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I made a deviantART and I started making transgender comics and what actually gets said to me in public. I know its just normal for people to stare, point, laugh, judge, look down upon. but honestly i’m just a person? I just happened to be a boy with different parts. people just said it was a phase, or I was a tomboy and I would get over it. but i’ve always liked girls. And I have always just seen myself as a boy. And I feel more comfortable in boys clothing and people calling me a boy. 

So this is my story..


How I know I like someone..

When I first see them I won’t be able to control my feelings.

I’ll go to be sexy and kiss them then back out of shyness

I make bad pickup lines.

i’ll be nervous to be alone with you

If I see you cry I won’t say anything i’ll just hug you like the awkward turtle I am.

When I finally get more comfortable with you i’ll start touching you randomly and probably swing you around and i’ll call it dancing

But most of all. I will be scared to loose you.

Deviantart journal


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    First off thank you for taking the time to read this, I know a lot of my journals are just ranting on who I ship and my OTP and some transgender matters. And also transgender is not something people always want to talk about so I try to cut it down a bit.     About a year ago I fully came out to everyone that I am transgender. Of course my birth name was super girly, So I wanted to come up with a name and fast. (this is going to get silly) I picked the name Shane because the L word Shane. (silly I know) but it was the only name that was close enough to mine so people could have an easier time switching to that name. Recently me and my mother have been talking about it (keep in mind my mother does not like it at all and thinks i’m ruining my life but she said she still loves me) and I asked her to pick a name for me. My reasoning is-      She is my mother. She gave birth to me. I love my mother and I don’t like how me being transgender makes her sad but i’m not going to pretend to be something i’m not. So out of love and respect for my mother, I asked if she would give me my boy name. If she didn’t want to I told her I was just going to stick with Shane. After a few hours of talking to her and explaining she said she would think about it but it was a lot to ask of her.          I love my mom :3 (i’ll give you guys more updates on how this will end) My deviantart~ http://icosplayforme.deviantart.com/ If you want to read more or just see my art and other cosplays

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Noooooope honestly, I mean if you knew who I was you'd agree I'm super lame

My dear, 

I don’t think anyone is lame because I watch docter oz with my mom while eating a grilled cheese and last night I got drunk I watch 2 sessions of American dad with my cat. 

My tumblr is opened to all people who are “weird and lame” because honestly I don’t like sports and church and that is 99% of my family. so you are not lame :)