I hate looking for floorplans but I’m too impatient to create one all by myself. That’s where this website comes in. The Make Room allows you to create a room (even place furniture). You have two options upon entering: Make your own plan (by entering your own dimensions) or select a premade plan and edit it.

Mostly it helps me place furniture and then I can freely place walls where I want while in game. It saves me a lot of time editing and reediting rooms when furniture doesn’t fit properly.  Here’s an example of one of the premade plans:

You can click the walls and change them, add and delete furniture, etc. I can’t explain it all fully, so I suggest you try it out.

My Interpretation of the Assvengers Team Chat Room

So, I got bored one day and thought, I wonder what the team chat would look like, if it was an actual room. So using the awesome Room Planner, I created this!

First of all, the purple thing on the right. Well, I assumed that the room didn’t have doors, and I always thought it floated in space somewhere, not really linked to anything. So, here is a purple hot tub portal. Because you need to get into chat somehow?

Above that is the kitchen, since we surprisingly bake a lot of foods. And, in the bottom right corner, there is the game table for Cards Against Humanity, Board Game Online, and whatnot.

In the middle is the common area, where everyone interacts most of the time. Of course, there’s couches and bean bag chairs for everyone to flop on.

The corner is up to the left, a perfect little place for your muse to hide or to just have quiet time.

And, finally, that weird looking thing in the bottom left corner. That, my friends, is the nest. I couldn’t quite design it like I how I wanted it to look, but…yes. I always thought the base was made out of normal nest material: straw, twigs, string, but had blankets and  pillows on top so it’s nice and comfy.

So, yes, here is my design of team chat!

(Also, I know Teddy’s pillow fort exists, but I failed terribly making that. Apparently putting in about 100 pillows makes the site really slow. And, of course, vents would go through the ceiling.)

Easiest Way to Plan out the Tiny House: Icovia Space Planner for Urban Barn!!!!!

I was trying to find an accurate, efficient, and easy way to create my tiny house floor plan, when I came across the Icovia Space Planner, located here.  It is as easy as I thought it would be and more!!!

Program Highlights

  • Exact measurements for the floor plan or furniture in US and Metric You will know if that piece of furniture fits into the plan the way that you need it to!
  • A link to seller’s website can be added to each item
  • Photos can be linked to a furniture item or interior aspect (wall covering, light fixture, cabinetry, hardware, etc)