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Savouring Autumn! by Jay Bees Pics
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I love autumn, just wish it could be followed by spring & we could miss out winter :)


Notre Dame de Paris

The story of the grand cathedral begins in 1160 when newly appointed bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully, ordered for a new cathedral to built on a site where another cathedral once stood. Three years later, the cornerstone was laid on the site by either de Sully or Pope Alexander III. The eastern side was the first side to be worked on and finished in 1182. The west side then started under the watch of Maurice’s successor, Eudes de Sully in 1200. Yet the western side was not completed until 1225; after Eudes’ death. Twenty five years later, in 1250, the western towers and rose windows were completed. However, the entire church itself would not be completed until 1345. About four hundred years later during the French Revolution, the church was looted and vandalized during the riots and protests against the monarchy rule. Yet, the Notre Dame- which simply translates to “Our Lady”, which refers to the Virgin Mary- remains to be one of France’s oldest and iconic landmarks. 


looks like it’s time for me to create my own production company whereupon i will pitch the series sherlock: international, which is a sherlock/house-hunters au in which sherlock and john are just trying to go on holiday and yet somehow always, through a series of shenanigans, end up investigating the local crimes, featuring: romantic dinners on the beach interrupted by local detectives, making out in the bathrooms at police stations after a suspect takes a swing at sherlock’s face, I mean if you had to be murdered, wouldn’t you want a view this lovely while it was going on? John? Not good?, their post-case “celebrations,” hilarious chase montages through the backstreets of paris and/or a jungle rope course and/or through the white houses on santorini and/or the coliseum. every episode ends with them standing in front of some kind of iconic landmark/view etc and kissing each other softly because no matter what nonsense happened this episode and ‘ruined’ their holiday (which neither of them really thinks was ruined at all) they still are together and totally completely in love and that’s all that matters

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if you drove through ohio, did you see the "HELL IS REAL" sign, or the "Grandpa's Cheese Barn" sign? i have been through ohio exactly twice and those iconic landmarks made my day

I KNOW man I wanted to see them but we didn’t run into them hahah

but there was this jesus sign like “call [number] for truth” so we called that

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a series of survival horror first-person shooters set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone encompassing the Nuclear Power Plant and town Pripyat, as well as the surrounding areas. Developed by GSC Game World, each entry has different protagonists with varying goals but it all takes place in a very unforgiving patch of Ukraine.

If you find yourself a fan of late cold war aesthetics or enjoy post-apocalyptic settings, as well as a challenge that is unfair at times, the Zone is for you. Experience the journey of a lifetime: emission storms, wildlife, soldiers, cultists, derelict buildings, incredible vistas, and trench coat enthusiasts.

I said come in, don’t stand there!

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Bernie is on a third date when her phone alert goes off. She sighs. She likes Serena. She’s witty, intelligent and incredibly beautiful. Bernie likes her enough to see a future with her, but this is now the second date that has been interrupted. She’s running out of close family members who can suddenly become ill.

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Epitome of Eighteen Histories 18: Kinomiya Kazane Episode

This is my translation for the last episode in the Epitome of Eighteen Histories extras! It was a lot of fun working on this, especially since Kinomiya Kazane is a really special character to me. 

I translated this from a Chinese translation, which translated it from the original Japanese, so um, translation-ception? ;w; 

Feel free to point out mistakes I may have made! (there are probably many)

Thanks you @candleoreo for proofreading owo

I hope you enjoy! 

Translation under the cut 

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