You need to “Beat It” that boy Michael Jackson ”Bad” non neoui “Billie Jean” i anya don't you “Leave Me Alone” hajiman aemaehan baneung nan wonhae “Black Or White” pogi mothae naui “Man In The Mirror”........"Why You Wanna Trip On Me” neon neomu jisgujji boy, you make me “Scream” neoege wae ireoji hagin neoui “Love jeongmal Never Felt So good” geugeon ama jjarithada mothae watching the “Thriller "

Picked up a pretty sweet Michael Keaton Batman from Tim Burton’s “Batman” (1989) film. The detail in the eyes and cowl and iconic suit are all fantastic!

I’m very excited to play with this toy. I go him for pretty cheap too, compared to some of the other DC Collectibles I’ve been purchasing.