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If Ever By Chance (Sinja)

Summary:  Usually Sinbad woke up on the floor under better circumstances.  This is definitely one for the books, though, and he pays his debts.  AU, naga!Ja’far, first meetings.

Word Count: 1,740

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He’d gone to stay with Hades for a few days, because being in the room hadn’t been an option.Not when looking at Weston made his blood boil. Being on campus hadn’t been one either, not when he might run into Char and say something he’d later regret. So he’d cut class and gone to his brother’s place in order to chill out and sort his thoughts. But he couldn’t stay there forever– Hades wouldn’t have let him if he’d tried– so he was back now, sitting at his desk when Weston got home. His expression was angry and he wanted to sound angry, too, but the words sounded more hurt than anything else.

“Did you know? Did you know who she was when you slept with her? Do you really hate me that much?”

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@labyrinthofleah  I’M SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG!! (ಥ_ಥ) I seriously did not expect to take 3 months to finish some drawings in return for the lovely fic you wrote for my asktatsuro blog. (´;ω;`) You probably assumed I had forgotten all about it too. Anyways, I hope that you find these pictures worth the wait~

But perhaps the most heavy-handed use of Norton’s brooding star power came up in casting decisions. OK, not casting exactly … but the creation of an entire character out of whole cloth. It turns out that Norton was such a fan of the HBO Baltimore narcotics extravaganza The Wire that he decided to create a role specifically for Michael Kenneth Williams, who played the show’s iconic, sensitive-yet-shotgun-toting stickup man, Omar. According to Williams, his role involved coming between Hulk and the Abomination (Roth) during their big Harlem fight and trying to stop them from destroying his neighborhood. Then he turns around and basically tells Hulk, “You know what, never mind, waste this bitch.”

Williams was pretty stoked about it, too, saying that Norton is “from Baltimore, so he really felt passionate about The Wire.” For the record, Norton was actually born in Boston and raised in Columbia, MD, a suburb that consistently makes it onto “Best Places to Live” lists and is mostly known for recycling drives and a mall. And sadly, Williams’ heroic role was cut down to about five seconds, reducing his participation to “Harlem Bystander.”

5 Movie Stars Who Demanded Hilariously Insane Plot Changes