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Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy
Governors Island, Building 19, Nolan Park
August 24–September 29

In collaboration with the Museum of the City of New York, ICP presents a photography exhibition detailing the damage and recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

Drawn from an open call for submissions from the public that drew over 5,000 entries, the exhibition will include 100 works by more than 90 professional photographers, community members, and bystanders who photographed the effects of the devastating storm and the subsequent recovery efforts. The exhibition will also showcase video from Gideon Mendel's Drowning Worldseries on flood zones around the globe, and a slide-show of the photo submissions from faculty, students, and alumni of the School at ICP.

Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy will be on view Saturdays and Sundays, 12–6 pm, and on Labor Day, Monday, September 2. The closing celebration will be held on Sunday, September 22.


Selections from the ICP School Master’s Seminar 2014–2015

Opening Reception: DECEMBER 11 | FRIDAY | 6–8 PM

Featured Artists:
Mio Akashi
Ellen Steinberg Coven
Tildabeth Doscher
Miyuki Hinton
Sabrina Hamady
Jimena Diaz Jirash
Barbara Julius
Olga Mironova
Susan Richman
Lynn Savarase
Sharmila Sen
Ben Simon
Hanna Solin
Taber Szuluk

The Master’s Seminar is a unique class, offering its students a yearlong time frame to create artworks alongside a guided curriculum of critique, photo history, exhibition visits led by gallery directors and museum curators, site visits with photo-related professionals, and meetings with artists and scholars. As teachers, we strive to create a special community for our students, to engage and inspire them, and to assist them in arriving at the photographic execution of their visions. We have taught this class so that students can attend for one year or many, with each year building upon prior years—deepening and widening a knowledge of the medium, its history, its practical components, as well as the artists and professionals that help shape and make up its society.

We applaud our students whose work is in this exhibition. Some we have had the privilege to teach for several years; others only this year. We have witnessed their progress and path as they have pushed themselves from within, experimented, collaborated, and gone forward with both ongoing and new projects. It has been heartening to see their work evolve and to see the dedication of each and every one of them.

We feel the works on the walls of our year-end exhibition are all unique and characteristic of the artists who made them. From their beginning as concepts and explorations to their manifestation as printed images, carefully executed and thoughtfully produced in all aspects, these photographs attest as much to the magic of photography as to the strength of vision of each artist.It has been our utmost pleasure to work with Pauline Vermare, ICP Associate Curator, to curate this exhibition.And to our students—a big Bravo to all for making this show.

— Alison Bradley and Chuck Kelton