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The Beatles: if black people can’t come in, we’re not playing.

Green Day: if Pansy Division isn’t allowed to play, we’re not playing either.

swmrs: this is a safe place for women. We don’t want you to be afraid to mosh or crowd surf. You are welcome here.

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hey guys heres a terrifying thought

homestuck, john dies at the end, and the adventure zone all have weirdly similar fanbases that are, in some cases, nearly impossible to tell apart

confession time: I slap pastel on everything. even the things that arent supposed to be in pastel

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this request post predicts the pastel apocalypse. find out how the world will end right here

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OK I'm not even gonna talk about jonerys cause I'm shaking ๐Ÿ˜but what are your thoughts about Jamie,I mean he's such a good soldier such a loyal guy but his love for Cercei is his poison,Tyron really love him too,idk I'm team Danny/Jon all the way but I don't want him to die

This is a great ask. I love Jonerys but I like all of Thrones so I enjoy the chance to talk about something else too! 

Jaime is in my top 5 faves. I love him SO MUCH and I think this episode really showed us his heroism and bravery. I loved how when the dothraki were coming over the horizon and they all knew they were doomed, Bronn told him to leave because he’s valuable and a commander but he refused to abandon his men. And even with only one hand, he rides and fights so valiantly. 

I mean this shit right here? Instantly iconic. Amazing.

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This episode was so complex because of Jaime. By now we love him. The audience roots for him. But we also root for Daenerys so it was in some ways nice watching the girl we love get her revenge on the Lannisters, who have been pretty much evil and also the top dogs getting their way for seven straight years. 

But it wasn’t all fun to watch. It was heartbreaking even though it was epic. Jaime was still so full of hope, talking to his horse (”Come on, boy!” I cry) and then we know how it all panned out. He watched the entire Lannister forces decimated before his eyes and he didn’t give up. He faced Dany and Drogon and he didn’t give up. 

So overall this episode was really grey. Even though Dany is my ultimate fave, we didn’t get this battle from her perspective the way we got her burning of Slaver’s Bay. We saw most of this battle from the ground, and we saw the horror for the Lannister soldiers. The same Lannister soldiers that D&D made it a point to show us weren’t all bad in ep1 with the wholesome Sheeran scene.

I think that even Tyrion was conflicted watching it. No, he won’t betray Dany. But the reality of war was hitting him the same way it did at Blackwater Bay. He realized what it meant to unleash something devastating on an enemy army and to watch people die in the horrors of war. And for the people thinking Tyrion looking out for Jaime means he will betray Dany, come on. No. Tyrion has always loved his brother. He can want Cersei off the throne without relishing the idea of Drogon roasting Jaime in front of him. 

I think this episode portrayed Jaime as one of our heroes. That’s not to say that Dany is a villain. She isn’t. But I think it’s showing us that there’s good on both sides, which is an important theme this season because we know that all the “sides” right now–Stark, Lannister, Targaryen–HAVE to band together, as discussed in Jon and Dany’s cave scene to fight the WW.

Anyway, I agree that Jaime’s love for Cersei is toxic but he is coming into his own and I think sooner or later he’s going to separate himself from that relationship and when he does it will allow him to become the man he’s always had the potential to be, the hero we get glimpses of in scenes like this one and the scenes with Brienne :)

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