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I see a lot of people going off about Noora’s season being a wasted season and how it wasn’t good at all and I’m like?? I know the William storyline isn’t great but the reason S2 was so long was because there was more going on? Sana and the hijab gang?? Eva and Noora trying to find out if Isak was doin the do with pchris?? Eva getting over Jonas??? Vilde’s eating disorder?? THE EASTER EPISODE?? Eskild being introduced??? Iconic. The focus on sexual assault?? Noora’s take down of Nikolai?? William showing a ~good~ side by writing Noora’s essay about the refugees?? Sana’s talk with Noora about clashing opinions?? So many good things. Focus on the things that were good about season 2 not just Noora and Willhelm. Season 2 wasn’t a wasted season. It’s not the best season, but it’s definitely not a waste.


Click HERE and you will find #25 #107 gif icons of CENGIZ AL as Yousef Acar in Skam. All of these gifs were painstakingly made by me from scratch, so please do not post them in other gif hunts of edit them in any way [graphics, crackships, etc.] I will be updating this after each episode airs and I get my hands on it.


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  • a page filled with extremely simple and pastel icons by yun that is 100% dedicated to all the characters of colour in omgcp! 
  • feel free to ask for an icon and if you want a different colour scheme (because i actually kept the psd haha!)
    • also get in contact if you think i accidentally coloured a character too lightly? i’m always willing to make changes if i’m in the wrong! :)
  • this is a project that’s a work-in-progress and i’ll make sure to make as many icons as i can! 
  • also please remember to credit me if you use any of them! ok, have a great day! <3

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