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Welcome to my first ever awards!

Now that it’s getting colder let’s celebrate the things some favourite winter warmers ❄⛄☕

Cinnamon Swirl: best url

Gingerbread House: best theme

Mulled Wine: best icon

Roasted Chestnuts: best posts

Hot Chocolate: nicest blogger

Pumpkin Spice: best overall

*some of these may have more than 1 winner*

To enter mbf me and REBLOG this post (DO NOT DELETE TEXT OR SELF PROMOTE or you will be disqualified)

For a higher chance:

I will be choosing when I’m happy with the notes, before the end of January!

Huge thank you to @cokonutybanners for the banner, you’re a star 🌟

Good Luck lovelies!!

               “ Is it just me or does it feel as if something extremely  .  .  .  fake and manipulative has walked through our homicidal doors? Not even quality manipulation. Like  .  .  .  knock-off brand manipulation …”

fandomfix8 replied to your post “whenever kylo says he’s bringing food into the bedroom, hux has…”

i adore everything about this, and also i’m both kylo and hux in this situation. there needs to be more shit talking/gossiping date!fic for these two

me too!!!  like I 100% see both hux and kylo as being ones to eat in bed and talk (gossip, have intellectual debates, etc) for a lot of their dates (it’s low intensity, kind of chill, especially since they’re so busy and high strung all the time)

but oh gosh I want to write a oneshot about this!!!  I hoped I’d have time this weekend but then I kind of slept the weekend away; I think this week will be better though!  I’ll def have more time to write, but let’s hope that my brain isn’t completely fried from classes haha~*~