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I don’t know I got it right ?! but that’s all I could think of ?! hahah ;/////w////;

@pandagnomeium thank you for the ask tho!

Hello! Tis me, Icy Doodles, or Sesshomarulordandwanderer, or whatever you know me by. I apologize for my frequent absence. I just wanted to share a bit of what I do outside the realm of Inuyasha. I am an art education student, and I have just finished working on my first jellyfish painting! This is a 24″x36″ (approximately 61cm by 91cm) acrylic painting on canvas. I hope to do more like this in the future. 

Anyway, carry on! Thank you for reading. 


Anonymous asked:What are your thoughts on Shadilver and Sonilver?

Just as comic portrayed :) I believe that Silver is actually not that fond of Shadow and admire Sonic more. Don’t have much thoughts on these 2 ships for now…they’re not weird tho, and still cute :D

(Sorry but I like Sonadow more :’D)

definitely not a fantasy AU I had a month ago :D

they’re …just basically the same but with different costumes. I enjoy drawing outfits btw ;3

kinda a weird choice to have Silver’s tattoo/mark at the back of his quills, but whatever it’s cool to me :/ Espio’s on his chest was the most normal choice among all….LOL

I’m gonna draw the others too but it’s 4 am and I need to sleep ;w;


HECK YEAH when your teacher was absent and you had half an hour free time

(There’s boxing in the new m&s XD I wish I could play as cream so I could punch the shit out of everyone with ease >:D but still, knuckles is always the best here)

Has anyone imagined how silver’s quills would be when there’s wind from behind?