part one; part two

Adrenaline (Sehun AU) ❤️🔥

[description coming soon]

part one⭐️

And so this is my life’s work! If you read anything on this list, thank you for taking the time. I write because it makes me happy and I find it very therapeutic so for others to also find enjoyment in my stories is just a bonus. Thank you for all your love. Know that I’m sending more love back to each and every one of you!!

Jade xo

No Longer The Sharpshooter

“-ance!  Lance, you gotta open your eyes, dude!”  Lance let out a low groan and his heavy eyes began to inch open for him to see Hunk’s worried face hovering over his own.  Lance could see Shiro and Keith behind his best friend and slowly pushed himself up so he could get a better look around the dank cell.  He’d definitely classify this as a cell.

Shiro was clutching his shoulder with his robotic arm, blood seeping out between his metal fingers.  Keith looked all scratched up with small cuts littering his body, one especially deep on left cheek that seemed to still be leaking drops of blood.  Lance looked even closer at Hunk as well to notice that he was pretty badly roughed up as well and was definitely favoring his right ankle.

“What’d I miss?  Damn, I hope no cute aliens passed by while I was out,” Lance quipped, attempting to make the atmosphere a little lighter.  Shiro sighed and gave a lopsided smile, appreciating Lance’s attempt to lighten the situation.

“We’re in Zarkon’s torturing chamber, one of them at least, now really isn’t the time to be joking around, dude.”  Hunk rested his back up against the wall and sighed while rubbing a muscle out in his neck.  “We only woke up a few minutes ago though, we’re just basing that off of Shiro’s uh,” Hunk shot an apologetic glance at Shiro, “experiences.”

Lance sat up and a pained yelp slipped out from his lips, it felt like his back had been set on fire.  “I-I think my back might be hurt,” The Cuban gritted out through his teeth.  Lance wiped at the crusty feeling under his nose to have his hand come back tinted a dark red.  Keith shuffled around to get behind Lance, grimacing at the sight.

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The Cassini spacecraft is a victim of its own success. It astonished scientists by finding conditions potentially suitable for life beneath the surface of one of Saturn’s icy moons, Enceladus.

When Cassini runs out of fuel it could accidentally crash into this pristine world, spreading earthly contamination. So researchers decided that the spacecraft must be destroyed. That’s why, on Friday, it will slam itself into Saturn’s atmosphere.

It’s a dramatic end to an impressive career. For over a decade, Cassini has orbited around Saturn 294 times, collected more than 600 GB of data, visited over a dozen moons and discovered at least seven new ones. It has sent over 400,000 images back home.

Saturn’s Strangest Sights, As Captured By A Doomed Spacecraft

Video: NPR’s Skunk Bear

A Hunter’s Demise - (M)

Genre; Smut 

Length; 700+ words

AU; Vampire!AU, Vampire Hunter!AU

Inspired by my Moodboard~

Originally posted by sugaa

They were bloodsuckers- maneating parasites that were less than human and turned whoever they didn’t bother to completely devour.
When you started the job with your partner- well best friend, Namjoon, the two of you started off killing off the wicked vermin that plagued the streets at night. You never knew it’d lead to this though; watching someone so dear to you die right before your eyes all because of ‘The Master’.

He was your target now. 

Though he was elusive, you managed to track him down by following one of his little minions as they brought him an offering. 
With your heart in your throat, you followed the being into what seemed to be this underground network of tunnels underneath an old run down building. 

Thinking back on your actions now that you were in some rather big trouble, you weren’t as careful as you thought. The creature you followed was bait- ‘The Master’ used him to lure you in knowing very well that you wanted nothing more than to take his life. 

You laid there on the large bed, squirming to get free from your restraints against the silk material. Biting down on the silicone gag, you let out a muffled scream followed by a series of incoherent curses as he slowly stalked over to you. 

Licking his lips, his bloodshot eyes loomed over your exposed form; grinning at the sight of your satin bra perfectly hugging your supple breasts while your lace panties accentuated your enticing hips. 
“Ahh,” Yoongi sighed, letting out a devilish chuckle while circling you, “My dear, sweet little hunter.” He purred, smirking; showing off his bloodied knifelike canines before lazily wiping what remained of his last meal. “You thought you were so smart, huh?” He calmly added, running his icy fingers along your calf before stopping just at your knee. 

“You should really learn how to be stealthier..” He jeered, adoring the way you wriggled the higher he touched. “It’s as if you wanted to be caught.” 
Your body betrayed you as his hand traveled higher, grazing your inner thigh; ghosting over your heating core while making his way up to your tummy drawing out one of your adorably mousy whines. “Mhmm, you sound so pretty. Do you like when I touch you?” 

Despite the subtle wash of euphoria you felt come over you, you immediately shook your head no in response; mumbling rage-filled curses while holding back the moans that longed to break free so badly.
Another chuckle escaped him as he climbed onto the bed beside you, “Why are you trying to lie to me, little girl?’ He asked in a low growl, tilting his head ever so slightly. Taking a deep breath as he lowered himself onto you, “I can smell you from here, I know you want me- Don’t fight it.” 

Your mind was in a heated battle with itself, part of you yearned for his frozen touch- to feel his plush lips against yours, but the other wanted to take his life just the way he did your best friend. 
His large hands ran up your thighs as he wedged himself between your legs while propping himself up on his knees. “Give in to me, and I’ll treat you like royalty..” He airily cooed, ghosting his mouth over your chest; inching his way up to your throat. “I’ll make you feel so good, little one..” 

Everything seemed to tingle the second his fangs dragged across your chest- his tongue following close behind them. 
“Mhmm..~” You whimpered, your sounds muffled by the black silicone ball as you harshly bit down on it; squeezing your eyes shut while trying to contain yourself. 

You can’t- You couldn’t.
He needed to die, he was evil- sin incarnate. 

Again, that chuckle of his escaped him; his cool breath brushing against your throat, sending chills circulating throughout your entire body. 
“Give in..” He purred once more, smirking while allowing his hands to trail down your body as you attempted to fight the lust that began to consume you. “You know you want to.. Don’t fight me anymore, my sweet hunter.” His fingertips began to tease your core, tracing over your clothed slit ever so slightly.

“Let your lust eat you up, then I promise I will too.” 

Might continue this- Just maybe~

Addewid (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: R

Warning: Forced kiss, mental torture

Word Count: 4,411

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by intokai

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Do you ever like…think about a mage/nonmage ship on a hot, sticky day. The nonmage sweating profusely and cranky, too hot do do anything, snapping at the mage when they try to initiate. Then the mage summons their ice magic…refreshingly icy fingers running through the nonmage’s hair, cold breath swirling across heated skin, kisses like ice-cream. All contrasted by beads of sweat rolling down the nonmage’s back?

Because I sure don’t.

anonymous asked:

I saw a post a while back where Graves did die but hung around as a ghost. Would be curious to hear your take on it!

There’s something wrong with MACUSA. Something out of sync, something that little bit on edge, something… wrong.

Newt walks through the vaulted halls with Tina tugging impatiently on his elbow and it brushes icy fingers down his cheek. Tangles in his hair, catching his head and making him turn to look. Slips around his ankles and pulls at his feet as though it could carry him away.

Tina looks back at him, mouth set in a hard line and eyebrow raised, and he hurries to catch up. Something winds through the fingers she’s gripped around Newt’s arm, cold and sharp and insistent and -

There’s something wrong with MACUSA, but no one’s noticed. Newt hesitates a second too long, gaze flicking that little bit too far to the left where no one’s waiting to catch his eye, shoulders twitching in an involuntary shiver when it hovers curiously around his neck. He notices. He schools his expression to hide it, but. He notices. And it notices him.

He keeps his attention locked on Tina, his hands clutching tightly at his case but not tightly enough to be suspicious, and pretends he doesn’t see it. It floods over his eyes and fills his mouth, stoppers his nose and suffocates him, but in reality there’s nothing there and Newt keeps his breathing steady. He nods in appropriate places and signs on the dotted lines so Tina can process his wand permit, stands awkwardly to one side when she tries to hide from Abernathy, allows the rush of actions and conversations flow over him, and pretends he can’t feel the air scraping against his frozen lungs as it coils in his chest and waits.

Tina presents his case to Director Graves. The man flicks him a dismissive look and Newt’s heart stutters as something seethes with rage. He hunches in on himself and remembers to breath.

Then Graves opens the case and inside are pastries, the muggle’s pastries, and Tina drags him out to find the muggle that took his case and Newt smiles winningly at her and admits that it may have been open, just a smidge, and everything happens too fast to think about MACUSA’s something wrong.

In the court room, Graves holds out his hand and Newt’s case flies into it and something rises black and ugly in his thoughts and snarls at the thief for daring to take –

“Tina,” he says carefully, leaning against the walls of the holding cell and trying not to acknowledge it. “Have you noticed something different in MACUSA recently?”

She throws him an aggravated look and thinks he’s talking about something else. It curls around his wrists and tries to pull on his hands, straightens the fingers out to bend them into shapes. Newt slides balled fists into his pocket and thinks, as loudly as he dares, that it should leave him alone because there’s nothing he can do to help. It shushes him soothingly and rests on his knuckles like a lover’s kiss.

It winds around his neck when he sits across the table from Graves, curling up into the bone of his jaw, teases out the jagged edges of his teeth. He tilts his head down to hide their sharp points and mumbles, but he’s not even sure if the others could see the change either way. Graves brings the obscurus in with a wave of his hand and there’s a moment of puzzled confusion, then memories, pictures, knowledge flying through his mind. He relives four months spent promising a child he could help and failing to deliver; they flick past in lightning seconds.

And… there is sympathy, perhaps. A faded echo of his own grief, a malevolent watchfulness as it coils around him and snarls in his mind at the witches who lead him away. It reaches for his hands again, lengthening his fingernails to claws, and sinks into the bones as though it could lift his hands up for him and strike –

Newt keeps his fists clenched until blood runs down his wrists from the claws that don’t exist. Pickett frees him and he frees Tina and they run through the halls to where Queenie has freed Jacob, and the swooping evil takes down one of the aurors chasing them but two more stumble and fall and no one notices.

No one notices.

Queenie asks him about Leta and Newt screams his thoughts about something wrong in MACUSA and Queenie tells him he needs a giver, not a taker, and no one notices. It settles in his mind and curls around his fear and cradles it, hushes it, smothers it, until Newt’s hands shake and he buries his fingers in Frank’s feathers as though clinging on for his life and begs it to stop but it won’t.

Any icy touch runs over the scars on his back and promises him retribution, promises him he doesn’t have to be afraid again, promises him no one will hurt him again, and Newt hides under Frank’s wings and tells himself like a mantra that there’s something wrong with him, even if no one has noticed.

It drips down his spine in patient indulgence and traces the arch of his hips beneath his coat, and not even Frank’s Arizonan sun is enough to keep Newt warm.

Then - the obscurus, tearing through the city; the rush of apparition, of running, of chasing and finding and helping. It simmers, watchful and suspicious while he tries to talk Credence down; it rises in a vengeful wave when Graves holds his wand on Newt and makes him writhe; it floods into the floor and the ceiling and the walls and vines grow from every surface with poison dripping from their flailing thorns –

Newt screams –

The tendrils hover over Graves, spit and call him thief and murderer, and in the corner Credence backs away and dissolves in fear and there’s something wrong with MACUSA

Newt opens his magic to it and it solidifies into existence. For a long, drawn out moment there are two Graves. The one in his sharp suit steps back in horror, the other grins through the blood running down his face, and the shadows swarm with gaping maws behind him.

When Newt wakes, he is carried in someone’s arms. His magic is a pitiful wisp at the bottom of his reserves, flickering out as soon as it regenerates, and the hands that hold him are cold like carved marble. He can see the rain hitting the pavement and the headlights of the cars driving past, but he doesn’t know where he is. He can’t see the man that carries him.

“Shh,” the man whispers to him, brushing his hair out of his face with a tendril of inky shadow. It leaves a tacky smear, something cloying and sweet, and when Newt gasps for air nothing rattles through his hollow chest. He’s cold. The world fades in and out and his magic is draining into the dead man that carries him, there’s rain hitting the pavement but Newt feels nothing against his skin, the muggles drive past in their cars and hurry past in their coats and Graves - the real Graves - carries Newt through the crowds with darkness swirling around his feet.

There’s something wrong in New York city, and it cradles Newt against its chest like a precious thing and coaxes him back to sleep.

No one notices.

HP Fall/Winter aesthetics

Hufflepuff: Running hands on ripe corn in corn mazes, the last of the crickets and cicadas serenading you to sleep, picking out Halloween pumpkins, picking the first ripe squashes from their vines, finding a shiny penny on the ground outside, pulling on gloves and sweaters, waking up in the chill of morning with your toes sticking out from under the blankets, the trees changing color within a week or two, harvesting and drying herbs on the ceiling, watching the sun rise, cuddling with friends or animals for comfort and warmth, the smell and warmth of home baking, darning socks, knitting with soft wool to pass the time, snuggling under warm, freshly dried blankets,

Sytherin: Breathing out and seeing your breath rise, dark lipsticks, fallen golden and red leaves soaked with water, getting up at first light and seeing the frost sparkling and glinting in the early morning sun, long scarves, heavy skirts and coats, dipping your fingers into freezing waters gently, making a fresh pot of coffee, walking inside after spending a long time in the cold and reveling in the warmth, sheets of rain cascading on the roof pleasantly, mixing in creme or sugar delicately into a morning drink, cutting down flower and herb stalks in preparation for winter, still enjoying cold brew coffee or iced tea when it’s cold, running your hands through the fur of a pet, candlelight flickering in dark rooms,

Ravenclaw: When warm drinks and soups slide down your throat and warm your gut, picking out wood to put on the fire, curling up in blankets with a stack of books, grasping hands with a trusted loved one, collecting leaves and seasonal flowers to press and slip inside journals, buying new notebooks and pens on a back to school discount, entering the library after being outside for hours, taking long walks in the cold, running icy fingers across warm skin, finding bones or feathers on the ground near your house, finding puzzles, board games and card games to do on lazy days, putting on a pair of thick woolen socks, taking shelter from rainstorms and cold weather in bookshops,

Gryffindor: Hot drinks scalding your tongue and the back of your throat, pulling off the layers of clothes when you get home, singing Christmas songs far too early in the season, taking a hot bath surrounded with candles after a tough day, smelling smoke rising from chimneys, kissing in the cold, wiping bloody noses on jacket sleeves, the first hot-air balloons appearing on the horizons in the morning, running barefoot on the cool ground, warming up in front of fires, seeing smoke rise from chimneys, coloring endlessly, seeing the stars on a fairly chilly night, going for bike rides and fighting the wind, creaking of tree branches, stomping on ice to make it crack,

Breath of the Wild - Tips and Odd balls.

- In the Hebra region, Icy Lizstalfos can’t run into a hot spring, and if the fall into one they go poof and gone.

- Moblins throwing bokoblins. Be aware

- The lizstalfos will lick you if you wear the mask to see if your legit

- Avoid sleeping in conquered enemy camps.  If the blood moon comes along you’re surrounded.

- Best places to shield surf are in Hebra and The Gerudo Desert

- Get Robbie’s quests done before you go too far into Central Hyrule. You’ll want to pack a few ancient arrows and weapons to take on a walking Guardian.

- Don’t waste ancient arrows on the decayed guardians, parry the lasers. One and done

-Speaking of parrying, sharpen your skills and it will definitely help against Lynels (just make sure to fully stock your weapons)

-Even if you run out of stamina and drown in a hot spring, you just recover the lost heart anyway.

- I recommend going to the Rito dungeon. Revali’s Gale helps to get along

- Partially start the gerudo quest and don’t infiltrate the Yiga clan if you don’t enjoy the minions coming out of nowhere while on foot.

- You need to get 9 more hearts coming off the plateau to even safely pull the master sword out.

- The master sword doubles its power in the Divine Beasts as well as Hyrule Castle, and helps take down the blights and Ganon.

- Wait to get the Giant Horse till you get 2 full stamina wheels, or get a lot of energizing dishes and elixers, its got maxed strength, but it can’t gallop.

- Climb the bigger trees for eggs, nuts or the occasional Korok

- Using octorok balloons you can make your raft fly, or tie it too some tnt barrels or even bombs.

- Cucco revenge squad can nail you inside a building.

- Cut grass for bugs, rice, wheat, lizards, and the rare fairy

- You can only hold 7 fairies, and having them help with cooking can produce good tonics, but you can’t sell them for a lot of rupees.

- Save the gourmet meat for one of the guys at one of the stables. He pays 100 rupees per chunk up to 3 per day.

-Cook prime meat into skewers to sell for about 200 rupees a piece.

- Beetles can be traded into Beedle for a random elixir, or make you’re own and sell for more.

- Collect wood whenever you can. You’re going to need it when you want to start the quest for your house and also for when you help Hudson build Tarry Town.

- Fang and Bone is useful. Buy all the masks and the Dark Link outfit from him, and occasionally take his stock of monster extracts from him.

- If used correctly, monster extract can give you a low level buff for approx. 30 mins. If you goof up you’ll get the usual food, but it only heals half a heart

- Read people’s journals/ diaries. Lots of gossip and backstory on some NPCs and Zelda too *hint, hint* Also check back to see if they updated it.

- Sparrows give nuts, squirrels drop acorns

- Finding the climbing gear in the shrines will save your insanity while climbing tall, steep cliffs

- Ancient arrows are more expensive than even bomb arrows 

- Some of the Zora guards will kick you if you swing your weapon near them.

- Most gorons are shocked when you break a vase in front of them, The shopkeeper isn’t one of them.

- Save your flint. There is a few quests givers that want flint and will pay you well for it.

-Don’t sell your guardian scraps. You’ll want to have them when you get around to upgrading the runes, and for the ancient oven.

- Link giggles when he jumps on the water bed. 

- The Rito down bed you hear a puff and he sighs then drifts off in seconds. That… takes skill.

- No matter where you are, after about midnight or so, Link will do the bob and weave cause its late.

- Best fauna to farm for prime meat is the wolves, rinos and moose up in the Hebra region, git good with the head shots and run for it before it freezes.

- Wood farming is the best at the Rito stable. Lots of fallen logs, and a entire pine forest for you to chop down.

- Wood and rocks will get you rock hard food, Veggies and monster parts will get you dubious food.

- Purifying Naydra? Pack tons of arrows. You’re gonna need them.

- If you have apples and carrots with other veggies, your horse is able to pick them out from the others.

- Wait to cook your hearty dishes till the night of the blood moon. You get more temporary hearts. 

soaked-in-bleachhh  asked:

Can you really simply break down the difference between estar and ser! I'm in my fourth year of spanish and i still don't really quite get it. Thank u.

ser is used for more permanent things, where el ser is “a being”:

  • definition / identity [i.e. saying what something is like “it’s a clock” or “it’s a bed”]
  • height
  • weight
  • hair color
  • nationality / to be from
  • race
  • personality
  • occupation/title
  • possession
  • material [e.g. es de madera “it’s wooden”]

For ser there are two really specific things that you’d never use estar for and that’s

  • telling time [e.g. es la una, son las dos, son las tres…]
  • passive voice [e.g. fue escrito por “it was written by”]

With estar you’re talking more about temporary things, looks, moods, and things subject to change like positions. If it helps, think of “station”, “stationary”, “state”, and things like that.

For the basics people say “how you feel and where you are, that is when you use estar

  • location
  • position
  • condition
  • mood, emotion, feeling
  • illness, wellness
  • alive and dead*

And the one big thing that ser is never used for that’s unique to estar is

  • the progressive / gerund [e.g. está lloviendo “it is raining”]

*While most people are tempted to see vivo/a “alive” and muerto/a “dead” as something you’d use with ser, Spanish uses estar because it’s considered a condition of the body. You would however say es un muerto “it’s a dead body” as identification.

What can trip people up is whether you’re using ser or estar with emotions and how you’re trying to be understood. The meaning changes depending on what your intention is:

Es un día feliz. = It’s a happy day. / It’s a joyous day.
Es un día triste. = It’s a sad day. / It’s a miserable day.

Es feliz. = He/She is a happy person.
Está feliz. = He/She is happy (right now).

Es triste. = He/She is a sad person. / He/She/It’s miserable.
Está triste. = He/She is sad (right now).

Es genial. = It’s great.
Está genial = It looks great.

Es espantoso/a. = It’s awful.
Está espantoso/a. = It looks awful.

For words like triste, feliz, enojado/a and so on, you’re deciding on whether you’re talking about someone’s personality vs. their mood.

Using ser makes it sound like that emotion is just that person’s baseline, while estar is saying that the person is not always like that. If you said es triste you’re more or less saying that the person always is in a bad mood or isn’t feeling happy.

The same is true of enfermo/a where you’re normally saying estar enfermo/a “to be sick” which is to say that someone isn’t feeling well. When you use ser and enfermo/a you’re more saying that the person has a kind of mental illness… or in some cases you’re saying the person is a pervert or has a skewed world view or something like that.

When it’s mal/malo or bien/bueno it’s a question of “good” vs. “well”, and “bad” vs. “wrong”

ser bueno/a = to be good / to be nice, kind
estar bien = to be okay / to be well / to be right

ser malo/a = to be bad / to be mean
estar mal = to not be okay / to be ill / to be wrong

For some adjectives, ser is identification while estar is appearance.

It can be a bit weird because you might think you should use it for something like weight which changes easily, but Spanish tends to say something like es delgado/a “he/she is skinny”, while estar delgado/a is interpreted more as “to LOOK skinny”

And there are some expressions where the meanings are just totally different:

ser listo/a = to be smart, to be intelligent
estar listo/a = to be ready, to be prepared

ser rico/a = to be rich
estar rico/a = to be delicious

ser seguro/a = to be safe
estar seguro = to be sure, to be certain

ser verde = to be green (in color)
estar verde = to be unripe

ser confuso/a = to be confusing, to be perplexing
estar confuso/a = to be confused

ser mejor = to be better (than)
estar mejor = to be (feeling) better / to look improved

ser fatal = to be fatal, to be lethal
estar fatal = to look really tired / to look really sick

ser helado = to be ice cream [masculine only]
estar helado/a = to be icy cold

You also run into some weird sexual innuendos with caliente and frío so be careful there

ser caliente = to be horny, to always be in the mood for sex
estar caliente = to be aroused

estar caliente = to be warm to the touch [said of objects, skin, body temperature]

ser frío/a = to be frigid, to be unfriendly

estar frío/a = to be cold to the touch [said of objcts, skin, body temperature]

For weather, you’ll see hacer calor “it’s hot” or hace frío “it’s cold”

But you might see un día caluroso “a really hot day” or un día frío “a cold day” so it’s just about context.

In general, never refer to yourself as either caliente or frío/a unless you’re talking about your body temperature (and use estar), but even in that situation I’d add ¿tengo fiebre? “do I have a fever?” so there’d be context

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Samoa Joe/Reader
1750 words; Smut/Explicit

A lovely anon requested dominant, choking Joe.

This contains some pretty full-on breathplay.


You’re in bed when he brings it up, lying there in your usual hazy post-coital afterglow, limbs aching and body spent, Joe as calm as ever despite what he’s just done to you.

And he doesn’t present it as a question, but it’s not some foregone conclusion, either. You might submit to Joe, give yourself over to him utterly and completely, but you can still say ‘no.’ You can always say 'no’ with Joe, and he’ll respect that. He tests your limits, expands your boundaries in ways you couldn’t have imagined were possible, but he never, ever goes beyond what you’re able to handle, and his understanding of exactly how far he can push you is absolutely, almost eerily unerring.

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We construct bridges from nightmares. Shadows and ghosts cling tauntingly to its spires and I shiver in the breeze between them, heart exploding on my tongue and fingers too cold to feel. I have idled in the light for so long that I have forgotten the stench of fear and the clutch of death, forgotten how my blood runs icy cold, icy hot, forgotten how I am nothing more than an empty shell, a carcass come to life. The nights leave me bloody and bruised from my own fingerprints and the darkness seeps into the shattered cracks of my heart.


We build bridges out of hope. Fragments of light split off the edges and curl at their points, reflecting and splintering, and I dance in the suspension between them, my fingers trailing at the ends and whispering through the air. I have wandered so long in the night that I have forgotten what sugar and sun taste like on my tongue, forgotten how the waves obey the moon’s wishes, forgotten how to rise instead of fall. The mornings taste of a sweet sort of sorrow, a bitter melancholy, yet I swallow and cross the bridge, and everything fades to light.

—  Inkstay prompt #380; the end of the world | (e.l.)
Bad Girl (Final Part)

Originally posted by sweetramenwonho

(The final part to this accidentally long fic. Read part 1 and 2 here if you haven’t already http://shineefanfictions.tumblr.com/post/163017802028/bad-girl http://shineefanfictions.tumblr.com/post/163178134518/bad-girl-part-2 This contains choking, forced orgasms and restraints)

It was like an out an out of body experience; the way you were so mentally exhausted but so physically awake, the powerful pulsing feeling between your legs still making you squirm. 

“Hoseok, please, un-tie me.” 

You murmured, your saliva in a puddle over your mouth and on Hoseok’s manhood. With the same agonisingly sexy grin, he shook his head. 

“Patience baby.” 

He replied before placing an affectionate kiss upon your lips, not caring if your mouth was messy from the oral. 

“B..but I want to touch you.” 

You pleaded as you watched him walk back to that set of drawers, his luscious behind moving with a soft jiggle. You began to wonder what was in there and why he’d never brought anything out of them before. This time, you watched closely to see what he was getting. It appeared to be a plastic bottle of something and then your head became too heavy to keep up. Frustrated, your head sunk in to the pillows, your wrists becoming agitated from being held up for too long. There was a shift on the bed, telling you your boyfriend was back. There was a cap opening and then a crunch of a plastic bottle being squeezed. 

“Hoseok, what’re you doing now? Please be gentle with me…I’m so sensitive.” 

You had to ask because you couldn’t look; all of your energy was going down the drain. 

“This is lubricant baby, for your pussy. I’m going to fuck you now but this won’t be gentle. This is punishment, remember?” 

You whined, knowing you wouldn’t be able to handle it. All you wanted was for your hands to be free and hold Hoseok or at least be able to rest. Suddenly, there was an icy cold, thick liquid running down the slit of your pussy. Hoseok’s fingers slowly spread the lube around your womanhood and as soon as his coated fingers went inside you, you shrieked from the tenderness of that area, thrusting your hips rabidly to try and get him away. 

“Hush now Princess, I know you’re sore.” 

He cooed, pulling his fingers out of you as gently as he could. 


You tugged berserkly on your restraints that you could swear were glued to the bed posts. 

“Please, I can’t take you. You’re too big…you’re going to hurt me.” 

Your eyes widened at the sight of Hoseok’s erection at it’s full capacity; you’d barely be able to fit your hand around it, never mind take it inside your over stimulated pussy. 

“Just try to relax Princess. I’ll ease you in to it, okay?” 

Though his tone was reassuring, your body tensed when his large tip met with your entrance. You couldn’t relax, it was too hard to calm your mind. Your chest started to heave, anxious that it’d be too painful. 

“Baby, please relax for me.” 

He whispered, cute Hoseok making a quick return to the scene. You took a deep breath, biting your lip and gazing in to Hoseok’s hungry dark chocolate eyes. Your boyfriend began to ease himself inside you, going slowly, inch by inch. You gasped, your walls instantly clenching around his shaft as he stretched you. You felt full, uncomfortable, but shockingly, it felt good. It felt good for Hoseok to be intimate with you, bonding with you somehow at last.  All you could do was wrap your legs around his waist as he moved forward, his lips claiming yours as he burrowed himself deeper inside you. He tried to take your mind off the sensitivity with his passionate kiss, his warm, soft hands holding your face as his hips moved more roughly. You were beginning to become thankful for the lube as without it, Hoseok’s powerful thrusts would hurt a lot more. You hissed through your clenched teeth as he seemed to forget to be gentle. The man got carried away, lost in his own sexual bubble, grabbing your hips and and moving you up and down the bed to meet his aggressive pounding. You could barely understand your own body. His cock felt amazing inside you but a tinge of pain hit as soon as his neat but fuzzy pubic hair met the moist, soft skin of your clit. You couldn’t fight your cries anymore; it’d be sure to wake the entire street up. Hoseok seemed to like you being loud, his eyes somehow turning darker, animalistic. He told you he wouldn’t be gentle and oh boy, was he being honest there. He lunged forward and held your neck tightly in his grasp, making you roll your eyes back in to your skull. Oh, this was alien, a completely different sensation. The inability to breathe well blocked all pain sensations and left only pleasure. You could only feel the relentless fucking, Hoseok’s thighs hitting your pink behind as he moved and your boyfriend turned in to a dominant. Maybe that was one of the reasons he was called Wonho on stage. Wonho, the dominant; Hoseok, the cute, adoring and loving boyfriend. The grip on your neck got tighter, you gulped, your mewls only encouraging Hoseok to go faster. 

“That’s right Princess, you like it when I choke you don’t you? You like being a bad girl and being punished, don’t you?” 

Hoseok grunted, his athletic body glistening with sweat. It was a heavenly vision. All you could manage was a whimper and a slight movement of your head. When Wonho released his hand from your neck, all you wanted to do was pounce on him and use every last ounce of your energy. You could barely believe it but your third and you prayed, last orgasm was beginning to bubble inside your core and Hoseok could feel you getting even tighter around him. 

“Fuck! Princess, you’re driving me crazy.” 

He growled, pushing his damp hair away from his eyes before finally reaching over and un-tying you from the bed post. You could have cried with relief. You flexed your hands and wrists quickly before being hauled on to Hoseok’s lap. You were encased by this thick, muscular arms, his hands holding your hips and guiding you up and down on his swollen cock. The feeling of your breasts pressed against his chest was other-worldly and though your pussy could barely handle the intrusion, you were glad to feel at home. Home was where he was. 

“Ride my dick baby. Cum for me.” 

You had to bite your lower lip painfully hard as you rode him, your pussy beginning to throb, that familiar dull pain returning as you needed to cum.

“Ah! Hoseok! I can’t!” 

You squirmed on Hoseok’s length, your orgasm feeling like it was going to rupture your core. Hoseok took your neck in his grasp again, fucking you harder, his eyes burning in to yours. Your heart smacked against your chest, your lungs trying hard to pump air out. 

“Yes you will!” 

He ordered, trying to fight his own orgasm until he squeezed one last one out of you. He needed it, whether it hurt you or not. You squeezed his broad shoulders, holding on to them for dear life. The choking didn’t help this time. Sweat dripped down your body as your orgasm reached the surface like a shattering earthquake, even the smallest hairs on your body stood an edge, a frustrated scream escaping your mouth. You physically couldn’t take anymore; you’d reached your absolute limit. Though Hoseok’s hand was back on your waist, you still struggled to breathe. 

“God. I want to cum inside you.” 

He proclaimed, his hands holding you so tight that his finger prints were marking your skin. You were lucky Hoseok held you upright as he reached his own climax; you had no energy left. He let out a loud grunt, followed by a cry, bellowing from his body. It sounded like he was in pain too. It was understandable; the man had slept with an erection and held all of his frustration on until then. Now he knew what it was like to be overly sensitive. 

Time stood still, perfectly silent, only interrupted by your jagged breaths and loud heart beats. Being cradled in Hoseok’s arms was something you’d longed for, for what seemed like an eternity. Sweetly, Hoseok placed a cushion soft kiss upon your cheek, then another one on your jaw, followed by your neck. You giggled, making him smile from ear to ear, his skin glowing with happiness. 

“Hey. Are you okay?” 

Your boyfriend uttered softly before tucking your loose strands of hair behind your ears. You must have looked like a crazy woman with a red face and messy sex hair that resembled a nest but Hoseok thought you looked wonderful post coital. You nodded. You were just about alive. 

“Just sore…and very tired.” 

You answered truthfully. Hoseok chuckled warmly, his eyes sparkling before kissing your lips. Your heart melted, your soul falling for him so deeply. With him still inside you, he shuffled back on the bed and laid you down, your head finding the plush pillows once more. 

“I’m going to pull out of you now, okay baby?” 

Your ball of fluff boyfriend was back for good, constantly worrying about you and babying you. You hummed in response, telling him it was okay before bracing yourself. As carefully as he could, he eased his now softened manhood out of you. You winced; you’d never felt so sore in your life. After everything, you were just glad you wouldn’t be touched down there for a while. Hoseok climbed off the bed, wobbling slightly. You grinned, watching him trying to walk with his now weak legs in to the bathroom. It was hard not to laugh; he was walking like a penguin. He returned with some tissue and ordered you to spread your legs. Instantly, your body tensed up, making Hoseok laugh. 

“Silly Princess. I’m just cleaning up the mess I made down there. I’ll be as gentle as I can.” 

It made a change for that morning, him being gentle. It certainly felt uncomfortable and irritated but more so, it felt very intimate, him wiping his own semen from your body. For some reason, it made you feel a lot closer to him. The whole experience made you feel closer to him. When he’d thrown the tissue away, he dropped down next to you and wrapped the silky blanket over you, making sure you were tucked in well. 

“Can I hold you?” 

Hoseok asked softly, his once lust filled eyes now like a puppies. You giggled, amused at the question. 

“What kind of question is that?! Of course you can.” 

Hoseok smiled but you could still see the vulnerability in his eyes. He wrapped his safe arms around you and held you close to him, desperately needing to be entwined with you. Skin on skin, you could feel his heart beat against yours, soothing your soul.

“I was worried you might resent me or think I want to hurt you…that you might think I don’t love you and that’s not true at all. I love you so much. I want to be with you, always. Please tell me you know that?” 

He stared in to your eyes, anxiety masking his face. Vulnerable, stressed Hoseok tugged at your heart strings. How could he go from such an arrogant dominant to a soft, gentle man? It truly confused you. 

“I know Hoseok. Please, don’t worry. I love you too, more than you’ll ever know.”

 “Baby, it’s 6pm. I made you Ramen, you want some? I’ll feed it to you if you like?” 

The heavy fog of tiredness rested upon your head. At least you weren’t hungover any more. You must have fallen in to a very deep sleep. Yet, you still smiled at your attentive boyfriend who was gazing at you like you were his everything. 

“Yes please baby. Did I fall asleep? What happened?” 

You asked before yawning loudly, stretching your aching arms out to the sky. Hoseok sat at the edge of the bed, the cutest smile on his angel face. 

“I was talking away about how much I loved you and you fell asleep in my arms. I wiggled out and went to the store. I bought you your favourite chocolate…I watched you sleep for a little bit. You look so beautiful when you sleep, you know that?” 

You couldn’t help but blush and try to hide your face but Hoseok was having none of it. With his finger, he tenderly tilted your chin up, making you look at him. After all your time with him, he still made you feel giddy when you looked at him. 

“You’re breathtaking.” 

He uttered. You bit your lip. If you weren’t in such a state, you’d leap on him and make him yours. 

“Hoseok, I’m curious…” 

He raised an eyebrow but then encouraged you to go on. 

“Do you prefer it when I behave or when I disobey you?” 

You asked, only because he seemed to enjoy giving you your punishment so much yet he seemed so angry at you for it at the same time. Hoseok smiled charmingly before pecking you on the nose. 

“I like it when you’re you. No matter what, you beguile me, (Y/N).” 

The Past, The Present... The Future. -Part 9

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 9: Amonaliac

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: (one?) curse word, heavy fighting (knifes, guns…)

A/N: The next chapter is finally here! I’m so sorry guys, I know it has taken forever. Hope you enjoy!

Previously: Part 1, Part 8

Originally posted by thebuckybrigade


I back away from The Soldier, and Tony, and everyone. I knew this would happen, what did I expect? I should have been ready.

Through the door enter Nat, Clint, Steve and Bruce, presumably alerted by FRIDAY. Nat and Clint catch up with a simple gaze around the room, and with a few words form Tony, the other two also know what happened.

Bruce approaches me carefully and gently “Y/N. Can you hear me? You’ve been out for nearly ten minutes.” he takes a step closer “Please, confirm that you can hear me, Y/N, and we’ll take appropriate measures for what just happened.”

The room remains silent for a few seconds. I hear Bruce, but from really far away. Is he really talking to me? After a few more seconds of silence, Bucky storms out of the room like a hurricane. That helps me snap out of the trance. I look around for a second and then push everyone aside and run outside. The moon is already out, but I feel like cold air is the only thing I can stand right now.

Y/N’s POV:

Numbness. The feeling spreads through my body, making me feel like I’m floating in an silent, empty space. I can’t tell if it’s because of the cold or because of the flashback, but I practically stumble through the forest. I can’t seem to find enough energy in me to walk properly as the world swings in a blurred up reality.

That is, until I reach one of the deepest layers of the forest. Then suddenly a scream leaves my lips. It’s a rasp sound, like a hurting animal. I don’t know why I just did that, and I decide I don’t care. But then… then I start to feel fire slowly consuming my limbs, spreading through my body, eating away the numbness. A few seconds ago, I didn’t care. Now, I care too much.

The anger, the fire, spreads through my whole body, making me shake. I bite my lip so I don’t scream again, even though frustration is building up in my throat. My skin is burning despite the cold, and I start to run.

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alittlethor  asked:

If you are still taking writing prompts, I like both 5 and 6! Either pairing, though Thor/Loki is my favorite.

A/N: I haven’t ever done this before. Here goes nothing! 

5. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

thor/loki Rated T. Slightly angsty and sweet as per usual.


There are storm clouds above him, a sheet of gray cloaking the sky. Thor frowns as he watches the sky cover over. Is this his doing? His brow furrows. Several minutes pass as he tries to remember, but nothing about his immediate situation comes to him.  Why is he on the ground? Has he fallen and hit his head?

I don’t know, he thinks.

The grass is cool against his back, and he shivers and makes no move to get up. Thor is cold and very tired. He drifts.

Someone grips his arm and Thor jolts awake. Dark hair frames the pale face that hovers above him.

Loki, Thor thinks and smiles. His brother is haloed by whatever light diffuses through the clouds. He reaches for him, but misses, or perhaps his arm never raised in the first place.

Doesn’t matter, though. Loki moves closer, his fingertips splayed against his chest. His eyes are fierce, the usual mischievous spark absent. Something is wrong. Thor thinks to ask, but Loki speaks instead.

“Don’t move,” he commands. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

Thor chuckles at the absurdity of that statement, then he coughs. That’s supposed to be my job, little brother, taking care of you. Only, he’s not doing such a great job of taking care of himself right now, let alone anyone else.

Not doing such a great job of taking care of Loki, either. Though he always means well, Thor is not always a good brother.

Always loved him, though, he reflects. Always will.

Icy fingers run a trail across his feverish forehead. Thor shivers again.  Loki presses his ear to Thor’s chest, and listens to him labor and weeze.

Thor’s hands tingle with numbness, and it’s becoming more difficult to draw breath. His head lolls to the side and thinks of hissing and fangs.

Snake bite, he remembers, then draws his brows in confusion.  No, that was long ago. It was before the fall… We were young then.

Another time like this, the first time their roles of brother’s keeper and kept had been reversed, it had been a snake that felled him. In the river, he recalls, the first hot night of summer when we were boys. The venom had acted quickly, closing his lungs, deadening his limbs. Loki had been there, like he is now, having the wits to call to Heimdall for help.  

Strange, Loki carries the same distraught expression, Thor thinks as he watches Loki check him frantically. Surely this is not as dire. Do not worry so, brother.

“You are not worried enough,” Loki replies. Thor blinks, uncertain if he spoke aloud or if Loki can read minds now. He wouldn’t put it past him to have garnered such a skill.

“My brilliant brother,” Thor whispers with affection. He is afforded a look of fondness for his words, but then Loki’s face tightens into concentration.

Even though Thor feels the same infirmity as he did then, he thinks there was no snake this time. Loki supplies the answer.

“Confusion, lack of breath, weak limbs– poison,” he determines.

A cool breeze wafts over him and Thor realize he is suddenly naked, Loki having magicked his clothes away.

Thor chuckles and coughs, “Lech.”

“Looking for entry points, fool,” Loki says. He’s quiet a moment before he mutters, “You are breaking out in hives.”

Thor closes his eyes, focusing on Loki’s hands sweeping over his flesh, works on his breathing.  Suddenly there’s a sharp pain against his face.  

“Do not fall asleep!” Loki shouts and slaps his face again for good measure. Startled alert, Thor sees his brother’s furious face. It is more difficult to keep his eyes open than it should be, but he puts extra effort there.

“What did you take, Thor?” Loki asks. “Did you eat something? Drink something? I need to know exactly what it is.”

Thor shakes his head. Loki seems to have interest in this, but in the time it takes for him to reflect back, the notion dissolves like like salt in the bath, and he can’t remember what he was supposed to be thinking of.

Thor is confused, and can’t understand–  Why is it important?

“It’s very important, you dolt,” Loki insists.  “Antidote becomes poison when unknown elements are in play.”

He spoke out loud again, Thor realizes.

“If you don’t tell me, we will be parted forever,” Loki threatens.

Thor bristles at that, pawing uselessly at Loki’s arm, striving and failing to hold onto him.  “No,” he whimpers, the plea sounding feeble and lacking the conviction he feels.  They’ve been separated too many times in their lifetime. Thor cannot pull through such a loss again. They’ve only just reconciled, only just begun to be something more to each other.

“Think!” Loki bellows.

Thor does. He remembers the gray skies that morning, that he wasn’t feeling well just before he collapsed.

“I did not breakfast,” Thor remembers. He looks up at his brother, who seems so far away now.  His eyes are dark and violent as he shakes Thor to keep him conscious, but Thor hardly notices as his vision blurs.

“It was a cold morning. I drank tea,” Thor says as he closes his eyes.  “With honey.”

The world fades–

The next thing Thor is aware of is a tickling against his nose. Thor opens his eyes and sees a ceiling overhead instead of gray skies.  My room, he thinks. Glancing down at himself, he finds a mess of black curls in face.  Loki is nestled up with him, his head resting on his chest.  Thor smiles, but tries to hold still, knowing any movement will startle Loki away.

He succeeds for a few minutes, enjoying the warm weight of his brother against him, before Loki says, “Your breathing is much better,” and sits up.  

“What happened?” Thor asks.

“You poisoned yourself,” Loki says, and conjures a jar of golden fluid between his hands.  “Honey made from oleander.”

It is startling how such an outwardly innocuous and common thing can end up being near fatal. Oleander is a highly toxic flower.  Animals will not go near it, though men are less intuitive, cultivating the plant for its beauty, arrogantly heedless to the danger.

“I do not generally drink tea,” Thor says. “I do not think I will take up the custom. How did that end up in the kitchens?”

“An accident, it would seem,” Loki continues, “though I have not yet finished investigating. I was rather busy concocting an antidote and seeing that my witless brother lived.”

“And will I?” Thor asks with a grin. He feels much like himself, if somewhat tired. Though he must admit that he is lucky to have Loki by his side once again.  His brother is prickly and elusive, and despite what his wicked tongue often says, Loki loves him wholly.

“If you frighten me like that again, you will not,” Loki replies. “I will murder you myself.”

“Promises, promises,” Thor teases, as he tugs at Loki’s sleeves, prodding his brother to recline against his chest. “I feel I am still unwell, brother, and could use a little nursing.” His arms circle around Loki’s waist in a gentle embrace.

“Do not worry, Thor,” Loki says, moving close, the mischief having returned to his eyes. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?” And he leans in for a kiss.


This was fun, and kinda nice to go back to Thor and Loki after a three year hiatus. Still taking requests! I have several to still fill, which I will do as I can. Thank you @alittlethor for your request! :)

If you guys liked it, or want more, please let me know. I could use the encouragement (but only if you want!)

Sparks Chapter 16

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky helps y/n put together her new dresser. y/n begins to experience the stress of the job. Bucky finally begins to move on from his feelings for y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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900 words, post-acwnr

It’s been Erwin’s for years, the sloppily-cut running trail through the woods. A gnarled and curling branch at the edge of the training grounds marks its beginning. The whitewater river two miles away marks its end. Not even Mike knows about it, not even Shadis, and Erwin plans to keep it that way. He likes having a place to go where no one has to follow, where he’s the only one suffering for his orders.

For years only an early meeting or the most severe of illnesses kept him from rising before dawn and breaking in the trail. Over four miles he stamped down the earth and parted swatting branches overhead and let his mind go blessedly blank of anything but the dewy morning air soothing his hot lungs. Sometimes the forest was so quiet he could almost hear his father’s voice again.

Just over this ridge. Watch out for those roots. You’re almost there.

It’s a soggy late spring day, ideal running weather, and Erwin needs this. He hardly slept the night before. When pressure gets to Shadis, Shadis takes it out on his officers with increasingly unproductive, uncooperative meetings lasting well into the evening. With every pounding step he forgets the slipping funds, the sponsors lost.

His calves sting when he stops at the river, hooking his hands behind his head. He catches his breath, then kneels by the river, scooping a handful of rushing water and wetting the back of his neck. It’s near-frigid and feels good, soaking into the collar of his sweat-sticky shirt.


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anonymous asked:

Could you do some headcanons of cress Thorne Scarlet and wolf when all 4 of them were still on the rampion together giving out the medicine

  • Wolf hates—hates—the Rampion’s safety harnesses.
    • They really weren’t designed with giant wolfmen in mind, of course, so they never quite fit right until Thorne can special order a custom set for him. As a result, Wolf does his best to get out of wearing them in the meantime.
    • Not that he can usually sneak that past Scarlet. 
      • “Put your harness on.” “But—” “I won’t have you flying through the windshield when Thorne inevitably crashes the ship into the side of a mountain. Put. It. On.”
      • *Cue pouting Wolf*
    • However, the fact that Wolf hates the harnesses doesn’t mean that he’ll let anyone else get away with not wearing them.
      • Cress is notoriously bad about “forgetting” to wear them, which results in many an instance of a determined Wolf reaching over a sputtering Cress to buckle her in.
  • Scarlet can only take the cold metal and military decor of the Rampion for so long before she takes it upon herself to bring a touch of green aboard and buys a houseplant.
    • It lives in a small pot in the galley, where everyone takes turns watering it.
    • At one point, Cress suggests that they should name it, but no one can agree on a suitable name.
  • Once, during a series of stops in Northern Canada, Wolf and Thorne got into an ongoing snowball war.
    • Wolf would be in the middle of hauling a crate from the Rampion into the loading dock, only to feel a sudden impact and coldness against the back of his head. He turns, only to find Thorne grinning at him and rolling another snowball.
    • Thorne would be sitting in the pilot’s seat running the before-takeoff diagnostics, only to yelp at the sensation of an icy chill running down his back while Wolf rumbles out a laugh and dusts the remnants of the snow he carried in from outside off his hands.
The Scorpio Woman, by Linda Goodman
“Consider anything only don’t cry …” The female Scorpio has a deep, mysterious beauty. She’s magnetic, proud and totally confident. But she has one secret regret. She was not born a man. I can almost feel the heat from here when Pluto women hear about that revelation. There’s not a Scorpio female alive who doesn’t think she’s all woman, and you may wonder what I’m talking about yourself, if you’re in love with one. This girl certainly has enough glamour, and she’s enormously seductive. But I didn’t say she looked like a boy, nor did I intend to imply she doesn’t do a bang-up job of being a female. It’s just that, unconsciously, she would prefer to be a man. Less restriction-more opportunity. It’s the one secret she even hides from herself, and seeing it exposed won’t sit well with her.

Once the Scorpio girl has figured out the difference between blue booties and pink booties, she’ll resign herself to wearing the pink ones, because she’s fabulous at making the best out of a situation. But pink is not her natural color. The true shade of her nature is dark maroon, or deep wine-red, not a female color at all. However, to give her proper tribute, she’s able to make you think it is. I know one who’s great at pretending to be a fragile, fluffy kitten. She purrs so contentedly most men guess she’s an ultra-feminine Piscean. They topple into her trap and wake up later, sadder but wiser. She is no kitten.

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