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Reasons I Love Min Yoongi, Pt.1

Min Yoongi aka Suga used to despise dancing because he lacked compared to his rapping. He was always placed in the back and only seen during his lines. He hated recording dance practices for awhile due to him being insecure with his ability.

But he worked harder to find his rhythm and place as a dancer and now he’s in front! Suga would ask members for extra help and stay up late in his music studio practicing. He worked on his weakness to bring his fans the ‘best of him’.

Fast forward two years and Suga is arguably one of the best dancers in BTS. He worked to perfect his imperfection and excelled because he never gave up. He was once teased for his lacking in dance, but now stands out as one the most improved.


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It seriously makes me laugh that bts wrote ‘I’m taking over you’ in Pied Piper like no shit is this supposed to be news ??