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I don’t know I got it right ?! but that’s all I could think of ?! hahah ;/////w////;

@pandagnomeium thank you for the ask tho!

looking for that one blog with all the ooc espio art?? look no further for you have found it!!

his hobbys are listening to kyary pamyu pamyu & babymetal nonstop while throwing heart shaped shuriken at sad or mad people!!

(but the truth is that i just made a quick sketch to get my hands in the groove for the commissions haha)


Anonymous asked:What are your thoughts on Shadilver and Sonilver?

Just as comic portrayed :) I believe that Silver is actually not that fond of Shadow and admire Sonic more. Don’t have much thoughts on these 2 ships for now…they’re not weird tho, and still cute :D

(Sorry but I like Sonadow more :’D)

Hello! Tis me, Icy Doodles, or Sesshomarulordandwanderer, or whatever you know me by. I apologize for my frequent absence. I just wanted to share a bit of what I do outside the realm of Inuyasha. I am an art education student, and I have just finished working on my first jellyfish painting! This is a 24″x36″ (approximately 61cm by 91cm) acrylic painting on canvas. I hope to do more like this in the future. 

Anyway, carry on! Thank you for reading. 

(DUN DUN DUN!!! Two posts in one day and both at wierd times?? Why? Well you’ll just have to see! :D

This is in refrence to one of my favorite blogs and a really interesting story going on there over HERE (go love them they are great.)

Particularly this post: HERE

This is still story related!