please love #HIGH4 they will bring you (happy) tears #Icried #hbu


Wtf is this OMG HAHAH 😂😂😂

Day 1: Met Kennedy Davenport, Milk, Mrs Kasha Davis, Ivy Winters, Tempest Dujour, Ginger Minj, Joslyn Fox, Darienne Lake, Delta Work, Lashauwn Beyond, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Latrice Royale, James St. James, Todrick Hall, Brendan Jordan, Alyssa Edwards, Gia Gunn, & my ultimae fav KATYA 🇷🇺❤️😭 Can’t wait to meet more queens tomorrow. I’m ready for you day 2! 😈 #icry #idie #DragCon #sistervacay (at Rupaul’s Dragcon)


warning: turnbthe volume down lmao #charliecharliechallenge #video #icry #instashot #nocrop

I went to my first fanime and I had an amazing b- day today!!! * w * I believe I got the IB pins from a person named zearyu from deviant and the haikyuu pins from birries on tumblr!

Buying haikyuu pins like  “c-can I have the hinata, nishinoya, kageyama and….. *blanks out on name* … the pudding …pin..” my excitement got the best of me+ my inability to remember names is sad ;- ; thankfully she knew who i was talking about I think that or i pointed to it?? sobs* haha I tried ^^;

I really want to go get more pins from her tomorrow~