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Twilight over the Hennepin Bridge and Minneapolis Downtown by Samuel Wagner
Via Flickr:
A long exposure looking at the iconic Hennepin Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River going into downtown Minneapolis.

Vision is the true creative rhythm. Robert Delaunay
Why this particular quote? It is quite simple. I have another version of this image that I took on the same day. Although they were captured on the same day the vision of each was quite different simply because my vision of both images were very different. I edit each based a vision

“What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.”
Charles Baudelaire


Design Hotels: Wythe Hotel, New York

Housed in a 1901 former textile factory on the Williamsburg waterfront, Whyte Hotel is an effortlessly hip hub of Brooklyn neighborhood.

The old building has been converted into a 72-room hotel, preserving all its industrial features, such as the original exposed bricks, arched windows and cast iron columns, while a new glass and aluminum box extension, housing the hotel’s rooftop bar, has been added atop the old five-storey redbrick structure. The addition “references the hotel’s existing factory windows while dramatically pulling the building into the present”.The mix of original industrial heritage and hip modern elements is reflected even in its stylish interior design: that preserved and restored industrial character is combined with vintage and contemporary furnitures and art. Best of all the Wythe Hotel is served by Reynards, the new restaurant and bar of Andrew Tarlow, located on the ground floor; its decor is in line with the Wythe Hotel’s industrial-chic style.“The views from the 6th floor bar and terrace, and river facing rooms are incredible: an interrupted 180-degree panorama of the iconic Manhattan skyline” will seduce you and let you definitely come back there! 

If you prefer stylish design and atmosphere over plushy luxury, you’ll enjoy the vibrant Williamsburg location of Wythe Hotel, with its industrial-chic, retro-modern aesthetic.