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CLAMP 30 Day Challenge
28. Favorite Quote (2/2)

“Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure – I will just fall in love with you all over again” Shaoran Li (CardCaptor Sakura)

Or its variations – you know how translation goes.

Well, I don’t really memorize or write down favorite quotes (which sometimes I regret), usually I just remember some iconic lines and stuff… I am sure there are many awesome quotes in CLAMP but I can’t remember them hahaha. So I’ll simply answer with a couple lines that stood up to me for one reason or another

And Shaoran’s famous line from the second movie, The Sealed Card, did it. I mean, it’s sweet and cute on its own, but then you match it with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and it just fits so well. Clever, Clamp, clever. Plus I love this little couple, no matter the incarnation.  ^^


“It’s true that i’m not very tall! However.. I can jump!”

★ Hinata Shouyou Wallpapers! ★

Faithful!Sam and Visions!Sam Icons - Season 11 [more icons]

I was making an icon for a friend, and there were just way too many scenes of Sam being gorgeous and praying and displaying the endless faith in God and humanity that make him so inspiring. Needless to say, I got carried away and ended up making a ton of them. Please feel free to use these! More icons and more variations on the icons above can be found under the cut, as well.

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“Nekoma has Morisuke-kun! So no sweat!… The truly good receivers are the ones that never really stand out.