A-level Tips

1. Pick subjects you enjoy. There is no point in picking a subject because you need it for a career even though you hate it.

2. A-levels are a massive jump from GCSE and as a result you will fail at least one test in the first month. Don’t worry about it.

3. Start studying straight away. You may have a free period on your first day back, use at least half of it to review material you covered that day.

4. Seriously, use study periods to actually study. Visit teachers of you need to, but get work done. Don’t talk to your friends for the whole period.

5. Sit on your own in study, if needs be. Shut down conversations if you want to study. Put earphones in if it helps.

6. Stay on top of everything. Use a planner, you will most likely have two teachers per subject giving you different deadlines for different homeworks/tests in the same subject.

7. Keep up-to-date with your notes. Don’t do them the day before the exam. It will not help. You won’t remeber all that much.

8. Your teachers are your ‘new best friend’s if you don’t understand a topic or a theory, ask for help. You won’t be able to bluff your way through it now.

9. Past Papers! Do all the past papers from your exam board. Ask your teachers if they have any older ones. They are particularly helpful in maths as you learn the style of questions asked.

10.Actually read and use the text book. Some of my note from school left information out or included irrelevant information.

11.Post-It notes are great for adding information to text books without writing on them. Carry some with you in your pencil case.

Can anyone think of anymore?

Above all else, if you need a break take one. If you want to spend the day watching Grey’s Anatomy, do it. Don’t burn yourself out, it’s not worth it and if you’re struggling ask for help from anyone you trust.

Good Luck!


17.01.16 {26/100}

Sunday morning studying I.T (or ICT if you’re from UK) ft. my pencil case! I should do an updated what’s in my pencil case because its contents have changed quite a lot hehe

Days 17/18/19 out of 100
Day 17 (20.9.16) History research 💪
Day 18 (21.9.16) I had a day of frees so I did my second draft of my personal statement and got a nice little chunk of history notes rewritten
Day 18 (22.9.16) I got some sociology notes made, along with an essay in class, plus some ict in the afternoon
- B


(taken from my studygram!!)
hello!! I’m queueing up some posts for the weekend and I’ve been working on finishing up last year’s ict notes for the new term :)