icon of coil

True Female-Fronted Zodiacs
  • Aries: Heidi Shepherd/Rena Lovelis
  • Taurus: Sydney Sierota
  • Gemini: Cristina Scabbia/Jenna McDougall
  • Cancer: Sharon den Adel
  • Leo: Taylor Momsen/Alissa White-Gluz
  • Virgo: Lacey Sturm/Ariel Bloomer
  • Libra: Lzzy Hale/Gwen Stefani
  • Scorpio: Angela Gossow
  • Sagittarius: Amy Lee/Maria Brink
  • Capricorn: Hayley Williams/Simone Simons
  • Aquarius: Joan Jett
  • Pisces: Lynn Gunn/Ash Costello
Icon of Coil

Setting the mood for today.

Punishment for intolerance, so
Entertain us when you’re still able to perform
I’m sorry to admit that I won’t be around
When the world you created will collapse and drown

Back to the crypt, nothing will last
We’ll all fade away, in one single blast
Out from the dust, machines arise
One second left to live and we’ll open our eyes.

I can’t find shelter in this world
I’m searching for another world
Where I’ll feel safe