My sin was not specifically this or that but consisted of having shaken hands with the devil.
The devil held me in his clutches, the enemy was behind me.

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We're so blessed to live in the same time as Harry Styles :')

One day people are gonna be like these iconic timeless photos of Harry Styles were taken in 2016, it was a start of a new era for him I wish I had lived that and we will be like :)

Sastiel Saturday

Hey guys, so in the last few weeks I have made a few fic posts and tagged them #sastiel saturday    

This is something I saw with @sastiel-and-such and @fae-and-night (seriously, check out those blogs) mostly in the form of headcanons and ficlets. And I truly believe it’s something everyone should be doing

So let’s do it!

I propose a weekly influx of Sastiel content. No need to sign up for anything, just prepare something to post on Sastiel Saturday. No pressure, no real time limit; you can post once using the  # and never again, or you can do it every week. As long as it’s Sastiel related and you post it on a Saturday, use the tag.

This will create so much more Sastiel content for everyone :)

It doesn’t have to be just fan fiction either, you can create anything you feel like, we talking;

  • icons
  • photo editing
  • fan art (of various shapes and sizes)
  • head canons
  • canon moments
  • short fics, long fics, ongoing fics
  • just thoughts on the pairing
  • literally anything, you can do anything

So follow the tag  #sastiel saturday if you want to get this content, and participate in making it if you like. I, for one, am super excited about the prospect of having weekly Sastiel goodness.