ict suite

Things that make me cry:

(Trigger warning: su*cide)

In “Does Anybody Have A Map” Connor declares that he’s not going to school, but obviously does, as he bumps into Evan in the hall, and again in the ICT suite. So like, his parents had stopped pushing for him to go in, but he choses to anyway? Like he does care about school/education/his future.

But then like, what was he doing in the ICT suite after school? Evan is using the printer because he doesn’t have one at home, but the Murphy’s are rich enough to have one, meaning Connor was probably doing something he didn’t want his parents to see.

Continuing this thought, why was he at the printer if he wasn’t printing something of his own? (He keeps to himself, thus wouldn’t be particularly nosey had his sisters name not come up on the DEH letter.)

Conclusion: Connor was probably writing a suicide letter, meaning he did care, and did want to leave a note for his sisters/parents.