iconic actor


This boy right here deserves the best in his life. He deserves so much happiness and love. He is so talented and he has a wonderful voice, he doesn’t “always growl” he has a very soothing and relaxing voice that has to be appreciated every day in life. He is also very talented in acting and he’s officially becoming an actor tomorrow with the first episode of his debut drama; Hwarang. He is also very gentle and caring. He loves all of the fans and members so much. His family is everything to him. He is so precious and always smiles for us. He is an angel.


Leonardo DiCaprio photographed by Greg Gorman, 1994.

I worked with him from the very beginning of his career. I love Leo because he was never particularly caught up in being too masculine or too feminine in a picture. He was one of the people who I thought really evolved in front of the camera and was never shy or regimented and that made for a very good subject in front of the lens.