Animated Blitzwing!!!

I discovered some interesting information about Blitzwing in the Complete Allspark Almanac!

Before Blitzwing became a triplechanger, his personality was Icy’s. Or at least, whoever he was then, his face was the same as the one now known as Icy.

You see, there was a deleted scene from the episode “Transwarped” that would have been a flashback to the Great War. A background painting was created showing a battlefield on Cybertron during the climax of the war. 

There was a layout drawing accompanying the painting that showed the positions of various bots on the battlefield; one of which is specifically labelled, “ICY BLITZWING.” He appears to be in root (robot) mode, but his form in the drawing is too indistinct to make out either wings or tank treads. A few markings could be interpreted as wings, though they could just as easily be his shoulders (which happen to serve as missile weapons bays in his jet mode and serve no function in his tank mode). 

From this, we can assume (if we choose to do so) that before, during, and for some time after the Great War, Blitzwing had his Icy face and possessed either a personality similar to Icy’s, or a personality that was a combination of all three of the rather polarized ones he currently exhibits. (Icy, Hothead, and Random).