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Acquaintances to Lovers

Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering if you could do a fic in which the reader is like an understudy/swing and has just joined Hamilton. The reader like alternates for Maria Reynolds making like Daveed jealous? Something along the lines of that. I just read your Lin one and loved it so any chance you get to do this one. Thanks x

A/N: So this fic has already been done, so I changed it to reader understudying Angelica. Sorry anon! 

Warnings: Nakedness, cursing, knee touching, crying, 

Word Count: 2474

Pairing: D. Diggs x Reader

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The iconic pink dress hung from a hanger on the rack of your dressing room, sticking out from the other bland clothing like a sore thumb. You were standing on a platform in the middle of the room while waiting for the tailor to come back. You impatiently tapped your foot. It had been almost a full 15 minutes at this point.

A text alert showed up on your phone almost instantaneously.

From: Ben [Costumer]
Hey I’m so sorry, an emergency came up at the warehouse and I needed to attend to it ASAP. We can reschedule or you can show up earlier for your next rehearsal.

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So I hit 4k+ the other day and look who’s doing a tumblr awards :) 


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  • Misha’s Smile Award: best icon
  • Jensen’s bowlegs Award: best mobile theme
  • Blue-eyed cutie patootie Award: best Misha/Cas
  • Green-eyed grasshopper: best Jensen/Dean
  • Hearts And Thumbs Award: best Destiel/Cockles
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  • Pudgy Thunder Award: best Overall
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to celebrate reaching 2k followers, im making my first tumblr awards! so lets just hope this goes well aaaa.. the winners will be chosen sometime around the 20th of december, so u can apply until then.


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happy new year!! to celebrate the long-awaited death of 2016, i decided to do some tumblr awards. also i’m supposed to be finishing my college app essay


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its award season my friends!!


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‘Afghan Girl’ arrested and later released as photojournalist Steve McCurry takes up her cause

- He embodies what every photojournalist should be

Photos: Screen grab from Google Images 

By Steve Evans

He was already famous, an icon in photojournalism. What may have pushed him (as well as his subject) into stardom, however, was his Afghan Girl photo - a 1984 portrait which appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic. The photographer, of course, is Steve McCurry, a longtime photojournalist and documentary photographer idol of mine. (My work has often been compared to his, btw. Just saying.)

On October 26 this year, McCurry posted on his stevemccurryofficial Instagram page the following: “Two hours ago, I got word from a friend in Peshawar, Pakistan, that Sharbat Gula has been arrested. We are doing everything we can to get the facts by contacting our colleagues and friends in the area. I am committed to doing anything and everything possible to provide legal and financial support for her and her family. I object to this action by the authorities in the strongest possible terms. She has suffered throughout her entire life, and her arrest is an egregious violation of her human rights.” 

From then until today (Nov. 4), McCurry has taken up the cause of Sharbat Gula, seeking her release and return to her home country.

McCurry followed up his initial posting with this: “Sharbat Gula has been the symbol of refugees for decades. Now she has become the face of unwanted migrants. As a widow, she has endeavored to raise her four children alone. She represents all brave women and men who will endure any pain and hardship to protect the most precious thing they have - their children. In the past few hours, we have made contact with a prominent human rights attorney in Pakistan, who will take her case. We urge the international community to speak out on her behalf and for the millions of others who simply need a place to live without fear.”  

He rejoiced when he learned that the Afghani ambassador to Pakistan took an interest in Sharbat Gula’s case, and he despaired when the Pakistani courts denied her bail. Today, however, McCurry happily made this announcement: “With utmost delight, I announce that Sharbat Gula is now free from the legal troubles she endured over the past couple of weeks. She soon will also be free from an uncertain life of a refugee as she will be on her way back to her own country as soon as next Monday where she still is a beloved image and a national icon. She will be met by President Ashraf Ghani upon her arrival to welcome her back home and help her with her resettlement.” 

I applaud the actions of photographer Steve McCurry. He embodies what is good and right about our profession - or at least what should be.

I have been to three of McCurry’s photo exhibits held in London the past few years. In addition, I have several volumes of his images. His work is incredible, and each of his signed, matted and framed prints brings in tens of thousands of dollars. Though a superstar in his own right, McCurry chose not to rest on a pedestal, but to get involved in the plight of one of his subjects, using the full power of his fame, resources, and influence to help one he projected into international fame for decades. 

What McCurry did, I believe, is how we all should be as we approach our profession. It’s not just about the photographic images we take, but also about those who stand on the other side of our lenses. We become their champion and advocate, so to speak. Sure, most of us will never be as famous and influential as Steve McCurry, but all of us can go beyond the images we take and connect with our subjects, empathize with them. For me, that’s the reward of our profession. While it’s thrilling to take a photo and have it published and republished all over the world, knowing that our connection with the subject through taking a photo might make difference in his or her life is indescribable.

How to quickly add PSDs to your icons

Or– create an action that’ll automatically do all the work for you.

After making 400+ icons, I tend to dread individually applying each PSD to each one– making the switch between PSDs or errors in ones I already used extremely annoying, so I figured out a way to do it without doing it.

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Hey guys!! Since I just reached 1k followers, I wanted to do a tumblr awards to celebrate!!  Thank you guys and I hope this turns out well!!  There will be one winner and two runner ups for each category. 


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Winners get:

  • One fic of choice from any of my fandoms
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Runner-ups get:

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I am opening commission from this point on because I am a college student that needs to afford textbooks and rent. I can not be able to get a job at this time because of my lack of transportation and the uncertainty of available positions on campus.

This is also because my family is financially struggling from cutting ties with my abusive father who is doing everything he can to make our situation worse with legal fees and not willing to help my mother or I (not going into detail, it’s a stressful situation already).

Even ordering a simple icon can help me afford the textbooks I need for college and to possibly save up to move out of the in campus door and find a small apartment instead so my tuition isn’t as expensive.


Things I will Draw

  • Gravity Falls
  • Steven Universe
  • Voltron
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • Superjail
  • crossovers of the shows above
  • most ships
  • OCs
  • Yourself
  • other sorts of fan art described

 Things I will NOT draw

  • NSFW {with excepts of blood or gore, this can be discussed}
  • Incest ships {stancest, pinecest, etc}
  • Pedophilia ships {RickxMorty, etc}
  • Teen x kid ships {Mainly adding this for Wendy x Dipper requests so don’t ask for that}

I can do banners for your social media or help you design that sona you’ve been working on for your channel. If you can’t afford to commission, spreading the word can be a massive help also. 

4:46 am

When Yoongi picks up his phone in the middle of the night, he notices two things: one, Jungkook is calling him and two, he already has an unread text from him. He sits up in worry, somewhat calmed when he sees the text in the notification bar only reads, ‘are u awake?’

He swipes the green icon and grunts into the receiver. “Kook? Everything okay?”

“Oh,” Jungkook says, surprise clear in his voice. But, there’s no fear or panic. “You’re awake?”

“Am now.” Yoongi lies back down, relieved it’s not an emergency. “Why’re you still awake?”

“No reason.” A pause. Then, a sigh. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Yoongi responds, a sleepy grin on his face.

Jungkook is quiet, and Yoongi can picture the younger’s own silly grin—wide like it had been across the table at a food tent some hours ago, when Yoongi decided to say 'I love you’ for the first time. Jungkook had been mid-chew when he said it, and might’ve almost choked on a rice cake.

After a few more moments of silence, Yoongi asks, “Is that it?”

A chuckle.

Yoongi laughs too. He pulls his phone away for a second to check the time—4:46 am. “Did you think something changed in the five hours since I drove you home?”

Another pause that tells him, yeah, Jungkook was doubting. “…No.”

At the food tent, after Jungkook had cleared his throat and gulped down some water, he had looked at Yoongi from beneath the fringe of his hair, eyes wide—and unbelieving. It had only lasted a moment. Jungkook quickly said his own 'I love you’ with that grin and a blush on his cheeks, but it was long enough for Yoongi to feel unsettled.

“Yah, Jeon Jungkook.”


“I love you.”

More silence.

“Are you smiling?”


“Hmm, then—I love you.”


“I’m gonna say it until you smile—I love you.”

“Okay! Okay,” Jungkook says with a laugh. “I love you, too.”

“Good. Because I love you.”

“I’m smiling! You can stop now.” Yoongi can picture the pout, can picture Jungkook biting his cheek to keep himself from smiling too wide. “Sorry for waking you up.”

“S'okay. Not busy today.”

“Me neither.” Yoongi can hear the sound of shifting, of Jungkookie rolling over in bed. “Could I… come over later? Maybe for lunch?”

“Yeah.” Yoongi yawns. “Lunch ’s good.”

Jungkook hums. “Hmm, lunch.”

“Falling asleep?”


“Me too.”

It’s Jungkook who says it first this time. “G'night, Yoongi. Love you.”

“Love you.”

Neither of them actually hang up, too tired to do anything more than let their phones fall from their hands onto their pillows, the sound of the other’s breath against the receiver lulling them to sleep.

Prompt by@ deanismypatronass  “I lend you my PC so you can play the Sims but oops I forget I made a family where you and I are married ahahah" 

 "So what do I do?“ Castiel asks as the screen with the view of the city loads.

"You can make your own family by clicking here.” Dean points at the icon, but Castiel doesn’t pay him attention, sweeping the cursor over the screen wildly, until it stops over a cozy house from which a picture of the happy Winchester family pops up.

“What’s this?” he asks, squinting at the little fake people, head tilted to one side.

“Uh, that’s one of the families I play but you should really make your o-oooooooooh wait a minute!” Dean almost chokes, grabbing Cas’ wrist, but it’s too late, he already selected the family to play.

Castiel’s blue eyes bore into Dean’s. “Is it a problem if I play with your family, Dean?” he asks, tone too serious.

“No,” Dean sighs. “Of course not.”

A soft smile spreads on Cas’ lips, which makes Dean’s heart flutter. It almost stops when Cas turns back to the screen and asks: “Is that me?”

“Uh, yeah, yes. We’re, we’re roommates,” Dean stutters, rubbing the back of his neck self-consciously.

“Oh, of course,” Cas sighs, studying his little virtual self. “We look like very happy roommates judging by your arm around my shoulder.”

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Sebastian Stan having Tumblr would include

Originally posted by enochianess

  • it’s a Saturday evening
  • Seb is a bit bored so he decides to do what he always does when he’s bored
  • he goes on Instagram
  • posts a few pictures
  • answers a few fan questions
  • breaks a few hearts
  • and then something catches his eye
  • “Tumblr?” lil Sebby thinks
  • “what is Tumblr?”
  • he does what any other rationally thinking human being would do
  • he goes to kitchen, grabs a soda and ice cream from the fridge
  • then he goes back to his room and looks up Tumblr
  • and there it is, the tiny blue and black icon, shining in its glory
  • our lil excited Seb clicks on it and decides to sign up
  • “what harm could this do?” thinks the lil nugget
  • little did he know
  • he writes sebstan as his username
  • it is already taken
  • he tries sebastianstan
  • it is also taken
  • “who are these savage imposters?” thinks the romanian god
  • for his 14th try he writes “chubbydumplin”
  • and finally, it is not taken
  • for password he choses an easy one “justtrynastayalive384″
  • and then, finally, after 14.2 minutes of sweating, the blue/green/sometimes a bit gray eyed puppy signs in the graveyard of social lives, Tumblr
  • the first thing he writes in the search bar is “sebastian stan”
  • thousands of pictures appear on his dash
  • this much dedication of his fans makes him blush
  • and then, somethings catches his beautiful eye
  • “Night of love and lust” - sebastian stan one shot
  • without thinking this romanian kitten clicks on it and starts reading
  • the beginning of the story was cute and innocent
  • “the relationship between “me” and this someone named “y/n” is adorable” - thought the lil burito
  • “what kind of name is y/n?”
  • but then, Sebby saw something he would never be able to unsee
  • SMUT
  • the intercourse was very descriptive but Sebby found himself lost in the writing
  • he liked and reblog the one shot, but not before following the author
  • and then he read another fic
  • and another
  • and another
  • and then …. Sebastian made a life changing decision to write an imagine
  • he wrote his first one
  • then the second
  • he got his first like and follow
  • the likes and follows he was getting encouraged him to write more and more 
  • and soon the actor was writing like there’s no tomorrow
  • he then found some Stucky posts (which he, of course, liked and reblogged)
  • he reblogged new memes
  • he even wrote some headcanons for himself
  • he read a Stucky smut and thought to himself
  • “how am i going to look in Chris’ eyes after this?”
  • but the allure of the fics was too strong to resist
  • his phone was blowing up with messages from his friends but he wasn’t paying attention to it
  • he was lost in the ever sucking abyss that was called Tumblr
  • it was 10 in the Sunday morning
  • he was on his 14th Stucky fanfic
  • and with 124 likes, 50 followers, red eyes and a happy heart, he went to sleep

T  U  M  B  L  R    A  W  A  R  D  S


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  • enter until Mar. 4
  • winners will be announced Mar. 6 or 7


  • best url
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  • best theme
  • best Teen Wolf
  • best Shadowhunters
  • best The 100
  • best multifandom
  • best creations**
  • best overall

**must tag this post with your creations tag or message me


  • Winners:
    • follow from me (if I’m not following already)
    • a spot on my blog for a month (or until I’ve completed all prize requests)
    • unlimited promos (upon request) for a month
    • icon pack of 10 icons of your choice* (can be all one character, all one fandom, several fandoms, anything, just let me know what you want!)
    • an edit/graphic/gifset/fic request*
  • Runners-Up:
    • spot on my blog for a month (or until I’ve completed all prize requests)
    • 3 promos upon request for a month
    • an edit/graphic/gifset/fic request OR 3 icons*

*icons: any fandom is okay
*edit/graphic: any fandom is okay
*gifset: Shadowhunters ONLY (sorry)
*fic: any one of my fandoms

any questions?

Buy Custom 2017 Bullet Journals From Me

Hey there everyone. As some of you may know, I had quite a bit of bad news recently and am looking for ways to make a few extra dollars. 

I have decided that I will be opening up shop for the first ten people who want to order custom bullet journals from me. I did a small contest like this a few months ago, but this time I think it will work out better as a shop rather than a contest. 

If you’d like to buy a custom bullet journal from me, here are the options for you:

Option 1: Send me an empty journal that you have already bought with the money inside. I will design the index, icons, future log, and two bonus pages of whatever you’d like. I will mail the journal back to you promptly with all that you asked for. $20

Option 2: Send me the money in the mail, and I will buy you a journal to customize. I can send you pictures of specific journals I am able to buy for your specific taste. I will design the index, icons, future log, and two bonus pages of whatever you’d like. I will mail the journal back to you promptly with all that you asked for. $30

Option 3: Either of the two choices above, with addition of any extra pages or calendars. $1 for each extra page or section. 

For more information, message me and I will do my best to answer your questions and concerns. 

Prices were decided on with cost of shipping in mind, purchase of journals, time and effort put into it, and trying to be reasonable to all of you. I don’t use PayPal or any online money transferring sites/apps, so the mail is the best bet for me. 

Originally posted by dramionegranfoy

Requested by anon <3
Prompt: y/n is Slytherin. Cunning, mature and knows how to read people, a bit of a loner of own choice and her appearance is similar to Snow Whites look! Always up to late in the night in the common room or astronomy tower. Draco and y/n slowly fall for each other. She got abused and almost sexually assaulted by student wanting to hurt Draco but he saves her in time and takes care of her, he also confessed that he is a death eater and y/n stays with him anyway. (Not a softie Draco pls)!


With the looks of Snow White, a popular muggle fairy tale icon who actually was a witch in the wizarding world, one would say you grabbed most of the attention from both muggle and pureblood guys and girls. So, it was only natural that something like this would happen eventually.

Curled up at the Astronomy Towel you hid your eyes behind your palms to hide away the tears that were pouring out, biting your already red lips to hold in the sobs. Your skin was burning, clothes ruffled and once slick black hair now resembling a bird’s nest. You weren’t sure why, or how it happened – was it a prank some perverted seniors wanted to pull on you? Or where they generally such animals that they couldn’t contain their desires for any longer?…

You shivered in fright. If he hadn’t showed up who knows what would’ve happened—

A soft blanket was thrown over your shoulders, making you freeze for a second and lift your head up to eye the person that decided to visit. Your heart leaped, a relieved sigh escaping your nose when you recognised your savour – Draco Malfoy. Perhaps it was fate or to which ever god you were praying when those disgusting students assaulted you, but the Slytherin Prince showed up in the nick of time.

The tears seemed to slow down. Draco sat next to you, though minding your personal space. His gaze was both angry and pitiful – you were the pity was because of the sorry form you were in. Gulping, you glanced away from him, pulling the blanket closer to your sides and wishing it could just teleport you somewhere far from Hogwarts.

“Dumbledore is looking for you,” Draco spoke up, his cool eyes staying fixed on you “the whole castle wants to make sure you’re safe.”

“I’d rather keep it a secret.” You mumbled in a raspy voice, wiping the tear tracks from your reddened cheeks, “And what happened to those—“ you were unable to finish the sentence as a flashback of the seniors laughter interrupted you. You felt a pile raise in your throat, and with much restrain you managed to swallow it.

“I hexed them.” He replied, burrowing his brows, “After you ran away. I didn’t want you to see that.” Draco finished with a softer note, making you snap to him, surprised.

“Why? We’re not even friends.”

“We can be,” He offered, “I always see you either alone or with the snobs of our house hanging around here.”

“I find your group of friends childish.” You told, eyeing him carefully, “How do I know I can trust you?”

“Saving you from drunk Gryffindor’s is not enough?” by the upwards tilt of his lips you could tell he was joking, and maybe if circumstances were different you would’ve smiled too – but you didn’t. Narrowing your irises, you saw him sigh, softly. Shortly after, he pushed his sleeve up, extending it to you.

You gasped, feeling all air lock in your lungs, as slowly your fingers wrapped around his pale wrist to examine the Dark Mark. After a second you let go, as if burned, finding his mischievous eyes staring at you.

“Am a Death Eater.” He told, his voice losing playfulness for a minute, “You can play these games all you want, (Name). I know you’re one too.”

That night, you realized that Draco Malfoy was much more than just a spoiled brat.


It’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Right now a small city in Italy has been transformed into a unique celebration that has been occurring for centuries. That’s right- it’s Carnival in Venice! We have all seen the photos of the spectacular costumes, always paired with mysterious and alluring masks. Those fortunate enough to have attended the event in person know just how jaw-dropping some of these elaborate costumes can be. The masks are iconic, many instantly recognizable as Venetian. So where did these fantastical looks come from?

To make a long story short, Carnival itself dates all the way back to 1162, and was originally a celebration of the victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia. By the Renaissance, the celebration was made an official annual event, held in the weeks leading up to Lent. Yet the masks date back much earlier in Venetian culture. Though there is no record of when or why masks first became popular in Venice, we do know that by the 13th Century they were already so common that laws were put in place to regulate their use. At this time, masks were an everyday sight, not just reserved for festivals. Masks allowed a person to break social barriers, behaving in ways they might not typically had their identity been known. The nobility was known to take advantage of the anonymity provided by masks to indulge in gambling, brothels, and other such sins. You can understand, then, why throughout the years more and more regulations were put in place over when and where masks were permitted. It is also the reason the raucous Carnival festival was banned from 1797 all the way through 1979.

Due to the freedom they allowed, it is unsurprising that masks became so prevalent In my opinion, it’s surprising that more cities didn’t follow suit! But what about the designs of the masks? Let’s take a look at a few of the most famous mask styles:

For men, the Bauta mask is perhaps the most common style of mask, and most distinctly Venetian. A normal fitted mask on top, it points away from the face on the lower half so that the wearer could eat and drink without removing it. This mask became incredibly popular during the 18th Century, which was also the era when masquerades inspired by Carnival reached peak popularity throughout much of Europe. This is why the bauta mask is still typically paired with 18th century style clothing today, almost always including a tricorn hat and cloak.

The most common between both genders is the Volto (aka larva) mask. This is the mask that covers the entire face, with only the eyes exposed. It is traditionally white, though often ornately decorated.

Another distinctive mask is the Medico della Peste mask, aka the plague doctor mask. This slightly creepy mask, with a dramatic beak, is unique among the masks due to the fact that it is based off of reality, rather than created out of frivolity. In other words, during the days of the plague, doctors actually wore masks that looked like this because they believed it would protect them from the deadly disease.

There are many other styles of masks, including the Gnana cat-like mask, and several based off of Commedia dell'Arte characters such as Pantalone and Arlecchino. I can’t cover them all, but I’ll leave you with one more mask which was all the rage for women in the early 18th Century, yet is almost never seen today. Known as the Moretta mask, this little black mask has a unique circular shaped that covered the face, but not the chin, top of the forehead, or other edges. What made it so infamous, though, was the fact that it traditionally had no strap, and instead was held in place by a little button on the back of the mask which a woman held in her mouth. As a result, a woman could not speak while wearing the moretta mask. It gave women an air of mystery, and in a way, a sense of power. Men would strive to persuade the moretta woman to answer their questions, therefore removing her mask and revealing her identity. Yet due to the extreme impracticality of this style, it is understandable why the moretta mask has not made a revival in modern times.

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!