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Françoise Hardy by Jean-Marie Périer, 1967

Debbie Harry by Bob Gruen, Coney Island, NY, 1977

54 Music Icons - Rik Lee

Recently I was commissioned to illustrate 54 portraits of musical icons. It was one huge task! As if the workload itself wasn’t daunting enough, I had a relatively tight deadline, which to fulfill, meant I had to complete at least 1 portrait every 2 days (including working weekends, Christmas day, New years etc)

Anyway, I did it. *wipes sweat from brow and downs tall glass of beer in single gulp. Here’s a sneak peek at who I drew.

I’m super excited to see what my collaborators, Laurence King Publishing make with these, but for now, I’m heading straight back to the drawing table, because I have to design product packaging for these!

Debbie Harry by Lynn Goldsmith, 1977 

Anjelica Huston by Bob Richardson, 1973


Jean-Michel Basquiat in his Great Jones Street studio, in front of a piss painting of himself by Andy Warhol. The canvas had been covered in the copper paint and urine was applied. The urine reacts with the copper paint to create oxidation, then Basquiat’s image was silk-screened onto the canvas.

Photos by Tseng Kwong Chi, 1987.

The Beatles painting Four Images of a Woman, Tokyo, 1966


The Quintessentials | Illustrated Trading Cards Set

The Scarlet Sorcerer

Affiliation: The Quintessentials
Weapon: Fireblood Pen
Special Attack: De Profundis
Secret Identity: Oscar Wilde

The Cinemancer
Affiliation: The Quintessentials
Weapon: Luminary and Sound Slinger
Special Attack: Ora Pro Nobis
Secret Identity: Lino Brocka

The Galactic Gladiator
Affiliation: The Quintessentials
Weapon: Stellar Magiphone and Tuning Sword
Special Attack: Bohemian Rhapsody
Secret Identity: Freddie Mercury