iconic interview

I think it’s just the day to day craziness. It was very, just, like, fun all the time, you know. For instance, at awkward interviews or whatever, like, they were our favorite interviews. So if it was going south, we would make sure it went further south.

Happy birthday!!!


I’m not a big one on—I don’t know what to call it—getting all glamorous. I don’t really worry about my looks, and I don’t worry about getting old. Exterior beauty doesn’t mean a lot to me. I mean, sure I like to look nice—sometimes. This is going to contradict all the pictures with the interview, because I’m very glammed out. I’m a total hypocrite.


*requested* harry at the dunkirk press conference lockscreens

like if save/use please

requests are open!

I advise taking a screenshot insted of saving them, the quality is better xo

Leonardo Dicaprio is a work of art