This is the biggest favor I’m asking of my followers and friends ever.

My plan is to attend Icon this year for Key Club International and, of course, the expenses for this trip is about 1.6k including my airplane fees. I know this is a large sum and I know this is so difficult to make in such a short time but I’m planning to do the 2 payments plan where I pay half on May 15 and half on June 15. I’m also asking for a sponsorship from my Kiwanis Club and hopefully from my home club. This trip means a lot to me. Key Club is what changed me, shaped me, into being a better person. It helped me realize that I am a better person, as long as I make the choices that make me feel right in the long run. Key Club has changed me so much that I want to be as involved in it as I can possible can. This has become my path, key club. It’d be so great if you guys would help me in such a small amount of time.

How can you guys help? Well? Talk to me, and we can work out a sponsorship. As little as coins or small bills will help, because these coins do add up! I will do anything for this :/ But if I don’t raise enough funds then I will simply not go.

I don’t even know if this will work, but I’m going to give this a try.


Goal: 1075 + 525 (air fare)

Current: 150




Opening Session - Key Club International Convention (by Key Club International)

Icon 2013 july 4th