icons of magick

Shapes and their Magickal Meanings

Circle: This is probably the most powerful shape in Wicca. Think about it, every ritual we preform is within a circle! In fact, everything in life happens in circles. Here are the meanings of circles:

Balance, emotions, life, power, wholeness.

Triangle: This is another witchy shape. The number three is a very significant aspect of Wicca and there just so happens to be three sides of a triangle. Think of the pyramids of Egypt, those are probably some of the most iconic (and magickal) triangles around. Here are a few meanings of the triangle:

Spirituality, astral projection, divination, psychic abilities, creativity.

Square: Squares aren’t exactly as “magickal” as the above shapes, but they are pretty important. Squares are stable shapes. You want to use squares for spells that involve stability, such as money, well-being, or work spells. Here is a tip, do not (emphasis on not) use squares for love spells. Here are some key words:

Stability, organization, work, career.