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Changing she to he in the live lounge during his last verse of torn. And then all the times he changed pronouns in their own songs (@ any one who tries to say that he sang torn's "real" lyrics) ICONIC

AHHHH NOOOO that was fucked UP my heart was already breaking bc they were singing torn and then harry just….did….that. and omg listen.. the 1d day little things performance u will never convince me he didn’t sing all ‘his’ little things

ok noah fence but…..”you’s a fake fuck like a fleshlight” is the most iconic lyric of all time and if you disagree you can suck my dick

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48,94,99 :) have a good night✨

(48) Who is your role model?: Honestly…Bill Nye the Science Guy. Everytime my elementary science teachers would wheel out the big ass TV I knew we were in for a ride. And those bow ties 👏👏👏 iconic af.

(94) Favorite lyrics right now?: Idk about specific lyrics, but I’m really into the Hamilton soundtrack. I’m seeing it this Sunday so I’m getting pumped.

(99) What’s your zodiac sign?: Sagittarius ♐⭐

Thanks!!! :))

do not @ me but “baby’s got blue skies up ahead/but in this i’m a rain cloud/you know she wants a dry kind of love” are iconic and legendary lyrics