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Long Nights (Pietro Maximoff x reader)

Hey guys! My Steve imagine seems to be well received so I decided I’d write some more :)

PSA: your gift has its cons which are vivid nightmares and pietro always comes to calm you down.

You discovered your gift when you were 12. You knew something was always different about you, you always seemed to know what was going to happen next. It was almost a gut feeling that day. When you were at home with your family having dinner, you suddenly had this inclination to get everyone out of the house. You tried telling them that something didn’t feel right and that you all should leave, but they wouldn’t listen. Something began to well up inside you and an image of your house in flames flashed before your eyes. You couldn’t believe what you just saw and you ran out of the house breathless. You didn’t stop, you ran down your street and kept going. Your side cramped and you fell to your knees. You looked back at your home that was barely in your view when a flash of light collided with it. You heard the explosion and saw the flames and burst into tears. That was the day you realized you could sense when something bad was going to happen just a few moments before it did. But, it gave you enough time to change it, to avoid that reality. When you found out it was H.Y.D.R.A. that had bombed your house, you vowed that you would use your gift for good and never leave anyone behind ever again.

Now you were 22, living in New York as an Avenger. Tony picked you up just 4 years ago after Loki’s attack on the Big Apple. You had seen an image of Pepper falling off of the Stark Tower and saved her before she did. Tony couldn’t have thank you enough and decided you were capable of saving many people.

Images of your family laying dead, along with countless people who you weren’t able to save in you life flashed in your head. You screamed and yelled, thrashing in between your sheets. Someone came bursting through your door and places their hands on your shoulders.

“F/N! Wake up! It’s just a nightmare. F/N, wake up!” They shook you awake, but not knowing who it was, you fought back. Your eyes shot open as you were subconsciously shoving at their chest for them to get off of you.

“Pietro! Pietro.. there was- and I couldn’t-” you started to sob into him.

“Shh, shh, you’re okay now. It was only a nightmare. I’m here. I’ll always be here.” Your head was resting on his chest and your hands were wrapped around his waist and you could feel his sculpted abs against you. His steady heartbeat calmed you down and you finally stopped crying. He didn’t mind that it was three in the morning, if you needed him here, he wanted to be here.

You finally relaxed your body and looked up at him with a tear stained face. “Thank you Pietro. You’re always here, every night I have a nightmare. You know I feel bad for keeping you up like this.”

Pietro looked down at you and smiled. “Oh, draga. I do not mind. It is an excuse for me to hold you.” He spoke in his raspy voice hat he always had when he just woke up. He chuckled a little, in that way that always made you swoon.

You sat up in your bed and put your arms around his neck. Even in the dark, his icy blue eyes glowed. His hair was a stringy mess and you smiled. He had his arms around your waist.

When Pietro became an avenger, you instantly clicked. When you told him about what your gift did to you, he told you that he would be the one to be there through it all. You flirted all the time, but neither of you confessed what you were feeling.

“Pietro, I..”

“F/N, I have been wanting to tell you this,” he looked across the room and you could tell there was a slight blush to his pale skin, “I care about you. More than I care for most people. You are so special to me. I want to be with you. And not just when you are having nightmares. I want to be able to lay with you at night and hold you to prevent them all together. F/N, I love you.”

Your heart swelled and you had butterflies in your stomach. Pietro was waiting for you to say something, but you had this huge smile on your face. “I- I love you too Pietro. That’s all I’ve been doing for all these months. You’re the person I see my future with. I want to be with you. I love you so much.”

He looked deeply into you E/C eyes and then down at your lips. He slowly pulled you to him, his hand cupping your face. Your lips collided into a sweet kiss, sending fireworks off in your head. You pulled away and pulled him down on the bed with you. You rested your head on his chest, your leg wrapped around him. He stroked your hair and whispered sweet nothings in your ear to drift you back to sleep. He placed one last kiss on your head before you both fell asleep in each other’s arm.

Before your eyes, images of you and Pietro flashed. They were of you on dates, spending time with each other, and getting married. the last image was of you pregnant and Pietro being on his knees, talking to your unborn child, fascinated with the fact that there was a little human inside of you and that he was the proud father. You smiled once more and snuggled closer to him. Everything was going to be alright, as long as you had him.

Whatcha think? Was that good? I’m actually proud of this one haha.

Thought you’d never ask (Reader x Jason Todd/Red Hood)

AN: This was my second Valentine’s day gift for  @maruthor who, once again, is a total sweetheart and an amazing writer. So, read her works and allow those to pull on your heartstrings. AND TELL HER ABOUT IT because she deserves all the love :) It was my pleasure writing for you hun and I’m happy that due to this  valentine’s thing that I discovered your writing. You’re a gift to the fandom ^^ Also I REALLY liked writing this ^^ 

You were crouched on the edge of the roof, watching through the small clouds of your breath forming against the cold winter air. He was bound to appear soon, you had done your research and he would never pass up on a lucrative deal which included taking out some very evil men so easily. Before you faced him, you had to know… whether it was him at all. You carefully balanced yourself on the edge of the roof, eyeing him as he arrived. The newest outlaw in town walked confidently in the streets below you. Snowflakes fell down on him, melting on his red helmet. His tred was familiar, overly confident. Your heart skipped a beat as you recognized it… the real question left was would he recognize you. You took of your black glove to reveal the silver ring with the ruby on your finger. The color of it mimicked that of his helmet suspiciously well. You rubbed over it with your finger and closed your eyes before you took it off, one last time reliving the moment Jason had given it to you. It felt strange to longer have it where it had been the past years, the final memento, the last thing Jason gave you. You took one deep breath and tried to breathe out in the way like would when he would after the final draft of his cigarette… savoring the final bit of smoke in his lungs. It felt fitting… you felt like you hadn’t breathed in clean air since he died.

The Red Hood heard a rustling before a ring dropped in front of him, clinging to the warehouse floor. He bent down to pick it up, anger rushing through him when he when he recognized the ring, including inscription with your name. He clenched of jewelry in his fist and hissed “ Whoever the fuck you are get out, tell me where she is and I might end you quickly.”
You fought the feeling that flared up in your heart and tried to keep your voice under control. He recognized the ring but that didn’t mean anything yet. You had to keep calm, somehow.
“Haven’t forgotten about me yet, have you?” Jason grabbed his weapons and aimed them at the figure in the shadows. You emerged raising your hands.
“Easy, I’m not the bat, nor the clown. “
You walked over to him, defiantly looking him straight in the eyes, or where you figured those eyes were. He almost lowered his gun. “ y/n… I thought you were gone.”
“ And I thought ‘gone’ was an understatement for you. “ Jason clenched his jaw.
“ Take it you’ve seen the headstone. ‘Beloved son’… such bullshit. ”
“ Never seen a zombie that good looking before.” You reached for his helmet but he grabbed your wrist, locking it in place.  You rolled your eyes. “Jay… always with the dramatics.”
“ She left Gotham. You’re not her.” He laughed while he put away the ring.  You recognized his way of speaking even if distorted by the helmet. “ Hell she’d never do this kind of shit. Who are you? Who sent you? How do you know about her? ”
“ For fuck’s sake Jason. Afraid I’m a trick from Scarecrow? I pretended to leave Gotham. Much like you pretended to be dead.”
“ And I ought to fucking believe that? ” He put his finger on the trigger. “What do you want?”
You had to swallow, for some reason you didn’t expect him to question whether you were real. You should’ve known. “ An apology for starters. Then, what I lost when you died.”
“ Give me one good reason to trust you. I have made a lot of enemies in the past year… and I do not believe you. “ You yanked away your wrist angrily.  

“ Because you owe it to me.  Aside from the fact that I was a sobbing mess when I found out about how you ‘died’, you didn’t tell me when you returned either. As… this.” He looked hurt at the way you spit out that final word. He looked as uncomfortable as you’d ever seen him. His bravado out of the window for a fraction of a second before he collected himself again. He took off his helmet and allowed you to get closer to him. You tried to keep your façade up for the time being, not showing how taken aback you still were by his icy blue eyes and raven hair. He still looked as handsome as the day you met him. His hair even messed up in the way you liked after he took of the helmet. It reminded you of the times he fell asleep by your side  and didn’t manage to wake up until noon. You tried to focus on anything that was unfamiliar. Such as the white lock of hair. You nodded at it. “ You changed your hair. Trying to be edgy?”
Jason scoffed. “ It’s a souvenir from the Lazarus pit.”
“ So you did… “
“ Go to hell and came back. Told ya I’d do whatever you asked.“ He saw the hurt expression in your eyes and dropped the jokes. ” Yeah, I died. At the hands, or the crowbar better, of the Joker. Now what the hell happened to you?”
“What does it look like to you?” You put your hands to your side, scowling at him.
He shook his head. “ Never thought Catwoman would take on a sidekick.”
You grinned. “She didn’t. She saved my ass, I told her my story, I learned her tricks along the way and took her advice to stay out of her way afterwards. Your turn, what the fuck happened after you came back from the dead? Why are you the Red Hood now? “
His arm shook a little, remembering what had happened. He lowered his gun and turned away from you.“ He never killed the Joker, not even after what he did to me. Their fucked up little dance was more important to him than that clown taking me away from him. “
“ I tried to kill   the Joker, Jason. I failed, barely made it out alive. If not for Catwoman I’d have had a grave at Gotham cemetery as well and I might not even have given a damn in that moment. But even though I did try, you never bothered to come to me when you clawed your way out of the fucking grave. And then there was a new bad guy in town… seemed to walk and talk like you. I had to see it for myself.  And here you are, alive and… shooting. Your death destroyed me… I deserved better than to be kept in the dark about you being back. “ He turned to face you again.
“ Look babe, as far as I knew you finally got out of this hellhole I didn’t want to drag you back in.”
“ Phone number’s the same.”
“ I didn’t think you would approve of my… methods.” You raised an eyebrow at him and walked closer to him, faces inches apart. He let you, only breaking eye contact to look at your lips from time to time.
“ I’m not as innocent as I once was. What happened to you… I found out what happened through the news. Think that was nice? I couldn’t even go to Bruce, cause he didn’t even know about us. Besides, I wanted revenge too. Still do… “
“ Why?”
“ Because I couldn’t move on, and they say revenge doesn’t make the pain go away but it might just numb it a little. Sometimes you have to kill a killer. And he was supposed to be dead a long time ago.”
Jason got swept up in the moment and kissed you, first slowly as if to make sure it was really you. Once you had soothed back into your familiar rhythm the smoldering embers flared up again. He wrapped his arm around your back and pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. It felt  desperate somehow, as if he’d never get the chance to kiss you again. When he broke off the kiss you were both breathing heavily.
“ You’re still a damn good kisser.” Jason grinned at you.
“ Learnt it from the best.” You winked at him while he got closer to you, removing the leather, clawed glove from your hand once more and lifting the ring.
“ In that case… what do you say? Want to get some revenge together?”
You put your hand on his cheek and kissed him again, slowly. With your eyes still closed you responded “ Jason… thought you’d never ask.”
He slid the ring back on your finger and held you close to him, your head on his chest. Hearing his heartbeat again, taking in his warmth even through the suit made your anger and hurt melt away like snow had on his helmet.  
“ Y/n… how about we get out of here and make up for some lost time? “ Hearing him use that voice on you sent shivers down your spine, the good kind. And he knew that damn well.

Vengeance would just have to wait.

Draco Malfoy x Reader: Soulmate AU

    So I found this soulmate au while I was browsing the internet and I couldn’t help but want to write about it. Soulmate au: “au where your vision is shades of your soulmate’s eye color. So if they have blue eyes you see shades of blue and it stays that way until you meet them.” I’m changing that just a bit, you don’t see colors until you and your soulmate’s eyes meet.

    This is also in your third year.


    Blue. It’s all I’ve ever seen. My whole world is bathed in the color. The color ranges from royal blue to ice blue. I used to think the color was pretty, beautiful even, but now? Now, the color is the most boring thing to me. Don’t get me wrong, others may find it pretty sometimes I do too, but you get tired of seeing the same color only in different shades. I just want to be able to see the huge variety of colors, but no, I can’t, because the my jerkish soulmate hasn’t bothered to show his face, or is he a she?

    I heaved a sigh as I sat up in my blue bed, well technically red bed, it only appears blue because that’s the color of my soulmate’s eyes. “C'mon (Y/n), get ready or you’ll miss breakfast.” Hermione, my close friend, scolded from her bed where she was already dressed and ready to go. I envy Hermione sometimes, her soulmate “curse”, as I like to refer to them, is a watch that counts down the seconds until she meets her soulmate. But then I think twice and don’t envy her, her watch has gone down into negative time. Which means she’s already met her soulmate, but they didn’t notice the click that every soulmate feels when the meet.

    "Whatever you say, Mom.“ I replied jokingly. I sluggishly rose from my bed and slipped out of my pajamas, then pulled on my school uniform. I brushed through my hair then pulled it into a high ponytail. "C'mon Granger, we’ll be late if you don’t hurry up.” I teased, now standing at the door to the dormitory. Hermione just rolled her eyes and got up to follow me.


    I sighed as we, Hermione, Ron, Harry and I, made our way to The Defense Against The Dark Arts class. It’s one of my favorite classes, but I’m extremely tired. I had stayed up very late studying for a test in Professor Snape’s class.

    I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, due to laughing at a joke Ron cracked, so I ended up bumping into someone’s shoulder. Me, being the polite person I am turned around to apologize, to be greeted by a Slytherin. To be more specific, the Slytherin Prince. “I’m sorry, Draco.” I apologized while making eye contact, my friends stopping and waiting for me.

    I was about to turn around and continue to class, but instead I let out a rather loud gasp. Instead of seeing different shades of blue for his face I saw a pale complexion, icy blue eyes, and blonde hair. I don’t believe it, I, a Gryffindor, has a Slytherin for my soulmate, the Slytherin Prince to be exact.

    Draco himself seemed rather surprised himself. He looked at me, then at the world around him, my friends behind me, and then me again. “It would appear you’re my soulmate, (L/n).” Draco stated matter of factly. “It would appear so.” I agreed, dazed. I had always thought he was handsome, in a blue way, but now that I could see colors? He really is handsome.

    Hermione let out a gasp as she finally knew what was going on. “Wait, what’s happening?” Ron questioned. “Draco and (Y/n) are soulmates.” Hermione explained with a long suffering sigh.

“What!? Her soulmate is a Malfoy?!” Ron exclaimed. “Yeah, but they’re soulmates, meaning that most of the time they’ll make each other happy. And if Draco makes (Y/n) happy, I’m happy.” Harry pointed out. “But still, a Malfoy?” Ron asked.

    "Yeah, a Malfoy. Now, if you excuse us, I have to walk my soulmate to class.“ Draco said, putting an arm around my shoulders. We brushed past my three best friends and made our way to my favorite class. I suddenly don’t feel tired anymore, that whole experience was energizing enough.

{Bonus ending, with Ron, Hermione, and Harry}

    "I swear, if Draco hurts (Y/n), I’ll hex ‘im.” Ron declared while watching the new couple walking off. “I’d be right behind you.” Harry said,  adjusting his glasses. “And I suppose that I’d have to come along.” Hermione sighed.

Please send requests for ships, drawings, headcanons, preferences and/or imagine: running out of ideas.

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Y/N sat in the library reading Y/F/B, unaware that Sam and Dean had just invited Lucifer into the bunker to introduce him to you.

“Lucifer, this is Y/N. Y/N, Lucifer, ” said Sam. Y/N hummed in response, still keenly reading her book. Even as Lucifer walked over and around her, she never took her eyes of it.

“What a peculiar thing you are,” Lucifer muttered, glancing towards the book. Y/N then turned around to encounter the stranger.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked, tilting her head slightly. She sees that he has gorgeous blonde hair, icy blue eyes and… the most beautifulest wings she’d ever seen.

“I just meant that, in a way, you just seem like an extraordinary woman.” Y/N nodded slowly.

“Maybe I only seem like that to you because I’m your soulmate.” Sam, Dean and Lucifer stood there shocked and looked at each other.

“You can see my wings?” Lucifer whispered, disbelieving what he just heard. Y/N nodded, getting up from where she sat and grasped his hands in hers.

“I guess so. Looks like your stuck with me.” Lucifer and Y/N’s eyes interlocked for a few seconds.

“Good, ‘cause you’re the only one I wanna be with.”

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Prompt! First time Michael sees the Vagabond without his mask.. bonus for if it's during a shootout or something like that

Haha, YES!! Okay, I am so ready for this, Anon :)

Two months. Ryan has been a part of Fake AH for two months and he still refuses to take that stupid mask off. Michael has thought about ripping it off his face, but he may be a little afraid of what Ryan will do, so he hasn’t tried. He did try to pay Gavin to do it, but the look of pure unadulterated fear on his face had Michael reconsidering.

“Do you think he’s ugly?” Michael asks suddenly, startling both Ray and Gavin. They look over at him, confused, and he says, “Ryan. Like, his face. Do you think he’s scarred like Deadpool or something?”

“I dunno,” Gavin answers and Ray shrugs. “Why?”

“Just wondering, jeez.” Michael shakes his head, looking away from the other two lads. “Can’t a guy be curious?”

“He’s probably got warts,” Ray comments, no doubt humoring him, and Michael appreciates it. It’s a lot better than the answer Gavin gave him; even if it’s probably not right.

Michael stands up, collecting his jacket off the back of Geoff’s couch. “Look, I gotta go…”

“…obsess over Ryan’s face,” Gavin says grinning and Michael punches his shoulder. Gavin yelps, Ray laughs, and Michael stalks out of the penthouse.

He’s about a block from the building when he hears a crash followed by a grunt of pain coming from behind a shady ass looking building. He almost walks away, muggings are not his problem, but something tells him to follow the commotion.

He peeks around the corner, watching as two guys kick the crap out of a third. One kicks the third guy right in the ribs, his breath leaving his lungs with an audible oof. The other one grabs the back of his head, jerking it back, meeting a pair of defiant blue eyes, and snarls, “You having fun yet?”

The third guy shrugs, teeth stained with blood when he grins.

“What the fuck you laughing at?”

He spits in the first guy’s face, a wet, bloody glob that dribbles down his cheek, and laughs. Michael immediately recognizes that laugh, has heard a few times, and his eyes widen when he gets his first glimpse of Ryan’s face.

He’s surprisingly normal looking with dark hair, icy blue eyes, and traces of black and red paint smeared across his skin. Michael feels almost disappointed with how normal Ryan looks, he had secretly been expecting warts or scars or hell even a third eye; something.

“Mother fucker,” Michael mutters but he’s not quiet enough, two pairs of eyes snapping in his direction.

Ryan doesn’t bother looking his way, instead he lashes out, one foot connecting with one of his attacker’s knees, sending the man to the ground with an almost inhuman wail. His friend’s gaze darts back to Ryan, but he’s too late to actually do anything; his body collapsing to the concrete in a heap, a bullet hole between his eyes. The other guy tries to crawl away, but Ryan takes him out, too.

A heavy silence follows, broken only by Ryan’s harsh breathing, and Michael doesn’t know what to do; should he say something? Should he leave and pretend this never happened? If it had been anyone else in the crew he’d have an idea of what to do, but this is Ryan. What did he really know about Ryan?

“So, you’ve seen my face,” Ryan says, his voice startling Michael. He turns, eyes settling on Michael’s face. “Anything to say?”

Michael searches for something witty to say, but what comes out is, “You murder puberty like you killed those two dudes?”

Confusion flickers across Ryan’s face for a few seconds before he huffs, amused, and shakes his head.

“Help me with these bodies?” Ryan asks nodding at the two guys.

“You got a car?”

“Down the street.”

“Alright, throw me the keys. I’ll bring it around.”

Ryan hesitates for a moment before tossing Michael a set of keys, crouching down to dig through his attackers’ pockets. As Michael runs in the direction of Ryan’s car, he pulls his phone out and texts Ray: He doesn’t have warts. Tell Gav.

Ray texts back: Shame. Expected warts. Michael rolls his eyes, shoving his phone back in his pocket, making quick work returning with Ryan’s car.

Together, and with some willpower, they manage to fit both bodies in the trunk of the car. Once most of the evidence is cleaned up, Ryan gets into his car, rolling the passenger window down so he can talk to Michael.

“Thanks. I guess.”

“No worries. Not my first cover up. Probably won’t be my last.” Michael runs a hand through his hair, rubbing the back of his head, and says, “So….” What can he say to make the situation less awkward? He’s seen Ryan’s face, probably before he’d been ready to show it to anyone, there’s not much he can do to fix things right now. Instead, he asks, “Can I get a ride or something?”

“Now, why would I do that?” Ryan smirks, rolling the window back up, and drives away.

Michael scoffs, kicking at a rock, muttering, “Typical.”

Just The Beginning Part 2

Just the beginning part 2

Pairings: Lucifer x Reader

Word count: 2185

Warning: Bit of wing kink, (and i think I’ve made Lucifer a bit out of character later on in the writing)

Note: (Reader is female) Part 1 Here 

Sam, Dean, Castiel, Chuck, and Crowley all talked. About what you had no idea, but thankfully neither you nor Lucifer spoke, so it made it easier on your nerves. You started to relax as you occasionally stole glances at everyone from over Lucifer’s shoulder. Lucifer seemed interested in you and any time you stole a glance at everyone you caught him looking at you. You would dip back behind him and cling to his shirt not wanting him to move.

Calming your mind a little you started to take in the little details about everyone as you stole glances. Sam, seemed tired, but too invested in the conversation to fall asleep, his brown eyes and soft features giving you the impression that if he ever gave you a puppy dog pout you would cave into whatever it was. Dean, although rough around the edges you could see that in his eyes, as you’d noticed before, he was conflicted inside, tortured even, but still caring. Dean had short hair compared to Sam. Dean’s eyes were green, the type of green you’d read about in fictional stories. Both the brothers were well built, tall, and handsome, but somehow you got the impression that Dean was the older brother.

Chuck was maybe a bit shorter than you, his curly brown hair was a bit tangled, but his beard was well kept. He had blue eyes when they weren’t glowing gold, but they were a soft grey-blue. Castiel had a bit of a baby face, soft looking, well rounded, but his eyes were heavy as if he’d seen too much, been though too much. Castiel was a bit shorter then Dean, but not by much his hair was a messy black, his eyes much like Chuck’s were blue eyes, but they were more of an ocean blue, again when they weren’t glowing. You started to notice that whenever they got overly emotional that’s when you saw them.

When Crowley’s eyes calmed down, from a literal demonic black to a solid brownish grey color, you were able to see the pain in his eyes and in his features. When he stood or moved around the room he moved as if he owned it all. Then there was Lucifer. Messy sandy blonde hair, Icy blue eyes that flashed red when he was angered, strong build much like the brothers, but not exactly as cut. He held himself as if he didn’t care, and quite frankly you really didn’t think he cared much for the situation at all.

Lucifer grinned as he caught you staring at him. You started to blush as you hid behind his back and put your head between his shoulder blades. He moved one of his wings to lightly hit your side making you bite back a giggle as it tickled your side. You came back up and looked over his shoulder casually as if you weren’t planning anything. He looked at you then went back to listening to the conversation. Your heart started racing realizing that your next planned moved could have a very bad outcome.

Without any more thought you did it. You lightly smacked the back of Lucifer’s head, messing up a section of hair. He turned his head to look at you with red eyes, but a massive grin on his face. You couldn’t help but smile into his shoulder. Your actions caught Chuck’s eye and you noticed before Lucifer did that Chuck saw so you disappeared behind Lucifer again.

“Son is there something wrong?” Chuck spoke firmly to Lucifer. You saw the twitch in Lucifer’s wings as God addressed him.

“Nothing.” You could hear and almost feel the ice in his voice, he hated his father and you could clearly hear it in his voice.

“Alright, well it’s decided then. We’ll deal with [Y/N]’s sudden appearance later. Sam, Dean you know what to do.” You heard Sam and Dean agree with Chuck. “Crowley, you know how to get a hold of your mother, and you will relay the information back to her.” Chuck sounded indifferent towards Crowley.

“Of course.” Crowley’s thick accent sent a shiver of fear through you making you grip Lucifer’s shirt a little tighter.

“Castiel I trust you to gather the some of the angels and tell them.” You heard yet another sound of agreement. Then as you looked over Lucifer’s shoulder you noticed Crowley and Castiel were gone and you watched Sam and Dean leave the room. Leaving Chuck, Lucifer, and you.

“[Y/n]. I need you to do something for me.” You looked at him a little startled. The thought that God needed you to do something shocked you a little. You came to rest your chin on Lucifer’s shoulder looking at Chuck. “Yes Chuck?” Your smile formed a line as you waited for instructions. Chuck cleared his throat and looked at Lucifer. Who glared at his father and left the room. You were left standing there with Chuck.

“I need you to keep an eye on my son.” He smiled at you as if he was asking the world of you.

“Which one?” You laughed a little at the joke you’d made.

He came up to you and grabbed your shoulders, still smiling as he got the joke, “I need you to stay here and watch over Lucifer. He can’t hurt you, but that means he also can’t hurt anyone else and I don’t want him getting hurt. I need you to stay here at the bunker and watch over him.”

Your mouth hung open slightly at the seriousness of the situation.

“I know you only just met everyone, but we are on a tight schedule and I need you to watch over him. Please.” The thought that God had basically just begged you to watch over his son baffled you. However you gave in, even though you had no idea what the hell was happening you agreed silently. He thanked you and lightly hugged you.

“I owe you one. Thank you.” Then with the snap of his fingers he was gone. You took a moment to process what just happened then immediately ran your hands through your hair. You moved to the doorway of the hall that Lucifer had disappeared to.

“Lucifer!” You shouted as you came around the corner. You bumped into something solid and almost fell to the floor. A quick cold hand snaked around your waist and caught you.

“I’m right here, no need to shout.” His eyes flashed red as he pulled you upright, arm still around your waist.

“Oh-um so you heard that I have to watch you while they’re all gone?” You pulled out of his grasp and took a step back.

“Yeah I heard [Y/n].” The way he said your name it sent a shiver through you. There was a deep silence between you two as you thought and he looked over you, like a predator looks over its prey. You looked into his eyes and saw the hunger in them. To dispel the hungry look you grabbed his hand and pulled him back into the large room. He followed letting you guide him.

You sat down on the couch you hadn’t noticed before, pulling him down with you. He obliged and sat down next to you.

“I have a few questions.” He looked over you waiting for you to continue. “Is there any kind of etiquette I need to know about an angel’s wings?” You went right to the point, you’d been thinking about it for some time now. A look of shock crossed his face for a moment as if it was something everyone should know.

“Yes. Don’t touch them unless you have permission.” He paused letting it set in that he wasn’t happy you’d touched his wing. You could feel your face turn a little pink, “Sorry.” You whispered as you dropped you head to look at your hands in your lap. “An angel’s wings are extremely sensitive, and touching them can be either very painful or very intimate.” You could hear a smug expression grow on his face.

It turned out that Chuck and the others were taking a really long time, as it had been now a few hours since they all left. So as the night went on you kept asking questions and he kept giving you straight answers.

You tried to never ask anything personal so as to not get him angry. Even though Chuck said he couldn’t hurt you, you still didn’t want to take that chance. You’d started to create a fairly playful relationship with him, to the point where you would exchange playful flirts with each other. 

Lucifer got up and you jokingly stretched over the length of the couch effectively taking over his spot. When he came back he looked at you then at your legs and he moved to sit down. Not wanting him to sit on your legs you moved them to accommodate him. He turned his back to you spread his wings out and lay down on your chest. His feet hung over the end of the couch a little, and his head rest just below your breasts.

A little startled at what he decided to do you pulled your arms out from under his wings, careful not to touch them. “Um…” You started, but didn’t know what to say. He tilted his head up to look at you, raising his eyebrows a little.

“Yes?” He looked at you playfully curious. You realized that you just had to go with it because he was more than likely teasing you. You shook your head, “Nothin’.” You smiled and rested one arm across his chest while the other played with his soft hair. He moved his head back to a more comfortable position and let you play with his hair. You started to study his wings as you got used to having them there.

His wings were a gorgeous white, but they looked as if they’d been through a lot. Many of his feathers were out of place and you longed to just reach out and fix them. He took your hand from his chest and started to play, moving your fingers in different ways, pointing to things, inspecting each finger. It was cute how playful he was. You went back to looking at his wings as your other hand moved through his hair.

One wing was stretched over the top of couch and rested against the wall, the other lay spread out across the floor occasionally twitching or stretching. His wings were almost double the size of Castiel’s. Finally your need to straighten them took hold of you.

“Can I fix them?” You said looking down at Lucifer. He looked up at you curious. “You have some feathers out of place. Can I fix them?” He smiled a little, taking it as a yes you moved your hand out of his grasp and towards one wing. Without explanation he grabbed you wrist squeezing it tight.

“You sure you want to do that?” His voice was serious, and without even looking at his face you could tell he wasn’t being playful anymore.

“Mhm, I’m sure.” You replied mimicking the same seriousness in his voice. He let go and moved his wing off the floor towards your hand. At first you just fixed the feathers, but once you’d felt how soft they were you couldn’t help, but run your hand through as many feathers as you could reach. They were so soft, and fluffy too which you hadn’t expected.

You saw his wing twitch and fluff up slightly, then you looked down to see him biting his lower lip, eyes shut. You pulled your hand back to his chest and he let his wing relax onto the floor again. You switched hands. The one that had worked on his wing moved to his hair, while the one that had been in his hair moved to the other wing against the wall. This wing was easier to reach and he didn’t have to move it.

You fixed the out of place feathers then ran your fingers through the feathers making the wing twitch. Then out of curiosity you ran a finger down the bone of the wing to his shoulder blade. When you reached him you heard a faint groan of appreciation escape the devil’s lips. Then you remembered what he’d said about touching an angel’s wings, it either hurt or it was… your mind trailed off, racing, as you started blushing realizing what you’d just done to him.

You brought your hand back to his hair and started playing with his hair once more to try and distract yourself from what you’d just done. Still blushing you rested both of your hands on his chest and leaned your head back onto the arm of the couch. You started drifting asleep as you tried to clam your mind. Just when you thought you’d finally fall asleep it felt like he grabbed your hand and laced his fingers in yours. You were asleep before you could decide on what had happened.

VictuuriWeek Day 1: Firsts (AU: Other Sports/Careers)

Title: Savior

Rating: General Audiences

Summary:  Viktor is enraptured by Makkachin’s new veterinarian. (Veterinarian Yuuri, Model Viktor)

AO3 Link

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Two is Better (Abby Sciuto)

Originally posted by onetruenephilim

-Requested by anon

-Prompt description: You are Abby’s sister and her opposite but you both complete each other..

-Authors note: I am sorry this is not that good.. (:

You pulled up to the huge NCIS building that stood in front of you. Abby your sister always talked about work and everyone that was there. Finally she asked you to join her for a day. You got out of your car and flattened your skirt that had flower prints all over it and made your way to the building.

You grabbed the card from your pocket that Abby had given you which had the floor number you were supposed to be going on. You went into the elevator and pressed the button and stepped back shyly as another person walked in. You were always shy and girly while Abby was outgoing and unique.

“Are you new here?” A man in a suit asked.

“Uh no, my sister works here,” you muttered avoiding eye contact.

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Animals Ch 2

The reader gets kidnapped and the boys do everything possible to find her and see enemies from their past getting revenge for mistakes made their way.

Dean and Reader, Sam and Jess, Marie, Castiel Novak, Crowley

Warnings: Torture, near death experience, Angry John, King Crowley, suggestive themes

Part One

I’m sorry it’s been a while, my depression has been a huge issue even to the point of having a nervous breakdown. Along with that my chord for my computer being unusable! I love you!

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               I couldn’t believe how blessed I was, not only did I find an amazing Alpha, but an amazing pack, a family who loved me quirks and all. The Winchesters were basically the peace keepers of different packs in the area. Which meant Dean was gone when my heats came, but he always made sure to plan around my heats making sure that he could be there.

              This heat he couldn’t be here, there was some serious things happening and the boys tried to keep the peace. I had just come back from Jess’s place, she was due with a pup any day now. It was dark when I had come home not suspecting anything was wrong. I just locked the door looking through the mail when something hit me in the back of the head, and then I blacked out.

Dean POV

              Things were getting out of control, some up and coming pack was trying to become the new law of the land, which meant getting rid of us. Something felt off to me, so I called y/n to see if everything was ok, but she never answered. I was sure something was wrong now, she always answered her phone. I walked back into the meeting, compromising to keep the peace and make sure all the packs were taken care of.

              My phone beeped at a text message to see pictures of her tied up and tortured. I handed my phone to John so he could see, and then he went insane. “I don’t know who’s responsible but I want my daughter-in-law back! Now!” I saw the confusion on their faces and knew it wasn’t them. “Lisa! She would be the only one stupid enough to do that”

Reader POV

              I had made it through another round of torture, it seems that Lisa and my old pack wanted revenge. Against me, against Dean and Sam, against John and Mary, and everyone else that turned their backs on them. I knew I was dying of blood loss, and I only hoped that I got to see Dean one more time before I died but it wasn’t going to happen.

              I heard the doors open and slam shut, I took a breath in and out and knew that scent, Dean. I was thrown from the chair onto the hard cement hearing something crack and pop. “Y/n baby, you’ll be okay I promise” I heard laughing to see Lisa and the pack leader happy at the scene in front of them. “Oh sweetie, she’s going to die in front of your eyes. Then you and I can be together, joining our packs together” I was yanked up by my hair and thrown next to Dean, she took out a gun pointing right at me.

              Before I knew it, a gun had fired but I didn’t feel anything, I opened my eyes to see Dean had taken the bullet for me. Lisa stood there angry at what had just happened, before I knew it John, Sam, Gadreel and Garth coming in and getting things under control. “Sam!! Help him please??” I was in an extreme amount of pain but I only cared about my mate laying still on the floor.

              Paramedics had come in then helping both of us but it was hard when I was screaming and sobbing at the possibility of losing my mate. John just held me as I became angry with myself at what had happened. We were loaded into the ambulance together, when my vision started going blurry then going black.

John POV

              All I could do was watch in horror as they loaded my son and y/n both broken and needing to be healed. I had called Mary, asking her to bring the pack back for an emergency meeting, this was going to get dealt with immediately. It had felt like a million years waiting to hear news about either of them. I heard the doctor calling our last name and prayed for a miracle.

              “Dean will be okay, it was a shoulder hit, so he’s very lucky. But y/n, well she went through a lot of torture. She’s lost a lot of blood and we don’t have enough to give her what she needs…” Before he finished his sentence all of us had volunteered to be tested. Luckily, Mary and Sam were matches, so she could get what she needed to heal.

              They had released Dean with some pain killers and a sling, he was broken at the thought of having to live without his mate. Crowley and his men had come to even visit and offer what they could, he was king of all the packs but he was a good guy. He assured me that Lisa and the pack would be taken care of, which meant a sentence of death. We had laws for a reason and if they got broken they’re in trouble. It was a fair system.

Reader POV

              I cracked my eyes, opening them slowly and looking around. I was in the hospital, then everything came back to me, panicking at the thought of Dean possibly being dead. I felt an air mask on my face and voice telling me to take deep breaths. I knew that voice, and that smell, after that I fell asleep again, hoping it wasn’t a dream. The next time I woke up, I felt a solid body behind me, arm over my stomach. I interlocked our fingers feeling that safe feeling, something familiar.

              “Y/n? Baby are you awake?” I groaned at the stiffness of my body but just snuggled into Dean more enjoying the warmth of my Alpha. “What happened?” “You were kidnapped baby, but don’t worry about a thing ok?” I nodded into his chest, just breathing in his scent. I heard a knock on the door and saw a similar built man with icy blue eyes and dark hair.

              Dean had gotten out of bed, and shook his hand and then pulled him in for a hug. “Y/n this Dr. Cas Novak, he’s a good friend of mine. Cas this is y/n my mate” “Nice to meet you Cas” “it’s an honor to meet the woman who stole his heart” I chuckled and just shook his hand, he then checked me over making sure everything was healing how he wanted me to.

              “Everything looks good, I think I can release you into Dean’s capable hands” “How’s Jess doing?” “She’s great mother and daughter” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath happy to have a niece to spoil. “Dean if you want to sign some paperwork, y/n can get dressed and you can go see your niece” Dean came over kissing me on my forehead and walked out with Cas.

              I slowly got dressed and was ecstatic to be able to go see my niece then go home to my nice warm bed. The door opened to see Dean with an empty wheel chair. He helped me up and got me comfortable so we could go see the new member of our pack. The door was open, so we went in to see a beautiful sight of Sam and Jess in a bed in awe of such a sweet little thing. “I hear I have a niece to spoil now” Sam bolted out of bed over to me and hugging me with everything he could.

              “Come on Moose! I can’t breathe” He barked out a laugh and pushed me closer to Jess, I got out of the chair and sat next to her looking at this beautiful little one they had brought into the world. I started getting tired and decided to head home and collapse into bed.

              It was a silent ride home, I had no idea what to say to him. Once we got close to home, he pulled in to my favorite diner shutting baby off and just winked at me getting out of the car. He immediately came back with two bags filled to the brim. “Ok, we have burgers, chili cheese fries and fresh made pecan pie” “I love you so much” “I love you too”

              Once we made it home, Dean sent me to get a hot shower while he got everything ready. After the shower, I felt more human. I put on one of Dean’s shirts and pair of sweatpants and headed out to the living room to see every pillow and blanket we had in the house on the floor, the food set out and ready for consumption. “Dean…” I was blown away by this gesture and I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes. His hands clasped my face wiping off the tears, kissing me on my forehead. “I will do everything in my power to get you back into fighting shape.”

              Once we got comfortable we ate our food, once we were full and happy we just snuggled together. I felt peace wash over me being in my Alpha’s arms, surrounded by his scent and his warmth lulling me into a deep sleep.

              Over the weeks, I healed well, with Cas coming in to check on me from time to time. A lot of days I was over with Jess and Marie, she looked like her daddy so much and was amazing to hold and love. Jess kept asking me when Dean and I were going to start a family, I wanted one but I wasn’t sure about Dean. It was close to dinner time, so we walked to the main house.

              I could smell the food and knew I was hungrier than I thought. The boys were nowhere to be seen, knowing they weren’t done with the meeting yet. It was a warm summer night, so I walked over and sat down on the edge of the pool letting my feet go into the cool water letting it cool me down. “So, this is where you disappear to” “It’s so beautiful out here, I couldn’t resist”

              He sat down next to me, doing the same thing as I was. “I was thinking, let’s try for a family” “Really?” He took my hand in his interlocking our fingers together “I mean trying is half the fun anyway” I kissed him sweetly nodding my head and kissing him again. “My heat is close, so after dinner we should do some practicing” “Woman you’ve got me hard as a rock” “If you can be a good boy, I’ll reward you”

              After Dinner we raced back home, and went through the front door not being able to keep my hands off each other, finally when the door closed he put his lips to my ear asking, “Do I get my reward yet?” I just nodded and dropped to my knees. “You were a very good boy”

And when he hits the ice with a terrible crash, he doesn’t feel the pain nor the cold. He doesn’t feel the hands that instantly come to support him, or even hear the distanct screams for help.

He feels numb - with eyes closed and body limp.

It is then that he wakes, suddenly alone in the eerie darkness of the rink. He feels the spindles of the freezing air around him, coating the surroundings with a low-lying mist that stretch out into the open. He blinks at the single source of illumination coming from above as it glares through the ice - is that a person standing in the middle? Yuuri ponders, still leaning against the edge. He decides to call out to the figure, maybe ask for help or question where he was. The last thing he knew was he started a jump at a bad angle and skidded off the ice.

He calls out again, louder this time and sighs in relief when the figure moves and turns, moving forward with his skates gliding roughly against the ice. Yuuri greets with a smile but almost topples over at what he sees.

It’s him.

It’s himself standing opposite the ice.

Yuuri cowers at the striking resemblance; from the tuft of his hair to the skates on his feet. It’s Yuuri. Yuuri is looking at himself - albeit with a slight difference. It’s the eyes. Yuuri notices that his counterpart’s eyes are dull, blank, almost lifeless. And they glint with a menacing shade of aged wine.

His words die on his throat when he sees himself grin - it’s different too. Mocking. Insincere. Bitter. His other self then proceeds to skate, but it’s rough and unpracticed, with a bit too much edge and frustration. He winces when he fails landing on a perfectly executed salchow, but instead of pain, Yuuri sees his other self emotionless - no pain, no tears, no mumbled words of apology.

Instead, he turns to look at Yuuri and proceeds to speak in a voice that can make a man shiver. “We meet at last” he muses, creating lazy patterns with mild interest.

Yuuri gapes, “Who are you?” he asks, a little out of breath. He sees his look-alike make a sharp turn and it’s all a blur the next minute until Yuuri jumps at the sudden presence in front of him.

“I am you” the other Yuuri answers, mimicking Yuuri’s happy smile and again, skates backward until he is back in the middle of the rink.

“What…Why are you…How?” Yuuri asks in his confusion, nursing his aching side and keeping his sanity at bay.

“Why you ask?” the other Yuuri skates in a circle and stops again, “I think it’s a good time to make myself known.” he skates again, his blades the only sound resonating around the rink. Yuuri follows him with his eyes.

“Besides, I’ve been inside you for a long time now. And I’ve decided why not reveal myself at a time when you are most vulnerable”

Yuuri frowns, “What do you mean-aah!” he hunches over, gasping at the crippling pain on his ribs. He shakes and kneels over the ice, pressing his forehead against its cool surface. He hears the other Yuuri’s blades from where he kneels, and it’s making his ears hurt with each glide.

He stands up, lightly panicking and disturbed. “What do you mean?” he asks again.

The other Yuuri pauses, “Victor” is all he says, and Yuuri feels the color on his face grow pale. He swallows back hard, refusing to meet the ridicule and the mirth of his other self’s gaze.

“Painful, isn’t it?”

Yuuri tries hard not to faint, “No” he grits instead, staring wide-eyed at the reflection of himself standing in the middle of the ice.

His other self snickers, “There is no point in lying” he says, skating patterns across the ice and gradually coming closer. “We are the same person, after all”

He mimicks a move - one vaguely familiar and special to Yuuri - the part of Stammi Vicino where Victor reaches out with his arms and skates back again, but he does it ungracefully, with his movements too stiff and unconvincing.

The other Yuuri smirks as he backs away, and drops the smile with a roar, “He doesn’t want us anymore”

Yuuri trembles at those words. “That’s not true” he wraps his arms around himself and pushes back against the wall until his back hurt, “Victor will never do that”

“Oh, but he is” his other self skates closer, going around in circles like a vulture awaiting its spoils, “He didn’t look at you while you were skating earlier, did he?“ another pair of arms holds Yuuri up and slam him harder to the wall, "Like yesterday, and the day before. The whole week, the entire month. The minute you stepped inside this rink, he never looked at you ever since you moved to Russia”

“Stop” Yuuri crumbles as he stares at the unforgiving eyes before him. “He replaced us” the other Yuuri continues, now seemingly less intimidating and spoke with a gentle tone to his voice. He gathers Yuuri in his arms and hushes him as the man in his arms breaks out in a fit of sobs.

“We’ve failed him” he whispers into Yuuri’s ear. Yuuri only curlps up in shame.

“He doesn’t need us anymore”

Please stop this.

“He’s found someone better”


“He will leave us eventually”

No. Don’t say anything.

“He doesn’t love you anymore”

Yuuri freezes. His other self brings him closer to dry his tears. “Do you know what’s easy?” he asks, cupping Yuuri’s face and pushing their foreheads together. Yuuri answers with a blink and a small nod.

No. Stop.

“Let’s forget everything” the voice answers, fading slowly back into the mist and keeping him enclosed still in its wispy, cold fingers.

“Forget ever coming here” the presence leaves him. Yuuri finds himself back into the edge of the rink, watching with blank eyes at the figure in the middle of the ice.

“Forget skating” his vision swims, and then he’s falling back into complete darkness.

“Forget Victor Nikiforov”

“Yuuri!” his eyes open at the sound of commotion. He blinks slow, letting the people fuss over his hunched form.

“Yuuri are you alright?” then comes a voice beside him - with heavy and accented Japanese. He looks up and sees silver hair, icy blue eyes and a face painted with worry. Yuuri stares back, unperturbed.

“Did you call an ambulance? That fall was pretty bad. Yuuri, we’ll have to make sure that you have no broken bones, alright?” he is soon lifted from the ice, followed by four more people to guide him to the benches.

“What’s with him? Did he hit his head or something? Oi, pig. Speak up”

Yuuri flinches at the words as more hands reach over. He jumps at the particular hand on his right - is that a ring? - and comes face to face with the same blue eyes from earlier. “Yuuri?” he says, now sitting beside him and putting an arm around his shoulders.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Yuuri stares at him for a long time and gently pushes the hands away from his frame. “I’m sorry” he says, looking at the astonished faces of the people around him. He smiles briefly and turns to the silver-haired man beside him, 

“I’m sorry…but who are you?”

Title: The Moon (Part 1.)

Character(s): Negan and Luna Grey (fictional).
Summary: Luna, a shy and timid woman, encounters Negan who is the complete opposite. Negan tries to break her out of her shell, but will it work? It was going to be tough, especially since he reminds Luna of her late husband… And not in a good way.
Word Count: 2,014
Warning: This is based solely off of TV!Negan. I have yet to read Comic!Negan, so the characterization you read here will be inspired through JDM’s acting. I hope you enjoy it regardless!

Originally posted by marythenurse

Luna had dark brown, shoulder-length hair, icy blue eyes that could make a person sympathize for her, and she was tiny. Not only was she tiny, but she was timid. Shy. Quiet. She had always been this way, even before the world ended and the dead began to roam the Earth.

She had been alone for quite some time now. She never really did get along well with others. Many assumed that her introverted nature was her way of thinking that she was better than everyone else, when it was the opposite. Luna never had the self-confidence that many other people had. She never thought she was good enough. Even in the old world.

At first glance, one would guess that she used to be a teacher or an accountant or any job that didn’t require much physical effort. Luna didn’t mind though. She may have been quiet, but she sure had thick skin.

Luna had been scavenging an abandoned grocery store when she heard the sound of an engine approaching. Instantly, she placed her hand on her Glock 22 that was strapped to her hip. She held it with two straight arms, crouching down stealthily.

Don’t kill. Don’t kill. Don’t kill.

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Once Upon A Dream

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Warnings - None, yet

A/N - This my first ever Bucky fic. We’re in for a ride if I continue this. The reader’s thoughts are in italics.

Summary - The reader wakes up after a tragic accdient in an unfamiliar place with a man she doesn’t know caring for her. She’s having short term memory issues and what she doesn’t know is that he has long term memory problems himself. She also doesn’t know that they’re a lot closer than she thinks. Can these two help each other figure out who they are and will they make it when the past comes into the light?

OUAD Masterlist

Originally posted by wintersthighs

You woke up in excruciating pain. Barely able to move, you groaned in pain as your vision very slowly started to restore itself. You felt so groggy that it made you wonder just how long you’d been asleep.

In the midst of your physical assessment of what damage had been done, you almost didn’t notice the figure that dashed across the room and found itself by your side. The man came into view and you felt yourself starting to panic. He was unfamiliar; with long, dark brown hair, icy blue eyes and a body structure that told you he was nothing less than powerful. He was unreal.

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