You are looking at one of two screen used RV’s built for the movie Jurassic Park: The Lost World in 1997. Forgotten for the last fifteen years, it is now time to step forward and secure your place is resurrecting this iconic vehicle! CHECK OUT OUR AMAZING REWARDS FOR SUPPORTERS - TAKE HOME A PIE…

You (yes YOU!) can now help bring the famous The Lost World: Jurassic Park RV trailer back to its former glory!

Built for the Jurassic Park sequel and forgotten about for the last 15 years, the RV was sold at auction last year and a group of dedicated Jurassic fans are working hard to repair and restore it.

The RV is in great hands, and they’ve come a long ways (as seen in their fantastic video series), but the project is not without its challenges and expenses.

Check out their GoFundMe page to learn more about the project and how you can help out (and earn some cool rewards for yourself in the process as well!)

I’m starting with the,
Man in the mirror,
I’m asking him to change his ways,
And no message,
Could have been any clearer:
If you wanna make the world,
A better place,
Take a look at yourself,
Then make a change.
—  Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror 

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Goku wouldnt want whiteout

My icon is Bardock and he’s an alien so he wouldn’t fucking care.

And Goku wouldn’t want Blackout either because he knows how hypocritical, validation-craving, and stupid it is.