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La douleur exquise Pt.1 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho(?) x Reader (feat. Jungkook) ((let me live))

Word Count: 8.8k

Warning(s): No smut in this chapter but I’ll promise there will be in the next chapters!

A/N: Hi! So I’ve actually had this done for quite awhile and was debating on whether or not to post it in it’s entirety but I have a lot in store for this idea so I decided to do it in parts! This idea is based off of these pics here x x x of Wonho cuz he just looks so boyfriend & I love him so hardgysasjsknc. And I’m tagging this as a Jungkook scenario because you’ll be seeing him more eventually. Also, I’m working on drabbles in the meantime as well DON’T THINK I FORGOT THEM OK I’LL BE POSTING ONE SOON hope you enjoy this in the meantime!!

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Cool Down

// Hope you guys like this.

Title: Cool down.

Rating: Mid-fluff.

Warnings: Flirty Jerome. //

Y/n groans and sprawls out on the floor. “Can’t we call someone to fix it?” She mutters, rolling over onto her stomach. Tabitha turns around and shakes her head, placing her hands on her hips.

“We already did, y/n. They can’t get here until tomorrow. It’s not that hot anyways,” she motions around. “Do something to take your mind off it if it really bothers you that much.” She turns back around and heads into her room, slamming the door shut. Y/n sighs when Jerome, Barbara and Greenwood all walk into the room. Jerome instantly turns his attention to her, tilting his head.

“Why don’t you go into your room to nap, sleepy-head?” He teases, leaping onto the couch and crouching on it, staring down at her. She groans again and rolls back onto her back, resting her hands on her stomach.

“The air conditioner’s broken.” She murmurs. “It’s so hot in h-”

“Well, that would be my fault, I’m sorry.” Jerome places a hand over his chest in mock sincerity.

“Ugh, shut up. I’m not in the mood for your crap.” She covers her face and closes her eyes, hoping that he’ll leave. The sound of chairs being pulled back let’s her know that Barbara and Greenwood are sitting at the table. She can hear the thud of feet landing on the tile and she sighs. Y/n tries to relax, laying out on the living room floor in minimal clothing; a tank top and cotton shorts.

After he hasn’t said anything after a while, she assumes he has left. So, it came as a surprise when she opens her eyes to find him staring directly down at her.

“Jesus! Jerome, what the he-” He reaches down and pulls her up, holding him close to her in a typical movie embrace, pushing a strand of her h/c hair out of her eyes, one hand behind his back.

“Hey gorgeous, I’ve got a great idea to cool you down.” Y/n scoffs, pulling away from him and beginning to walk away. She was expecting a flirty comment or sexual joke to follow his remark, but instead feels a water balloon explode on the front of her shirt, followed by his hysterical laughter. Her eyes pop open wide, and her arms stick out to her side, palms out.

“Jerome, you little piece of-” he pulls a show of his talent in magic, pulling a water gun out of nowhere, pointing it directly at her, raising an eyebrow in warning. “Okay, well, it doesn’t seem really fair to-” Y/n doesn’t have a chance to finish her sentence as a spray of icy water hits her in her face. She holds her hands up to protect herself, stumbling backwards. “Jer-Jerome,” Suddenly, he knocks her to the ground, pinning her and pointing the squirt gun down at her face. “Okay, okay. Peace- I want peace, just stop this stop god dam-” Despite herself, despite trying to make herself sound angry, a giggle slips past y/n’s lips. She begins to laugh, shaking her head, cursing herself slightly for not being able to stop laughing. Jerome smiles, standing up and pulling her up with him.

“So, we’ll just have to do this all day, or you could listen to my other idea.”

Y/n laughs, smiling up at him. “What, Jerome?”

“Cold shower. Of course, I valiantly offer to keep you company,” he places a hand over his heart, smiling innocently, although the glint in his eyes is anything but innocent.

“Oh, shut up, you!” She playfully slaps his arm.

“Hey, don’t blame me for trying…so, is it me? Am I the problem with that idea, or…” Y/n leans forward, her face inches from his. His eyes meet hers briefly before focusing on her lips. After what seems like an eternity, he moves forward slowly, his gaze not moving from her mouth, only closing a few seconds after he presses his lips against hers. Y/n sighs softly against his lips, which Jerome takes as an invitation to pull her closer, and tilt his head, deepening the kiss.

Y/n is the one to break the kiss, breathing in deeply. Before she can move Jerome goes in for another kiss, his hand traveling to the back of her head, attempting to pull her closer to him. She shakes her head, grinning widely.

“No, Jerome. I actually liked your idea, and I think I’m going to take your advice.” She raises her eyebrows, and turns her attention to Barbara. “Hey, could you make sure that he doesn’t try to follow me? Just keep an eye on him please.” Barbara nods, picking up a magazine.

“Keep your boy toy away from the shower while you’re in there, got it.” Jerome growls slightly, staring after y/n as she saunters away.

Part 2

Find part one here.

There was nothing of her. Rowan stood there, cradling Aelin in his arms and looked at her face; it was gaunt and pale - the colour of snow. He stared, and stared, anger rising in his body. What had they done to his mate?

Lorcan stepped towards him, as though to help carry the weight of Aelin, but when a feral snarl ripped from Rowan’s throat he retreated back a step with his arms raised.

“We need to leave.” Rowan said quietly.

Lorcan went up the stairs first, Rowan trailing behind him - not taking his eyes off of Aelin. He hadn’t realised that he had begun weeping until the tears splashed onto Aelin’s face… What would’ve happened if he had arrived a day late, an hour late? No, he couldn’t afford to think like that. What mattered was their current position, Aelin was safe in his arms, she was alive.

They continued up the steps that never seemed to end. The silence was only ever broken when Aelin’s ragged breathing scraped against her throat. Rowan took his eyes off of her face for a moment to realise that light was now shining through the door they had entered through earlier. Letting Lorcan step outside of the shadowed stairwell to check for any oncoming fae, or worse any of Maeve’s soldiers.

Lorcan signalled for Rowan to join him - the coast was clear. Holding Aelin tighter to his chest, they began walking down the castle’s corridors once again.

“Why is it so quiet?” Lorcan asked softly. “I don’t like it.”

Before Rowan could even voice his realisations, they were confirmed. 20 of Maeve’s personal guard stood at the end of the corridor they had just entered. Panicking they turned to see another 20 guards standing at the other end. Trapped.

“It was almost too easy,” Maeve clucked her tongue.

Lorcan and Rowan both snapped their eyes up to Maeve who stood there, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders, her violet eyes glinting. Behind her stood Fenrys, Conall and Vaughan. Lorcan drew his sword.

“I would advise you to put that away.” Maeve’s voice hinted at danger. Very slowly, Lorcan returned the sword to its sheath.

After a minute, Maeve gathered her skirts and turned around heading out of the corridor. Moments later the guards began herding Rowan and Lorcan, making sure they followed her. Rowan held Aelin against him so tightly, not tight enough to hurt, but tight enough so no one could once again take her away.

They entered a large room - a throne room. The hall was empty apart from a tall, golden chair that sat in the centre of the room. Maeve walked towards the throne, but did not sit - she leaned against it and signalled to whomever to close the doors. As Rowan looked around, the only people in the room were himself, Aelin, Lorcan, Fenrys, Conall, Vaughan and Maeve. Clearly she had come to the conclusion that neither Rowan nor Lorcan would be able to leave.

“Did you truly think it would be that easy?” Maeve’s laugh reverberated off the walls.

No one moved, not even as she glared each and every one of the Cadre down. Rowan had only just realised how tense Fenrys, Conall and Vaughan were. They were obviously restraining from obeying their commands.

Maeve prowled toward them, “You enter my home, attempting to take my prisoner,” she chuckled. “And you think I wont know about it?”

The silence was excruciating, the only sound was Aelin’s laboured breathing.

“Not all of us have gone soft,” she eyed Lorcan. “Or stupid.” She paused for a moment before turning to Lorcan fully. “Speaking of that, how is young, beautiful, crippled Elide?”

“Don’t ever say her name again-” He growled, lunging for his sword once again.

“Don’t try anything you would regret, Lorcan.” Maeve clucked her tongue. She eyed Vaughan and suddenly he was next to Lorcan and restraining him. Lorcan thrashed in his arms, but couldn’t move.

“Now,” Maeve said simply. “I’m starting to get bored. I was planning on waiting, but why should I when you’re already here Rowan Galathynius.” She snapped her fingers and Fenrys and Conall began moving in synchronised steps.

They carried on walking, they didn’t once falter. Rowan didn’t know what to expect, but not this, anything but this. Fenrys ripped Aelin from his arms with a force so strong he wasn’t able to hold onto her, while Conall grabbed him by his arms from behind.

All Rowan could do was watch as Fenrys kneeled upon the floor while cradling Aelin’s head in his lap. He watched as he pulled out a small, sharp knife from some hiding place. He watched as he then hovered that knife over Aelin’s pale throat. Rowan writhed in Conall’s arms, but his arms didn’t move. There wasn’t a way to get to her, to his Fireheart.

“I’m sorry.” Two broken words escaped Fenrys’ lips. Asking for forgiveness from Aelin, Rowan, some forgotten God. Tears ran down his face in rivulets, each droplet landing on Aelin’s face. But he continued to lower the blade to Aelin’s throat, and he pressed it down - blood was now starting to form at the edge of the knife.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Fenrys repeated over and over again, like a prayer.

Aelin half opened her eyes, still so bright, the ring of gold now shining. A small smile formed on her lips as she nodded. As she once again welcomed the pain and darkness that had taken her before. Her eyes locked on Fenrys’, and she whispered something that sounded like forgiveness.

She closed her eyes, ready for whatever lay beyond this world. At this, Rowan’s control slipped completely. A blast of icy wind hit every single one of them - bar Aelin - in that room so hard they went flying back into the walls. Rowan unleashed a roar so loud, he was sure anyone and everyone could hear it.

He went charging over to Maeve who lay on the floor, blood now dripping down the side of her face. He picked her up by her neck and pushed her up against the wall.

A feral snarl ripped from his throat, “This,” he breathed in her face. “is the last time you will hurt anyone.”

He pulled out a sword sheathed at his side, and pressed the tip of it against Maeve’s heart. “Any last words?” Rowan asked.

“I-” Rowan stabbed the queen in the heart before she could finish what she had started. He watched the light fade out of her violet eyes. Watched as her face slackened. Watched as she crumpled to the floor.

He stood for a moment, breathing heavily. He slowly turned around and faced the others in the hall, staring at him, shock visible in their eyes. Probably the shock from their broken blood oaths, but right now he couldn’t care less as he raced for Aelin.

He picked her up in his arms, and held her so close to his chest he was surprised she could still breathe.

“Buzzard,” Aelin sighed.

“Didn’t I make you a promise that I would get you out of here?” He kissed her forehead, “My wife, my Fireheart, my mate.” He whispered.


It took me like 4 months but its finaly here, part 2 :)

Where Oswald Makes the Colour Purple his Own

The first time Oswald wears purple again after coming back from the dead it isn’t his choice. He’s sitting upright in a hospital bed, the bandages wrapped round his abdomen tight and restrictive to the point where he can barely move. He’s been left a pile of clothes on the visitors chair; jumpers, shirts, slacks. All off the rack and nothing at all like the tailored suits and dramatic coats hanging in his wardrobe back at the Van Dahl estate. Cold in the thin hospital gown, he reaches out to grab the nearest jumper, breath coming out in short huffs as his stitches pull and scream out in protest. It’s only once he’s successfully got it on, sweaty and red-faced with exhaustion, that he realises the colour: mauve. It’s nothing like the deep, rich purples he used to wear yet he still hears the soft ‘I’m partial to the purple’ and before he knows it he’s muffling sobs into the slightly too-long sleeves. He’s alone. He’s totally alone.

The second time is when he finally has access to his old clothes. What with his power and influence having fizzled away into almost nothing the second his back hit that icy cold water, he’s had a lot of work to do. Planting seeds, encouraging whispers. Penguin’s back, they say. Awed and nervous and baffled. A steady stream of old but loyal informants and allies have been trickling back to him and he’s thankful that even after everything he still has Gabe, still has Zsasz. And now he has his battle armour, too. Going through the clothes, he takes out a pinstripe suit followed by a purple tie. He lets the silk glide through his fingers in consideration before eventually slipping it round his neck. Its weight is a comfort. As if Ed’s there with him, murmuring encouragements ‘you can do it, Oswald, I believe in you’. He goes down stairs, by-passing his portrait with the obnoxious question mark now blazoned across it and into the lounge to join the gathered crowd all eager to hear what his next plans are. He touches the knot of the tie gently with the tips of his fingers and straightens his back.

The third time he’s standing in front of the newly opened Iceberg Lounge, press from every paper and news station in the city gathered around him. Journalists call out questions to him; how he feels about his success being dubbed the comeback story of the century, does he have anything to say to those who said he couldn’t do it, what’s it like being more influential than ever before. He rearranges the purple pocket square so the small flash of colour will show up clearly in every photo taken that night. Deliberate. Mocking. He smirks into the cameras, chin cocked up in defiance. Look what I’ve done, Eddie. And all without you.

The fourth time he has a gun pressed into the small of The Riddler’s back. He forcefully walks Ed to a nearby chair and orders him to sit down. He drops down into it, long legs awkwardly drawn towards him as Oswald crowds in close. Now facing him, Ed’s eyes flick down and away from Oswald’s face to take in the colour of his waistcoat. Purple. Elegant and dark. They widen slightly in realisation and he opens his mouth to say something when Oswald roughly grabs him by the jaw, effectively interrupting him before he even can even begin. He presses his fingers into Ed’s skin, his nails leaving little crescent moon indents, and rakes his gaze from the tips of Ed’s polished brogues up to the curve of his hat.

“Never did like green,” he sneers with distaste.

I suppose so

request from @ra-veela-claw x : Draco x reader where Draco takes care of her because she got stuck outside in the rain soaked to the bone…

sorry if its short, I can do part two if this not enough. I love draco requests guys so this made me super happy… keep sending me requests guys!!!!!

Originally posted by crystalgreene-justromance

Since it was the autumn holidays at Hogwarts, and you didn’t have another home to go to at the moment, due to your auntie and uncle staying, you stayed in school. It was quiet- it was miserable; the corridors were freezing cold and outside school grounds where full of puddles. Most of your house had left, and the others all went out for the day in Hogsmeade, so you were stuck in your dorm by yourself. 

You leapt out of bed, your feet hit the icy wooden floor, and your whole body shivered. It was freezing. 

The fire place had ran out of wood in your dorm, and lucky you, the only place for the fire wood- that was dry- was in Hagrid’s. So as fast as you could, you found the closest matching items near you and dressed yourself, along with y/h scarf wrapped around your neck and y/h bobble hat snug on your head. Leaving your common room, you set off to Hagrid’s. 

‘Hey Hagrid, how are you?’ you quivered as you entered the Gamekeepers humble hut. 

‘Oh, Hey love, I’m fine. Whats up wi’ you? Why are you ‘ere?’ He handed you one of his hot chocolates, in a gigantic mug.

‘ Yeh, I’m fine thank you Hagrid,’ you took a sip of the steaming hot beverage he gave to you  ‘but by any chance do you have any spare fire wood lying around, my dorm ran out you see and its bloody freezing in there!’ 

‘Ah-ugh, one sec there, ill have a check.’ and off he popped into the other room, hitting his head across the wooden beams. 

‘- AH, found some ‘ere!’ a muffled yet loud shout came from the other room. 

You stood up, taking the wood from his hands, and thanked him for the trouble you had caused. Before you went to sit back down, you heard patters on the ceiling. 

‘Oh, Merlin!’ you jumped up to see that the grounds were almost instantaneously soaked by the few seconds of rain that fell. ‘Hagrid, I’m awfully sorry, but I really must go, I can’t get this wood wet or it won’t work, thankyou Hagrid I had a lovely tim-’ and you were already running back up the hill. 

Your clothes were stuck firmly to your body, showing your bright coloured bra that you totally forgot about, but it didn’t bother you since you kept the wood dry. You walked the rest, looking like a drenched mess, when you come across a blond boy running towards you. 

is that Draco Malfoy? It can’t be. Why would he be running to me?

And to your surprise, it was Draco. He came rushing towards where you were stood, but slowed his pace when the two of you made eye contact. 

‘Er- I saw you, from the tower,’ he pointed up so you could see, ‘and you were running so, er- I came to check if you are okay? Are you okay?’ The blond boy stuttered, covering his head with, what seemed to look like, a book. 

‘oh-erm, yes, i’m fine Draco, I was just getting some wood off Hagrid,’ you shivered as the rain got colder and heavier ‘the dorm had no wood for fire.’

‘ah er, y/n’ he looked down at your chest to notice your neon underwear bulging through your white shirt, ‘here, you can use this.’ his cheeks became a shade of pink, and he wore his signature smirk, before handing you his long black coat. 

‘oh, Merlin sakes! I’m so sorry.’ you stammered, flustering at his remark, and obligingly took his coat, instantly covering your soaking shirt. 

You looked down to hide your redness, but it was too late, he saw. 

‘You know, y/n, I never thought that you would have bright coloured underwear, since you love dark colours..?’ he broke the silence, nervously laughing at the sight he had seen. 

‘well, it was the only spare I had lying arou- wait how did you know I love dark colours?’ you looked back up at Draco.

His hair flopped and became messy from the rain, it almost made him look attractive. Secretly, you blame the rain, making you think delusional thoughts about him; you have never even spoken to him! But then again, his eyes- blue eyes - made contact with yours and your stomach fluttered. Are you seriously developing a crush on Draco fucking Malfoy?

‘Ah, ur,’ he hesitated, looking for an excuse, ‘you told me one time, I remember.’

‘Draco, I have never spoken to you. I think I would remember speaking to such a pretty Malfoy,” you blurted out, not realising what you actually just said. 

‘Am I pretty, y/l/n?’ he grinned at your comment, and you felt helplessly under his control. How did he make you do that?

‘ugh,’ this time you hesitated, ‘I suppose so.’ 

You are such an idiot.

‘hm, well your not to bad yourself, love.’ he stopped walking and shuck his head at his response. 

You sniggered louder than you thought, and crunched your belly.


No, if you weren’t an idiot before, now you were.

You slipped on the wet grass, falling right on your arse. Draco chuckled, but little did Draco know, you gripped on to his hand, causing the pale boy to fall with you. 

‘Ah, so I see your already falling for me, huh?’ Draco smiled, causing you to mirror his image. 

‘ugh’ you brushed back his blond locks behind his ear, ‘I suppose so.’

arghhhh, I was really loving this request so I started to right immediately, I hope this is okay for you lovely! 

Be The Scarf

The Other Slytherin (Series)


Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Damn it’s cold.

“It got really cold all of a sudden.” You idly commented as you walked beside your flatmate, heading home after having a butterbeer at the pub. Your usual routine on Friday nights. Newt, your flatmate, looked towards you and saw you shiver.

“Here this might help,” He unwrapped his yellow and black scarf from neck and wrapped it around yours. “Is that better?”

“Yeah, but won’t you be cold?” You asked in concern. Newt merely shrugged and gave you an easy-going smile. You narrowed your eyes at his response and Newt instantly became nervous, wondering what he did this time to displease you. “Kneel.”

“W-what?!” He exclaimed in surprise at your sudden command.

“I said ‘Kneel’.”

“Why? What for?”

“Enough questions, just do it!” You insisted.

Newt sighed, completely confused with your demand but indulged you anyways. Better to just get it over with than have you angry at him the whole way home. He stopped and kneeled on the ground as you made your way behind him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Alright now carry me.” You instructed as Newt reached behind him and wrapped an arm around each of your legs, giving a slight grunt as he hefted you on his back. He bounced you a bit to adjust your position to give him better a grip.

“If you wanted a piggy-back ride, you should have just asked. There was no need to be dramatic.” Newt deadpanned.

“Be silent, Scamander. Now take us home.” Was your only reply.

Minutes passed as Newt carried you on his back when a harsh cold wind blew by. He winced preparing for the icy wind to hit his face but was surprised when you shielded him from the wind with your arms. It was then he realized something.

He called your name and asked, “…don’t tell me you felt bad about me giving you my scarf…”

“Scamander, stop.”

“…you know I don’t mind…”

“Don’t say it.”

“…you didn’t have to think of such a weird and elaborate way to replace my scarf…”

“Merlin’s beard just shut it!”

“…you don’t have to be embarrassed about it. I think it’s very sweet of you.”

“Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, if you value your life you will say nothing else on the matter.”

Newt remained silent the rest of the way home as he not-so-subtly looked at you over his shoulder, trying to contain his smile as he saw your pout with a blush staining your cheeks. He was fairly sure your rosy complexion was not because of the cold.


“Did you gain weight?”


“Wah! No, wait! I’m sorry! Stop! Ow! That hurts!”

A/N: You asked to be tagged so here ya go! I just thought of it on my way home. Ugh, it just wouldn’t stop.


Snow Day - Victor, Yuuri, Yuri, and a little Otabek

It’s a snow day which means thinking about Victor and Yuuri and Yurio in the snow, obviously. 


In Hasetsu, you can go to bed in the middle of spring and wake to a world changed by a freak snowstorm. Balmy the day before, the air turns to ice, and snow hides the cherry blossoms and buds on suddenly heavy branches.

And it always reminds Yuuri of Victor.

Actually, it’s like Victor in a way. Something beautiful, but also full of contradictions. Something that should be impossible, a little otherworldly, and lovely enough to be a work of art—but also real enough to touch, to make Yuuri’s cheeks redden. 

But it’s not about putting Victor on a pedestal anymore. It’s acknowledging the very things that make him so incredible.

“Actually,” Victor says, pressing a kiss like a fallen blossom to Yuuri’s shoulder, “this weather always reminds me of you. After all, the first time I came here, it was exactly like this!” 

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dustoftheancients  asked:

What if Rey helps set a trap for Kylo that will potentially kill him, but changes her mind as soon as she sees it start to go into motion?

warning for gore and angst of the highest caliber

They are going to kill the general’s son.

No one calls him that, of course. They call him “Ren” or “scum” or “beast,” all of which pair up just fine with Rey’s names for him. Except for the first. The first is near enough to the name his mother had given to him, the one that Leia had disclosed to Rey in a moment of grief. It is the brush of a fingernail too close to a raw scrape when the resistance members Rey has come aboard with call him “Ren” because she only ever hears “Ben.”

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Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

TITLE: butterfly

MEMBER: kim taehyung x reader

GENRE: fluff, angst, romance

WORDS: 13 327

WARNING: profanity, mentions of sex

AUTHOR: thelillzmonster

SUMMARY: taehyung and you were really close friends before. but something happened. you had no clue what it was, but suddenly he stopped talking to you completely, stopped looking at you at all and basically ignored your existence overall. and no matter how much time went by, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. but then, something changed…

ENJOY     ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 12

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2307

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: If you only knew what I know.  I always love hearing from you guys. I hope you enjoy it! Tags are at the bottom – let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. x

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Originally posted by pinepizzalove

I woke up with ten minutes to spare before Laura and Clint expected us at dinner. I sighed sleepily and looked up at Bucky. He was muttering in his sleep and his face glistened with sweat. I paused before waking him. He was repeating his name and rank from the war over and over again intermittently adding some phrases in Russian. “Bucky,” I whispered softly as I raised up off of him. This didn’t wake him and he continued jerking his head back and forth. “Bucky,” I repeated, this time a little louder, as I placed my hand on his face. He woke suddenly with a cry.

“Y/N,” he sighed as his eyes adjusted to the dim light. His breathing began to slow and he closed his eyes for a moment, swallowing hard. “I’m… I’m sorry… You shouldn’t wake me like that… I don’t trust myself…” he trailed off.

“You’re fine,” I urged him quietly as I kissed his lips gently. “It was just a nightmare… just breathe.” I brushed his hair away from his face and kissed up and down his jaw. He closed his eyes with a sigh. “You’re here with me,” I whispered. He finally opened his eyes and they were suddenly full of lust and love.

“Doll, you better stop or we won’t make it to dinner on time, and Laura will have both of our heads,” he said with a smile.

“Not until I know you’re okay,” I protested with a gentle kiss to the tip of his nose.

“Okay? …Ha… Never – but it’s passed now,” he smiled and raised his lips to mine. “Now seriously Y/N – stop. A man only has so much self control,” he mumbled into my ear. I blushed and left the bed to change. I could feel his eyes on me as I shed my clothes and rummaged through my bags for my favorite sweater and jeans. I chanced a shy peek at him through my lashes and saw him staring after me lustfully – biting his lower lip as if it would keep his self control in check. He sighed and closed his eyes before flopping back onto the bed. “You kill me,” he groaned.

“Hmm?” I asked, feigning innocence. I pulled my sweater on and walked over to him –letting my arm brush against his leg as I bent over to whisper in his ear. “You better finish getting ready.” He grunted in assent and got off the bed without looking at me. He quickly grabbed his clothes and began to change. I couldn’t help but laugh at how flustered he was – first he tripped trying to pull on his jeans and then he dropped his shoe several times before sitting with a huff on the floor. He shot me a side-eye and grinned wickedly. I gulped – I could tell the game was on now and I would have to play really good defense to keep up with him.

We made our way carefully to the house – it had been sleeting outside and the deep snow had developed an icy crust. I breathed a sigh of relief as the front porch of Clint’s house was within my reach. Just as I was celebrating for not falling, a hard icy ball hit me in the back and I fell face forward into the snow. Bucky was roaring with laughter and sliding on the slick ice patches as he made his way to me. “I swear to god Barnes!” I yelled as he reached out a hand. I grabbed it and grinned. He immediately realized his mistake. “Stupid idea!” I shouted and pulled him down beside me.

“Oh come on Y/N! I’m hurt!” he whined as he laughed and rolled around in the snow.

“Walk it off, soldier!” I shouted through fits of laughter. He rolled on top of me and pinned me to the ground. “Buck it’s cold!” I whined. He laughed and kissed me softly.

“Barnes – I know you’re no scientist but do I really need to explain the way cold impacts performance?” Tony’s sarcastic tone floated through the air. Bucky snorted as he got up and pulled me up beside him.

“There you two are!” Clint shouted as we entered the dining room behind Tony.

“I had to explain to the kids that canoodling in the cold is not an efficient use of time,” Tony answered dramatically as he playfully rolled his eyes.

“Canoodling?” Steve asked confused.

“Don’t worry about it Steve. I’ll explain it to you one day once you’ve grown up,” Tony quipped. Everyone at the table laughed except for Bucky, who looked properly mortified. Steve still looked perplexed as he stared questionably between Bucky and I.

“I need a beer – Steve?” Bucky asked.

“Yeah – please,” Steve said with a laugh. “Canoodling…” he mumbled to himself as he shook his head.

“Y/N?” Bucky asked.

“How about a glass of wine?” I replied as I snatched the bottle out of Tony’s grasp. He scoffed as I stuck my tongue out at him and poured a sizeable amount into my empty glass.

“You’re in rare form tonight,” he said quietly to me.

“I’m just happy that we’re all together. It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve been able to do this,” I shrugged.

“Sure – that’s all it is,” he laughed to himself. “Regardless – it suits you,” he smiled as he gave me a wink.

“What were you mumbling about Stark?” Bucky asked as he sat down beside me with a beer in his hand.

“Oh I was just telling Y/N how lovely she looked tonight; don’t you agree Barnes?” he asked innocently. I tried to elbow him but he dodged and I almost fell out of my seat. Everyone was looking at Bucky now and I could feel my face growing redder by the second.

Bucky paused for a second and smiled at me with a shrug. “I think she always looks pretty lovely myself, but yes now that you point it out– there’s something about the ‘just fell in the snow look’ that makes it extra evident,” he chuckled to himself. My blush grew even deeper but attention was quickly taken off of Bucky and myself as the various types of food were passed around the table. “You do look beautiful,” Bucky whispered in my ear as he squeezed my thigh with his hand. “There’s something about this place – it suits you.” I smiled shyly at him and turned to grab the bowl of mashed potatoes from Tony.

“Y/N…Buck… You should probably stay at the house tonight with this weather,” Clint grimaced as he stuck his head out the door to monitor the weather. Bucky eyed the weather weighing his options and then looked at me and sighed shaking his head.

“If Y/N wasn’t so accident prone we could probably make it, but you’re right… it might be best to stay here tonight,” he grimaced.

“I’ll get you guys some blankets and pillows,” Clint called as he disappeared down the hallway. Within minutes both he and Laura came back with high stacks of heavy blankets and pillows. Bucky took them graciously and we bid all of our friends goodnight as they wearily made their way to their rooms.

I watched intrigued as Bucky spread out the multitudes of blankets and pillows onto the floor in front of the fire place. He turned to say something and caught me staring at him. “What?” he asked self-consciously with a small smile.

“Oh nothing – you just never fail to surprise me.” He laughed and offered his hand to me.

“Come here.” I took his hand and slid off the couch onto our makeshift bed. He laid me gently on the floor and tucked us both in before turning his attention back to me. He kissed my neck and traced the curves of my body with his hands –making me squirm.

“We shouldn’t… anyone could walk in,” I whispered in protest.

He smiled against my collarbone as he planted a soft kiss to it. “Doll, that’s half the fun.”

I woke to a commotion. “What’s going…” I replied hazily as I tried to open my eyes.

“Um oh god… hey uh… Buck,” Steve was trying to say casually.

“Now Steve – that is what canoodling looks like,” Tony said proudly as he slapped Steve on the back. As I regained consciousness I realized that a very naked Bucky was sleeping next to a very naked me.

“Oh my god!” I shouted as I covered my eyes. “EVERYONE OUT!” I demanded.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to…” Steve was stumbling both metaphorically and literally as he ran into every single piece of furniture in his proximity.

“What the hell is that racket,” Sam stumbled wearily into the room from the hallway. As he took in the scene his eyes became as big as saucers. “Holy mother of god! That’s something I never needed to witness!” he exclaimed as he shielded his eyes. I desperately looked over at Bucky who was still out cold.

“I will literally kill all three of you without a second thought if you do not leave NOW!” I said as calmly as I could while I grasped all the surrounding blankets around my body. All three men sheepishly made their way back into their rooms – Sam complaining, Tony poking fun, and Steve apologizing profusely. I quickly put on my clothes once the coast was clear and looked down at Bucky who was still half asleep. “Buck,” I whispered softly in his ear as I placed my hand on his back. He groaned softly before slowly opening his eyes.

“Good morning gorgeous,” he said sleepily as he reached up to touch my face. The act was so sweet that I forgot my anger towards him. I could hear Steve raise his voice from the hallway. Tony’s jokes must have finally stopped being funny. “Oh god,” Bucky muttered and closed his eyes with a grimace.

“You better put some clothes on before they come back. If Sam walks in again and sees your ass his eyes may actually burn out of his skull,” I laughed. With a groan Bucky grabbed his clothes and quickly got dressed. “Now that I have been properly mortified I am going to go make some coffee and take a walk outside.” I kissed Bucky softly and made my way to the kitchen.

As I walked through the living room with my cup of coffee I noticed that Steve and Bucky had their heads together whispering in the corner. I rolled my eyes – no doubt it was about this secret mission that Bucky would tell no one else about. I grabbed my coat, laced up my boots, and made my way outside. The world seemed so quiet. The ground and the sky blended together to form glorious shades of white and grey. I sighed happily to myself as I slowly made my way to the tree line. I missed the quiet – New York City was always so fast and so loud. I loved living with the team, but it was never the life I envisioned for myself. I always imagined something much more like this. The fact that Clint had been able to make this life for himself gave me hope that maybe someday I could have it too.

I was so lost in thought that it startled me when Bucky put his arms around me. “I think I owe Clint a new mug,” I muttered as I looked at the now broken one that lay on the ground.

“What were you thinking about so intently?” he muttered in my ear.


“What about it?”

I shrugged. “Something about this weather… this place… it brings me comfort. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the city and all the restless people that live in it. I don’t mind it, but it doesn’t feel like a real home to me…”

“I like the quiet. It’s not something I’m accustomed to, but its something I enjoy,” Bucky added thoughtfully. “When Clint told me I could renovate the barn and make a loft I knew I had to because of how much this place meant to me but mainly because of how much it has meant to you,” he kissed the top of my head.

“Wait,” I turned around to look at him. “You mean you did it? For me?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“For us,” he responded with a sweet smile. “Not all of those missions were actually missions you know.  I just knew I wanted to do something special for you… I was determined to get it done before we came back… I mean Clint and Steve helped a lot. There’s no way I could have gotten it done in time without their help.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me that you did it?” I asked shyly.

“Well I thought maybe it was too much since things had been so rocky between us…. So I wanted to gauge your reaction.” He shrugged. “I just wanted you to have a place that you could come to whenever you wanted but still have family near. You speak so fondly of Laura, and the kids…. And Clint was more than happy to give me the space.”

I smiled shyly and turned away – fighting back the tears that threatened to trail down my face. No one had ever done something so kind for me. “Do you think it’s possible for people like us?” I asked softly as the sun peaked lazily between the clouds.

“What?” he whispered.

“To be happy for longer than a fleeting moment?” I tried so helplessly to not let the fear I was feeling seep into my words.

“I hope so.” I could hear the doubt in his voice. “Whatever you do – don’t let it go,” he whispered as he squeezed me tightly.


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Friends With Benefits (Part 1) - Taehyung x Reader (M)

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung 

Genre : smut, FWB, cheating, jealousy, affair.

Word Count : 2K

Description : having a friend with benefits despite being in a relationship? not a good idea, right? 

next : part II


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blackout | chapter thirteen part one

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chapter song | masterpost | next chapter

apocalyptic au - jimin x reader - angst | smut

word count : 2.1k

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Daddy’s Home

Request: could you do a REALLY rough Josh dun smut where he like has s daddy kink, chokes you, slaps you, pulls your hair etc

A/N: Ah, Daddy kink Josh. I actually loved this request and enjoyed writing it. Also, sorry if this was too long. I’ve been trying to work on my length but this may have been to much lol

Word Count: 16.8k

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Saying “I love you” (2) [Nygmobblepot]

Edward didn’t know what had happened. Why had he stayed with that woman? Only because she looked like Miss Kringle or was there something else? He had to admit that he had felt excited at first, but he couldn’t deny that this had started to change. As soon as he had been back at the house and met Oswald, this doubt, this stab in his chest was not ignorable any longer. Edward had seen the look on Oswald’s face, he had seen the worries, the sad smile and he didn’t know what to think. Why was it that, when he had stayed with Isabella, his conscience had felt guilty, in pain? He looked at Isabella and the excitement had slowly become nervousness; almost like fear. His mind always seemed to wander off to somewhere else.

Oswald was alone in the house, sitting in front of the fire place with a glass of whiskey in his hand. He was sobbing. Only a few minutes ago, when he had come home, he had do discover that he was alone; Edward wasn’t here. The only other person that usually was around the house was the kitchen help. But she was dead now. In rage, Oswald had called for a glass and when she had brought it, he had smashed it and slit the girl’s throat; he just couldn’t hold back. Trembling he had to fetch himself another glass and the bottle of whiskey from the shelf in the living room and now he had been drinking and mumbling to himself for the past ten minutes.

He knew very well where Edward was and it upset him. It made him feel a sort of anger he had never experienced before. Why was Edward even still around him? Oswald had never deserved someone like him and now that Edward had found that Isabella-woman, he wouldn’t come back; he would leave Oswald, just like everyone else.

Edward stormed through the entrance door, closed it and stayed there for a few moments. With a hand on his chest he tried to calm his breathing while pushing up his glasses. Slowly his eyes eventually wandered over the walls over the house and he made a nervous step.

“Oswald?” He was walking towards the living room and believed to hear the quick rustling of feet. But there was no answer. Hesitantly Edward walked towards the noise and stepped into the room where he discovered a dark figure sunken into an armchair in front of the fire.

“Hello, Oswald.” Edward was trying to sound confident, but didn’t quite manage it.

Oswald didn’t look at him, only took a sip and said, after a moment of silence: “Good evening, Ed. I must say I didn’t expect to see you.”

Slowly Edward came closer, looking over Oswald’s face. “What do you mean?”

Oswald scoffed. “Well-!”

He had to try to keep his anger down, Edward could hear it.

“Well, I assume you spend the afternoon with that woman again. It seems like your position as chief of staff, or me, your mayor, your fr-!“ Oswald had to hold himself back before he could continue. “It seems like all this isn’t that important to you anymore, so I thought I wouldn’t get to see you any longer. Now that you’re with that woman.”

Finally he looked at Edward and his expression was filled with every emotion he had tried to bottle up in the last few minutes.

“Oswald, I…” Edward took another step while adjusting his glasses. “It was never my intention to-“

“Were you?” Oswald interrupted. “Were you with her?”

An icy stare hit Edward and it took him a moment until he could answer. “Yes I was, but…”

Oswald moaned in now unhidden despair and emptied his glass in one go.

“But this is what I wanted to tell you!” Edward immediately said. “I was with Isabella and it’s true that I felt some sort of delight whenever I looked at her. Her resemblance to Miss Kringle is truly astounding.” He could see Oswald’s knuckles whiten as he tightened his grip around the glass. “But it’s also true that from our very first conversation on, I couldn’t help but feel bad about myself. It was like my mind wasn’t properly working, which happens very rarely to me.” Edward was still trying keep up his usual demeanour but failed more and more every second. “I kept looking at Isabella and I suddenly wouldn’t feel excited anymore. I became… angry, disappointed. With myself.”

Oswald was shaking his head by now, the hand which was holding the glass was shaking heavily.

“I don’t know what to say…” Edward now said quietly.

“Well, you don’t have to say anything.” A sarcastic, sad smile was on Oswald’s lips as he pushed himself out of the armchair. “I believe I see what you’re trying to tell me. – It’s fine.” He made one limping step without looking at Edward. “You can leave.”

Frowning, Edward stared at him both upset and confused. “Oswald” he sighed. “What are you saying? What-“

“YOU CAN LEAVE!” Oswald suddenly screamed and now tears were in his eyes. “You obviously have found someone and who am I to keep you here?! It’s not like I believed that we two would go through all of this together because it seems like I was mistaken! You don’t have to say with me, take that stupid woman and leave! I don’t need a chief of staff!”

Oswald was seething with rage, his nose trembling. Edward had taken his words without moving, only looking him in his red, wet eyes. The emotions he saw so bare in front of him had emptied his mind.

“Oswald…” Now the two men were standing only three feet apart, not blinking. “Oswald, I’m trying to say-“


Oswald smashed the glass on the table and suddenly grabbed Edward, holding the sharp edges of the broken glass close to his throat. It was exactly like back then in Edward’s home: Edward motionless and Oswald sobbing at his chest. The latter was shaking and staring into Edward’s eyes before he slowly sunk his head.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” he sobbed quietly under his breath, but the taller one had heard him.

“I don’t want- I can’t leave, Oswald.” Edward said strongly but with a quiet voice. “I can’t because you still have something of mine.”

The black-haired looked up to him; he didn’t ask, but his expression said enough.

“I’m called the centre of everything, whether living or not.” Edward replied and as he spoke, grabbed Oswald’s hand that was still holding the glass and lowered it slowly. “I give everyone life and even when I get broken I can still do my duty. You have one yourself and can still steal someone else’s. What am I?”

The first moment Oswald was frozen as he had taken the words in, then he was petrified as he processed their meaning. He looked up to Edward, who was smiling, then he became aware of their hands still touching each other.

“Heart” Oswald eventually said. “I have your heart.”

He let the glass drop and Edward’s fingers immediately reached around his own.

“And that’s why I will never leave you.”

And Edward didn’t even wait for Oswald’s response and just kissed him.

All at once Oswald didn’t feel angry anymore. Everything he had feared, all the doubts he has had, all the pain disappeared. Because Edward had taken them from him.

“I love you.” Edward said as they interrupted their kiss. “I couldn’t just ignore that when I was with Isabella, which is why I would never be able to stay with her.” Oswald only stared at him, half-smiling. “Because I belong with you.”

A tear ran down Oswald’s cheek, then he pulled Edward into another kiss. Never would both of them worry about being alone ever again.

Here and Now

Summary: Bucky finds you crying in your room after you finish reading a book. He takes it upon himself to cheer you up.

Word Count: 2,065

Contains: Endless fluff. 

A/N: This is a rewritten SPN fic that I knew I had to re-write for Marvel. Enjoy, guys!

Originally posted by enochianess

You slammed the book closed, tears streaking down your cheeks and hands shaking. During the last few pages, the story you had been reading had wracked your emotions to the point that you couldn’t help the tears from brimming over. You considered this a flaw of yours, how deep you delved into the stories you read, how much of your heart you placed into the characters that came to life as you read.

You kept your sobs quiet, afraid that if anyone in the Tower heard you, they’d roll their eyes and think you dramatic. It was a fictional story after all. However, to you, it had been reality for the whole week you had spent reading it.

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All you need (ReaderXCompany) (ReaderXKili)

(Post BOTFA; Whole Company Survives)

Word Count: 1196

You scream loudly, as the heavy onslaught of icy cold water hits your porcelain skin. The smile that presses against your attacker’s lips grows and his cackling laughter surrounds you as your legs give out under the weight and you collapse into his hold, wriggling and jerking your body in his firm grasp, in a desperate attempt to escape the icy attack.

HELP!” The cry cracks from your lips as the jerking continues, your body fighting for escape. Suddenly, your attackers laughter is cut short as he is hit by a perfectly timed clump of seaweed across the face, giving you the opportunity to leap forward out of the heavy blow of the cold waterfall and onto dry land. Laughing triumphantly you turn your body around and take off, leaving Fili to pull green chunks of glossy moss from his slicked back lion mane.

Leaping over the heavy travel coats carelessly discarded across the ground you fly through the running bodies of the company as you all let go of your worries and responsibilities and allow yourselves this moment of pure joy.

As you run you catch sight of a certain tattooed dwarf standing along the edge of the bank, cackling unsympathetically at Balin who had just been dunked into the river by young Nori. A wicked smirk passes across your face and you increase your speed determined to shove the always brooding dwarf into the water before one the others could take your fun.

Unfortunately before you can advance much further you feel strong, built arms wrap around your curved waist, halting all possible movement as a bucket of water is unceremoniously dumped over your head. The sudden impact of the water sends cold pinpricks against your skin causing your body to instinctively shiver. The thick, soaked arms quickly fall from your waist as you twirl to find an extremely amused King. Yes folks, you heard it here. Thorin Oakenshield, King under the Mountain, slayer of Azog the Defiler and descendant of Durin, had just successfully pranked you.

All of a sudden feeling merciful on Dwalin, you change target and instead take a step towards Thorin, your hands reaching for a wet shirt lying at your feet. His eyes widen comically, at the realization that you had the upper hand and he turns violently, his graying black hair billowing behind him, a sliver of gold visible in the form of beads placed long ago.

Laughing you follow him, whipping his back with the wet cloth, laughing evilly every time his body contorted, too late to dodge the impact of the shirt against his bare skin. Your onslaught attack continues across the riverbank before suddenly a body barrels into your side, momentarily lifting you from the ground as your body is tackled into the water you had so desperately been avoiding.

Gasping, you break through the surface of the water and push your hair out of your face, before you look around to find your next victim, AKA the idiot who decided to push you into the lake, and honestly, you’re not overly surprised to find your hazel eyed lover grinning at you mischievously, his brunette locks being pulled into different directions by the soft river current.

Shaking your head you rest your hands against his shoulders and gently pull him closer to you, where you wrap your legs around his waist and link your hands through his hair. His smile softens as he leans forward to press his lips against yours, kissing you lovingly, as one of his hands comes up to rest against your cheek. Pulling away slowly, you move to rest your head against his shoulder, tightening your grip around him, and you glimpse the bright smile Fili sends to you both.

Fili had always supported your relationship from the moment you had met during the Battle of the Five Armies. You had been one of Dain’s only female warriors to travel to Erebor and you had received many strange looks as you fought towards Ravenhill, where your King had sent you to warn his cousin after the Elves’ warning. You had ended up saving the lives of Fili and Kili Durin, as well as aiding in the defence of Thorin Oakenshield as he defeated Azog the defiler.

You, along with Dain’s other troops stayed behind to help rebuild the kingdom, and during that time you had built a strong familial bond with the ‘First Company’ and had fallen in love with Kili. Now one year later everyone was settled into Erebor; the Kindgom reborn. Bifur and Bofur had started their own market settlement in the lowers halls of the mountain creating toys for the children, Bombur took the role of Head Chef of Erebor- a role in which he very much indulges. Dori had met a young dwarven healer shortly after battle and they had married but months ago. Nori gave up his life of crime -for the most part- and joined the Royal guard, working closely with head of the Royal Guard; Dwalin. Balin became the Ereborian Historian and took over care for the old library that had managed to escape Smaug’s wrath, naming Ori as his apprentice. Oin was appointed Lead healer and had all of the medical wing under his disposal. Gloin had also joined the Royal Guard but prefers to spend his time with his wife and son whom he was joyfully reunited with.

Thorin was named King Under the Mountain and was leading the Kingdom with a happy twinkle in his eye. And despite all his new responsibility was happier and more carefree then he had been in years.

Fili and been oficially named Heir to the Throne and had taken up working at the Forges, preferring to work closer to his humble roots. He also spent a lot of time with his mother and Balin training himself in the ways of royalty for when he would need to take over the Kingdom. Fili was your best friend, and while you could say that he honestly loved being back in the home of his forefathers you could see the stress his new responsibilities weighing heavy on him. Which is why when he met the woman who had soon become his wife, it was a welcomed surprise. She pulled the weight of the unknown future off his shoulders and allowed them to balance between them, making her a perfect addition to the Durin family.

As for Kili, for the most part he remained a carefree young dwarf, despite his new responsibilities as prince but like his brother he would often return at the end of they, stressed, tired and empty of hope.

It was for these reasons that The Company and yourself have all gathered with your families at the river only miles from Beorn’s home.

As you look around again at the happy faces of your dwarven family you cannot help but thank Mahal for the truly blessed life he has lain before you.

Pulling back from your One’s shoulder, you simply stare into Kili’s eyes, getting lost in the deep never ending possibilities and promises that shone in his gaze as he looked at you. This was it. This…was all you need.

@everyjourneylove, @fromthedeskoftheraven, @kiliimagines, thought you might like this xx

Wyndham Estates

Title: Wyndham Estates

Link: AO3

Square filled: Neighbors

Ship:  Sam Winchester x Female reader

Rating: Explicit

Warnings:  nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving)

Summary: Sam is your neighbor and he’s good at fixing things (of course), so you ask him to take a look at your leaky faucet. This is an AU.

Word Count:  2669

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Author’s Notes: Written for @spnkinkbingo. I know nothing about plumbing or fixing a leaky faucet, so all handyman inaccuracies are mine. Thank you to @climbthatmooselikeatree for her work as beta.

Originally posted by samgirlsclub

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