icons of my teenage years


So I was bored in the car on my way back from my trip, and so I decided to make matching TMNT 2012 icons on the way! I may or may not do more, but if anyone has any requests I’d love to do them.

Feel free to use for anything with credit, as long as it’s not something you’re making money off of (So icons, wallpapers, blog deco, thats all fine).

@jackalexanderuk → Incredibly proud, excited and ecstatic that today my new cover is announced! Shot for Fault Magazine Issue 27, featuring a man that needs no introduction - a guy that soundtracked my childhood and teenage years: the iconic Liam Gallagher.
Several months of research, planning, prepping and just generally making sure everything was the best it could possibly be went into this shoot right here. Huge thank you to the Fault team for entrusting me with this. Available worldwide later this month!
As you fucking were x