icy landscape

Canon-setting Zosan Fic Recs 1

The Call of the Tide by Sherry Marie

Pros: 1. Kidnappings! Rockslides! Adventure!

2. Some truly priceless lines about ‘heroes’ and ‘damsels in distress’.

Cons: This fic is part of a series of stories and therefore has details of Sanji and Zoro’s relationship that are missing because they are in the previous work.

Witch Way the Witch Woos by AllBlueChaser

Pros: 1. Zoro feeling possessive of his favorite Sanji ‘parts’.

2. Sanji is accidentally a badass.

Cons: The first word in the title should be ‘Which’ and that makes me crazy.

The Chill by XiggyMatsu

Pros: 1. The pair end up wet and freezing in an icy landscape and must cuddle to survive.

2. Naturally skin-on-skin is a more effective way to stay warm.

Cons: There’s really no satisfactory explanation of how these two idiots ended up in this situation all alone in the first place.

Snug by AncientMenace

Pros: 1. Chalk full of sleepy cuddles.

2. A plot centered around a truly unique and interesting potential side-effect of Sanji’s traumatic near-starvation experience as a kid.

Cons: Zoro has some very asshole-ish moments; like touching Sanji just to bother him, and kissing him after Sanji had said he wasn’t interested. (However Sanji does have some confusing and conflicting swings between acting interested and insisting that he’s straight.)

-As a side note this story is not yet completed.

The Competitors by Bipalium

Pros:  1. Sex competition! ;D

2. Sanji is every bit as good with his feet as he is with his hands.

Cons: They never really talk about their relationship or what they do and say to each other during sex. So it’s basically PWP.