The problem isn’t that African online media outlets don’t exist; there is a multitude of platforms that regularly post news and opinion content. The problem is that very few manage to attain the stamp of credibility that most Western sites have by default…It should go without saying that the most credible and authoritative voices on African politics are African residents themselves, not migrants that may have not set foot in their home country for years.

The Matternet Vision (by matternet)


I love reliving 90’s R&B hits with @iLabLiberia’s mappers.

The White Savior Industrial Complex

“But I disagree with the approach taken by Invisible Children in particular, and by the White Savior Industrial Complex in general, because there is much more to doing good work than "making a difference.” There is the principle of first do no harm. There is the idea that those who are being helped ought to be consulted over the matters that concern them.“ -Teju Cole


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