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Jason Smith ICONic Imagine

#Imagine it’s a warm July day and your leaning on Jason as he reads a book to you on the dock with your feet in the water. Your feet touch over and over again as you swish your feet around. You smile at Jason while he’s too focused in the book to see. You kiss him on the cheek. He smiles and looks up from the book at you.
“That’s all of Chapter 22” Jason says kissing your forehead.
“I really like this book” you reply.
“Yeah, it’s one of my favorites” Jason says smiling.
You blush and look down at your feet in the water. Jason places the book mark and closes the book setting it aside with your bag. He stands up and takes off his shirt.
“Jase what are you doing?” You say tilting your head in confusion.
“Going swimming. You coming in?” Jason says.
“I don’t know” you say.
“Please?” He begs putting on a fake pouty face.
“Oh no, not the pouty face” You say looking away.
“Pweeeaase?” Jason says sounding like a baby who wants expensive candy. You look at him and laugh.
“Fine!” You say giving in.
Jason smiles and runs across the dock and leaping off to do a cannonball in the water. The water splashes you as he goes in and you giggle as his head pops up from the water.
“Come on!” Jason says running a hand across his hair to let some water drip off.
You laugh and look down at your shorts.
“Yeah, I wish I had a bathing suit though!” You say laughing.
“Pshhh, your in shorts and a tank top! Come on babe!” Jason says swimming by your feet.
“But…” You begin.
“NO BUTS! Don’t make me get you in here the hard way” Jason says winking.
“Do it! I dare you” you say smiling mischievously at him.
“Okay, I warned you” Jason says grabbing you around your waist and pulling you into the water. You scream as he pulls you in, you go under but come back up laughing hysterically with Jason.
“Wowwww, thanks for getting me all wet Jason” you say. Jason says nothing but smirk and raise an eyebrow. You narrow your eyes at him.
“NOT IN THAT WAY YOU PERV” You say shoving him.
“Haha your funny,I am the innocent Jason Smith! Remember? Okay, Now lets play a game” Jason says winking.
“Your innocent?! HAHA, Yeah and I’m a unicorn. Now, oh lord what game?” You ask.
“I chase you, when I catch you. You have to confess something. After I catch you, it switches around. Got it?” Jason says.
“Got it. Now catch me if you can!” You say winking and diving under the water to swim away. After a good 10 minutes you stopped to rest thinking you had a few seconds to catch your breath. You felt someone’s hands slink around your waist. It’s Jason, he caught you. He whispers in your ear “okay, confess up.”.
You laugh and say “I confess I had the biggest crush on you in 5th grade.”
Jason raises an eyebrow. “Well look at you now, all mine” he says.
“Yep now swim before I catch you” you say laughing and pushing Jason.
“Whoa Bossy over here” he says laughing and swimming away.
After a long while of chasing him you finally catch him. You both can stand where you are in the water. The sky is painted a bright orange and red as the sun goes down.
“K confess” you say staring Ito Jason’s eyes.
“I confess you are the most beautiful girl on earth and I want you in my life forever. Also, I really want to kiss you right now” Jason says.
You smile and blush not knowing what to say.
“Well gee, thanks Jase” you say looking down at your feet in the water to hide your blushing.
“I love you” Jason says putting two fingers under your chin and lifting your head so your gaze meets his.
“I love you too” you say.
Jason pushes a strand of hair out if your face and tucks it behind yor ear. He smiles and puts one hand on your cheek leaning in and kissing you right there, while the sun sets and you stand in the water. He pulls away from the quick kiss and smiles.
“I’m so happy to call you mine” he says.
“Same with you. You are mine… Hopefully forever” you reply.
He pulls you in close and you lean on him as you both watch the sun set the rest of the way.