This jagged object is the fifteenth stellation of the icosahedron (or 53rd, depending on the numbering system you prefer). It is not the same as its mirror image, giving it a pleasing swirly shape.

It is formed from sixty identical facets. I made it by first assembling twelve sections that look a bit like turbine blades. The colour arrangement is the usual icosahedral one, with five colours.

Merry Christmas!

We decided to consult the office Magic 8-Ball in finding our next raffle prize for the VCU Countdown to Classes contest. Asking if we should give it away it replied, “As I see it, yes." 

So goodbye, Magic 8-Ball. Thanks for the years. We hope your quirky yes or no answers will help some other lucky Ram with important life decisions. 

Question #22: Will this be a great year at VCU? (Must give a Magic 8 Ball Answer)* #3daysTilVCU

Answer the Question, include the #3daysTilVCU tag and shiny, round, "Allison DuBois” may be perching on your shelf soon.

*Optional answers:

  1. It is certain
  2. It is decidedly so
  3. Without a doubt
  4. Yes - definitely
  5. You may rely on it
  6. As I see it, yes
  7. Most likely
  8. Outlook good
  9. Signs point to yes
  10. Yes
  11. Reply hazy, try again
  12. Ask again later
  13. Better not tell you now
  14. Cannot predict now
  15. Concentrate and ask again
  16. Don’t count on it
  17. My reply is no
  18. My sources say no
  19. Outlook not so good
  20. Very doubtful