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I don’t know about you, but if somebody breaks into my house, I want to be able to take him out, rather than sit unarmed and ready to be injured or killed.  I like the idea of being able to defend myself and my loved ones.  I think gun ownership, as an American, is incredibly important and a necessity.  We aren’t living in Mayberry.  We are living in strange and dangerous times.

I live in the UK, where gun ownership is strictly restricted. Guns are no available to just ‘anyone’ (legally anyway). People in the UK do not have the same fear of gun violence that Americans seem to as we arent surrounded by guns. If you give people the oppurtunity to own guns, people are going to abuse them, which leads to fear, which leads to negative and inflammatory media coverage, which leads to more fear, which leads to more people getting guns for 'protection’.

The answer is stop having guns, simple.

I still firmly believe that having guns is not important, or necessary. It perpetuates a vicious circle of violence and fear.